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Material: Silicone

  • Rim: A thick band of silicone at the opening of the cup that flares outward.
  • Secondary Rim: N/A
  • Body: Bell-shaped
  • Air Holes: Three large holes
  • Stem: Flat tab-style stem with five grip lines. Thin, flexible, and stretchy, but sturdy.
  • Seams: There are visible flash lines on two areas of the body as well as on the top side of the rim. Although they are visible, they can hardly be felt with a fingertip.
  • Markings: Outside: "VOXAPOD". Inside: measuring lines and numbers for oz and ml.
Colors: White

Overall Impression: The Voxapod is a unique design in the masses of cups on the market these days. These cups feature several reinforcement ribs on the inside of the cup to help it open and stay open. These ribs make these cups on the firmer side. The base of the Voxapod has pinch grips and strategically placed air holes to help break suction for easy removal. These cups are on the shorter side and designed with a flared rim. They may cause the cup to sit higher. Great for those with a medium to a low cervix.
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40 mm
70 mm
45 mm
25 mm

20 ml
24 ml

3.5 / 5 (Rim)
3 / 5 (Body)
3.5 / 5 (Overall)

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