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Other Brand Names: Aka MiracleCup by WonderCup, S-Handle, Moon Cup by Diggold, Thinkmax and several more

Material: Silicone - Clear and Smooth

  • Rim: n/a
  • Secondary Rim: A thick ring around the outside of the cup
  • Body: "V"-shaped
  • Air Holes: None
  • Stem: Hollow - Funnel Style with pinch valve (Cannot be trimmed)
  • Seams: Body - Down the body - up and over the stem. Rim - Around the outside of the top rim.
  • Markings: Measurements and Brand name on the inside
Colors: Orange, Purple, Pink, White & Clear

Overall Impression: Funnel cups make it possible for the user to empty a cup without removing it. The top rim of these types of cups are normally more narrow which may make it more difficult to place around the cervix correctly. May be difficult to empty properly as the seal may be broken causing the cup to slip down during the process. Emptying process can be slow depending on how thick the blood is or how large the clots are. Since the stem/funnel can not be trimmed, it is probably more suited for someone with a higher cervix.
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46 mm
82 mm
82 mm
30 mm

30 ml
30 ml

3 / 5 (Rim)
4.5 / 5 (Body)
4.5 / 5 (Overall)

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