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Material: Silicone, smooth, clear

  • Rim: Regular style rim, thicker ring of silicone
  • Secondary Rim: None
  • Body: Long Bell-shape
  • Air Holes: 4 medium size holes
  • Stem: Series of solid "doughnuts" stacked on top of each other that taper in size to the end. Can be trimmed.
  • Seams: Rim - Slightly visible seam on the side of the rim. Clean up nicely.
  • Markings: Branded with name and letter size indicator on the inside of the cup.
Colors: Clear

Overall Impression: A very nicely made cup that's frequently overlooked. The stem is a solid and sturdy piece for those who need it. Trimmed easily if not. Maybe a bit slippery while removing as the two grip rings are frosted areas flush with the body of the cup. The rim is a little softer than the body which may make this cup favorable for those with a sensitive bladder. Since there are no extra raised areas on the body besides the rim, this cup is great for those who find cups with pronounced grip rings, uncomfortable. Although it's bell-shaped, this cup is on the longer side and may be more suitable for someone with a medium to high cervix.
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45.5 mm
73 mm
53 mm
20 mm

30 ml
37 ml

2.5 / 5 (Rim)
3 / 5 (Body)
3 / 5 (Overall)

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