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Material: Silicone

  • Rim: An inner ring of thicker silicone at the mouth of the cup.
  • Secondary Rim:
  • Body: Bulbous
  • Air Holes: None
  • Stem: The stem is described as a "ladder" which each ring (step) can be trimmed to the users comfort. There are two rings on the XL.
  • Seams: Body - A faint seam can be found traveling the length of the body, up and over the stem and back down the other side. Rim - Another faint seam can be found around the top of the rim.
  • Markings: None
Colors: Strawberry

Overall Impression: This cup has one of the highest capacities on the market without adding length. It's even shorter than many of the "large" size cups out there. It is said that this shape does not need to open completely to collect the flow. Because there are no air holes, some people find that this cup creates a good seal and won't leak if filled high. Others might find the seal too tight for their liking. This cup is well made and has a smooth surface for those who have sensitivities. This cup would suit someone with a medium to high cervix. However, someone with a very high cervix might opt for something with more length.
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46 mm
72 mm
50 mm
22 mm

50 ml
50 ml

4 / 5 (Rim)
4 / 5 (Body)
4 / 5 (Overall)

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