Material: Silicone - Clear, smooth

  • Rim: Ring of thicker silicone at the mouth of the cup
  • Secondary Rim: Wide band found below the upper rim. Low profile with slight transition between the body and secondary rim. Also features a single inner ring that starts at the point of transition.
  • Body: V-shape
  • Air Holes: Four large holes
  • Stem: Hollow stick with four grip rings that can be easily trimmed if needed.
  • Seams: A seam can be seen and felt on the side of the rim.
  • Markings: "Yuuki", Size number indicator, measuring lines and numbers found inside of the cup.
Colors: Clear

Overall Impression: This cup has a great reputation and following. It's a very nice cup for those looking for the firmest cup on the market for what ever reason. This has been nicknamed, "The Rock" for that reason. It opens without any help and stays open! It's very popular for people that are very physically active. If you have a sensitive bladder, this is probably not the cup for you. The large size of this cup is a little longer than most "average" large size cups on the market. Because of that, the large would most likely be more comfortable for someone with a medium to high cervix.
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Czech Republic

46 mm
74 mm
56 mm
18 mm

28 ml
38 ml

5 / 5 (Rim)
5 / 5 (Body)
5 / 5 (Overall)

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