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Material: Silicone - "peach fuz" texture, opaque

  • Rim: A medium thick ring of silicone
  • Secondary Rim: A short band of silicone located under the upper rim
  • Body: Bell shape
  • Air Holes: Four tiny "pin" holes
  • Stem: Half hollow, half solid stick with micro dots for grips instead of rings. The stem may be trimmed if needed.
  • Seams: Barely there seam found on the side of the rim. Can hardly be felt with a fingertip
  • Markings: "RubyCupTM" and Measuring dots and numbers in ml x2, all on the inside of the cup
Colors: White, Blue, Pink, Red, Purple, Black - There are some Black Limited Edition Cups floating around.

Overall Impression: This company has a "Buy One, Give One" program in which every cup that is purchased, one is given to someone in need in Kenya. The person who receives the donation will also take part in their educational workshop to learn about the cup, how to use it and how to care for it, reproductive health, and menstrual hygiene. At this time, the Ruby Cup only comes in a small and a medium. It is unknown if a larger size will be introduced in the future. These are bell-shaped cups which are also shorter than the average small and large cups on the market. This makes the medium cup a good size for someone with a medium to low cervix, but might be too long for someone with a very low cervix. Someone with a high to very high cervix may use the medium size just as comfortably, but may find the cup rides up which may also make it harder to reach to remove. This cup is well made and is of medium firmness.
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45 mm
68 mm
51 mm
17 mm

24 ml
34 ml

3 / 5 (Rim)
3 / 5 (Body)
3 / 5 (Overall)

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