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Inexpensive, But Are They Any Good?

MFrannie Period Panties are just one item offered by this online clothing retailer and manufacturer. They feature a kangaroo-like pocket in the front where you can place a small heat pack to help with cramps.

Mfrannie panties have three layers of fabric for a leak-proof design and are described as breathable. These panties and all other MFrannie products are made in the MFrannie factory. They claim that not having to pay a middle man for manufacturing is why they’re able to offer such inexpensive prices on their items.



The Essentials

MFrannie menstrual underwear are available in nine colors but only one size. These panties run small, and they only fit waists that measure 24 to 31 inches. They are made from 95% bamboo fiber and 5 percent spandex. The water-resistant lining is made from 92 percent polyester and 8 percent nylon. The leak-protection coverage is located in the center and back of these panties. These are machine-washable, but the company says that hand-washing is preferable.


Customer Feedback

Customers report that these panties run small and they make a slight crinkling sound when you walk. However, they said that these do provide extra assurance against leaks during that time of the month.



About the Company

Mfrannie is a global online retailer that was founded in 2014 by a designer named Mike and his girlfriend Frannie. Both are fashion school graduates. According to the company website, Mike designed a wedding dress as part of his marriage proposal to Frannie.





The Bottom Line

I rate these with one and a half stars because of that and the fact that they only come in one size. MFrannie also states on their website that they generally do not accept returns, so I also consider that to be a black mark against them.

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