Menstrual Cups for Homeless or Developing Countries

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Menstrual cups are a great idea for anyone – as long as they have access to clean water. Otherwise, it can cause some problems.

We’ve all seen companies advertise that they donate menstrual hygiene products to developing countries or those in need, including menstrual cups. This is awesome and I stand behind them 100%. I’ve donated money and items, and purchased items from companies that donate and distribute. I’ve done both online and locally.

If you’re interested in being a part of this, there are many organizations online that have a hand in supplying these items, as well as menstrual cup companies.

Some menstrual cup companies offer a “Buy One, Give One” program, where every cup purchased equates to a cup given to someone in need.

Normally cup companies hold local classes to teach the people how to use a cup and how to care for it.

If water is available, it can be boiled to drink and can also be used to clean a cup, as long as the water has not been contaminated with chemical toxins.

However, if the person or area does not have access to clean water on a regular basis, a menstrual cup may not be the best idea.

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