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MeLuna Sizes and Models

The MeLuna is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in Germany. It is made of TPE and comes in 8 different sizes/models:
38 mm
47 mm
35 mm
12 mm
8 ml
15 ml
2 /5
3 /5
3 /5
41 mm
51 mm
38 mm
13 mm
10 ml
18 ml
2 /5
3 /5
3 /5
44 mm
55 mm
41 mm
14 mm
14 ml
22 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
47 mm
59 mm
44 mm
15 mm
16 ml
27 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
38 mm
57 mm
45 mm
12 mm
15 ml
23 ml
2 /5
3 /5
3 /5
41 mm
61 mm
48 mm
13 mm
20 ml
28 ml
2 /5
3 /5
3 /5
44 mm
65 mm
51 mm
14 mm
24 ml
34 ml
3.5 /5
3.5 /5
3.5 /5
Extra Large
47 mm
71 mm
56 mm
15 mm
30 ml
42 ml
3.5 /5
4 /5
4 /5
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The menstrual hygiene market is now flooded with menstrual cups of all shapes, sizes, colors, and makes- but none of them can be compared as equally to the MeLuna, Menstrual Cup. MeLuna is the only manufacturer of the menstrual cup to use Thermoplastic Elastomer, also known as TPE as their material-base for every one of the menstrual cups they sell.

As with other menstrual cups that are made from various materials such as rubber and platinum silicone, the MeLuna cup’s base material (TPE) Thermoplastic Elastomer has been tested substantially and is also FDA approved for safe use by women everywhere. Because of this big difference in make-up of the MeLuna Cup, more women can achieve a greater comfort in the fit, efficiency, and overall experience of using the MeLuna.




The MeLuna Menstrual Cup’s Many Options

Out of every menstrual cup we have ever reviewed here on the MeLuna cup offers the most options for a woman looking for a safe, inexpensive, eco-friendly, and most effective menstrual hygiene solution.

The MeLuna is offered in a wide selection of degrees in firmness, sizes, colors, lengths and handle types.


1. Sizes of the MeLuna Menstrual Cup

The MeLuna cup is offered in a total of 8 sizes:

MeLuna Model

TheMeLuna model is for women that do not have a short cervix or a short vaginal canal  (Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large).


MeLuna SHORTY Model

TheMeLuna SHORTY model is specifically designed to fit women who have a short cervix or a short vaginal canal (Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large).


Choosing the right size:

There are many things that can influence which size would work best for you including short/normal cervix, menstrual flow, fitness, age, physique, and births.

1. The MeLuna Website has a great calculator to help you narrow down what size you should buy-

2. You can use the following table as a general guideline to help you select the best size for your unique body needs.

Circumstance Light Flow Heavy Flow
Virgin Smaller size Smaller size
Teenager Smaller size Smaller or Larger
Young woman pre-baby Smaller size Smaller size
Young woman post-baby Smaller or Larger Larger size
Adult  woman  pre-baby Smaller or Larger Larger size
Adult  women  post-baby Smaller or Larger Larger size
Short Vagina Smaller size Smaller size
Active in sports Smaller size Smaller size



2. MeLuna Cup Firmness Options

The MeLuna cup is the only brand in menstrual cups that offers their cups in various degrees of firmness. The degree at which you need your cup to be- firm-soft is influenced by your unique body’s requirements of it. Having the wrong size and firmness can heavily impact the effectiveness for the cup to unfold properly in order to provide you the best protection.

The MeLuna cup is available in 3 degrees of firmness for this very reason.


MeLuna Classic
(recommended for most women):

The MeLuna Classic offers a level of firmness that is equal in comparison to many silicon-based menstrual cups. It is still soft enough to offer the best comfort level, but also has enough firmness so that it can be easily folded & spring-loaded to open perfectly for the best insertion and effective outcome.


MeLuna Sport
(for women who are active in sports and physical activities):

The MeLuna Sport is the absolute firmest of all MeLuna menstrual cups. It is ideal for women who are highly physical active and for women who participate in many sports activities. This firmness offers a better suction, for when the muscles are contracting and moving so that the cup holds in place to provide ultimate protection, and the best fit for comfort.


MeLuna Soft
(for women who can use the softer menstrual cups):

Some vendors do not offer this firmness option. However, the MeLuna Soft is the softest cup available from MeLuna. It has its pros and cons, however the MeLuna soft is best recommended for someone who has mastered the technique of inserting and removing a menstrual cup as it does not open and can be a tad flimsy for easy insertion and removal.



3. MeLuna Cup Handle/Grip Options


The stem is shaped like a long point or stem and is ideal for women who have a long or high cervix that is up-seated in their vaginal canal. This stem allows for a better grip instead of fetching the cup out and having to spend excess time grasping it to remove it properly.



The ring is shaped like a ring so you can easily remove it and grasp it. It is ideal for those who are just beginning to use a menstrual cup.



The ball is a solid-shaped ball that is at the end of the bell of the MeLuna menstrual cup. It is actually the most popular sold of all the MeLuna menstrual cup handle types. It is made petite, solid, and round.


Note: Basic model (without grip) is also available upon request. 


4. MeLuna Cup Color Options

The MeLuna is available in 9 different colors that have no negative impact on the safety or effectiveness of this menstrual cup. You can choose from these colors: violet, red, clear, green, orange, black, blue, red glitter, blue glitter. In addition not all the types of MeLuna cups may be available in all these colors, although the MeLuna classic is available in the full color selection.





MeLuna, Menstrual Cups Best Overall Features

The MeLuna cup does have many attributes about it that make it most accommodating to match almost every female’s requirements in a safe and effective menstrual cup.

  • Long lasting- the MeLuna has a shelf-life for up to 3 years.
  • It is made out of the very safe, tested, and FDA approved material (TPE)
  • Large variety of options: 8 sizes, 9 colors, 3 degrees of firmness, 3 lengths, and 3 handles
  • Easy to disinfect and clean
  • Easy to find the right and ideal fit for the best effectiveness and comfort




MeLuna Cup Pros

Great options in size, color, handle, fit, and length
Does not leak at all
The softest of menstrual cups that most have tried
For the price and shelf-life you cannot go wrong with a MeLuna
Sizes are very true to recommendations and easy to find the right one
Very, very comfortable to wear
Different texture and smoothness that make it better than other menstrual cups
MeLuna customer service exceptional
Sport model MeLuna really favored in consumer reviews



MeLuna Cup Cons

Too soft of cup and no models work for some women
Not entirely leak-proof
It absorbs odors and smells
It stains easily


What Customers Say About the MeLuna Cup

“I love this cup. This cup has the perfect flexibility and it is the right size for me. I cannot feel it at all inside me.” (

“I am new to menstrual cups and can’t believe I had no idea they existed for all these years. I really like this cup!” (

“Good product if your looking for a soft cup this is a good choice and MeLuna customer support is very friendly so I definitely support the brand!” (

“I love all my MeLunas, but the sport one is my favorite! It is very comfortable – you don’t know you are wearing it. With beach season coming up, you need to take control of your period and your health, you owe it to yourself. All the cool colors available now give you so many options to enjoy your period” (


MeLuna Cup Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that most users or potential users have in regards to using the MeLuna Cup and before buying it:

“What is the material that MeLuna is made of?”

MeLuna is made from TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer which is non-allergenic, latex-free, and contains no toxic chemicals that can cause reaction when used in such close proximity with your skin and body.

“How long does the MeLuna last until it needs to be replaced?”

The MeLuna menstrual cup has been tested and shown to last for up to 3 years of use. If your MeLuna is compromised, over-stained, starts to leak, or appears damaged- then you need to replace it right away.

“How often do I need to empty my MeLuna?”

Your MeLuna cup can be worn for up to 8-12 hours and overnight, however depending upon your flow, and the size’s capacity you are using- you may need to empty it more often.

“How do I know which MeLuna Size works best for me?”

It is hard to tell which MeLuna works best for you in what size, however the MeLuna website has a plethora of information, size tables, and calculator that will help you better choose the select MeLuna for you.

“Can I have an allergic reaction from the material or dye in the MeLuna Cup?”

The MeLuna Cup is made from TPE, which is used in many baby bottle nipples and other medical products. TPE is hypo-allergenic and will no cause any adverse allergic effects or reactions.

“Why is the MeLuna made from TPE and not Silicone?”

TPE is easier to process and make than silicone and because of this factor the MeLuna can be more inexpensively manufactured and sold to you for an cheaper price while providing you the effectiveness, comfort, and other benefits that silicone-grade menstrual cups provide.

“How should I care for and clean my MeLuna Cup?”

The MeLuna cup can be washed with warm soap and water, or with other non-toxic cleaners that are available for menstrual products. Additionally, the MeLuna can be sterilized by boiling,in the microwave, with a vinegar or salt soak, should be stored in a dry, safe place and should not be exposed to elements or UV rays.

“Will the MeLuna cup get stained or smelly?”

The MeLuna cup may accrue stains after time, but the stains do not indicate that your cup cannot be used safely. You can avoid the discoloration with proper care as discoloration happens commonly between all brands of menstrual cups. Additionally, if you notice an odor from your menstrual cup- just be sure to sterilize it and empty it regularly as it should not absorb any odors.

“Can I wear a MeLuna if I am a virgin?”

MeLuna can be worn if you are a virgin, however it could break your hymen as a result of vaginal penetration.

“Can I wear MeLuna while participating in physical activities and sports?”

Yes, there is actually a special MeLuna cup made for women who are highly physical active- the MeLuna sport. The MeLuna sport is firmer and larger to offer you a better seal and better conformity to the movements that can cause your internal muscles to contract, expand, and relax.


MeLuna Cup Company Info

The MeLuna company operates from Germany and offers a number of products from menstrual cups to cleaning accessories, massagers, and family planning products. Although it just recently received a patent to have permissions to sell the MeLuna cup in the USA. The MeLuna Cup has been on the market in European countries for some time.

The MeLuna company has been respected and trusted as a manufacturer and brand name that makes high-quality products that are safe, effective, and affordable. It is best known for its MeLuna menstrual cups which are made from Thermoplastic Elastomer, also known as TPEand that are available in a very extensive selection of colors, sizes, lengths, degrees of firmness, and grips.


MeLuna Cup: The Bottom Line

The MeLuna Cup has been around for a while, however now that they have received the FDA patent approval to sell their brand in the USA- American consumers are excited. From thousands of reviews posted throughout the web, it is easy to tell that MeLuna menstrual cups are well-liked.

With the variety of options that the MeLuna Menstrual cups provide women, the MeLuna brand has simplified the process of searching and finding the perfect color, size, firmness, grip/handle, length, and overall fit.


Where to Buy The MeLuna Menstrual Cup

The MeLuna Menstrual Cup can be purchased at many retailers around the world, however it can be found from anywhere and in the USA for sale by many online retailers that offer it with deep incentives and discounts (check the list on the top of this page).



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  1. Overall Score

    I had a moon cup before I got a classic small MeLuna and now have a Yuuki. I prefer both Moon cup and Yuuki by far to this thing. It does not open properly and is too soft and yet still uncomfortable to wear. I also found it much harder to clean properly than the other ones and it always leaked.

    Also, correction to the article: MeLuna is not the only brand that offers different degrees of softness

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  2. Overall Score

    I’ve never used anything like this before and after reading about them I decided on this one as it has some of the best reviews, so I bought it. I would never look back! This is my first cup and I’m so pleased with it!

    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  3. Overall Score

    I don’t normally write reviews but this product is a miracle to me. I ordered the MeLuna Classic in Small – w/ long stem.

    I am very petite. I am of East Asian descent, age 24, less than 5 ft tall and only about 98lbs. I have a narrow and small entrance. I have a long cervix so the cups sit up higher (which means I need a longer stem). Usually menstrual cups even for women (pre birth) are still too wide for me. It is painful to insert and half the time when I’m sitting down the other cups don’t sit well with me and decides to pop back out from the pressure I exert (what a mess!).

    MeLuna is the smallest one on the market in terms of circumference — just a tiny bit less wide of an opening and it works absolute miracles. I know every woman is shaped differently but I am telling you if you are 1. Petite 2. Small…you know down there 3. Long cervix then MeLuna is perfect for you.

    MeLuna is firmer in terms of texture than other brands which I thought I would not like as much but the firmness does help to retain shape better than my old cups (which were Lunette, Diva, Iris Cup – all too wide and short for my taste.).

    Meluna made me realise it doesn’t have to be painful or uncomfortable to insert a menstrual cup. It’s OK for some women to be tighter and longer/deeper down there. For a while I thought I was just doing it wrong, nope I’m just petite and that’s OK.

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  4. Overall Score

    Finally found the right cup. I had a sckoon cup and couldn’t urinate with it in. I ended up getting two of these. The first was the softer one which when I was very active it leaked. I got the firmer one my second go round. I love that the shorty worked.

    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  5. Overall Score

    I have a Meluna mini in small for when my cervix sits really low and a small in the sport firmness. I’m 30 years old and have been using these for 6 years now. I’m a super active person so having the sport cup is really helpful considering softer cups don’t like to open for me. I also love the ring stem since it makes it super easy for removal.

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  6. Overall Score

    Summary: I bought this cup over any other because there were no others close to being as customizable as MeLuna. I got the small, normal softness, ring handle cup. I think I could have gone softer and maybe shorter, but this does very well for me and I feel no need to change to a different one. It took a while to learn how to use it, but now that I have I love it and use it every chance I get. I honestly forget I’m on my period and have it in, towards my last few days when the cramps stop and the flow is light. I used it my first time camping, three days with no bathroom on my period, and though I wasn’t nearly as comfortable with it as I am now, I was able to use it to avoid carrying a pound of bloody tampons and pads out of the woods in my pack. Very much so worth my money.

    Why I love my cup: 1. Though my hands sometimes do get a little messy, I stay way cleaner down there now, and I never have the feeling of wearing a wet diaper anymore. 2. Much less waste produced from disposable hygiene products. 3. No worry of TSS. 4. Not having to empty it half as often as I’d have to change tampons. Only on my very heaviest days do I have to change more than once every 12 hours. 5. Unlike tampons, I can wear this through the night. I no longer have to sleep in a particular position to keep my pad from leaking out the sides.

    Some things that surprised me and may help you out: 1. It really does have a learning curve. I thought, “How hard can it be to shove a cup into your vagina?” but it wasn’t easy at first. It’s taken about five cycles for me to get comfortable with it to the point that it’s just as easy and fast as tampons for me to use now. Keep calm and keep trying. Chances are you weren’t comfortable with tampons your first few cycles either, so don’t feel bad if this is the same. That said, I used it camping in the woods my first time, with no bathrooms for three days straight, and it did a much better job than tampons with much less nasty garbage to carry out. So you can use it successfully from the start, but it may not be easy or comfortable until you’ve had much more practice. 2. Your hands will get dirty. No matter how good you get with a cup, I could never see you getting away with totally clean hands. I find the benifits far out way the cons, but if you are a germaphobe or OCD then this is probably not a good option for you. 3. Even after falling in love with the cup, there are still times I prefer a tampon or pad. For instance, while traveling. If I’m not going to be in a private bathroom with a sink within reaching distance of the toilet by the end of the day, then I’d use tampons that day instead. 4. I had no clue where my cervix was, and once I finally bothered to find out where it was my expirience with my cup improved 100%. I thought it wouldn’t matter where it was exactly, but if you can center the opening of your cup around it then your leaks all but dissappear. 5. It doesn’t go ver far in, not even as far as tampons. I only place it in so the ring handle is just shy of sticking out. Sometimes throughout the day it moves further up, but it’s never deeper than my first knuckle. If I try to stick it further in, like I started out doing, it leaks much more.

    If possible, I’d recommend starting off using it only on your light days for a cycle or two, then move up to full time when you feel comfortable. I’m betting most women would prefer a cup to other means if they got one that fit them and gave it a good chance.

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  7. Overall Score

    I’ve had both the meluna s soft and the m soft. Soft melunas are good for those who are more sensitive down there, and have trouble with comfort of other cups. I started with a diva cup 1, but it was far too large and stiff for me at first. I have since moved on now that I’m more used to menstrual cups, as I find that over time the soft melunas don’t open up as well and therefore I end up with leaks. I highly recommend these to anyone having issues initially with menstrual cups. There is always a cup out there that will work for you, you just have to find it.

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  8. Overall Score

    The MeLuna shorty is the greatest product EVER! I am 5 feet tall, average weight, have had two babies, and have a light flow. I have tried the Diva Cup and another one from the Lunette. The others I tried were way too big! They were uncomfortable and difficult to keep in. The shorty MeLuna is perfect! The only tip I have is that I flip it inside out – otherwise the tip at the bottom bothers me. But that is true for all the cups I have used. So comfortable and the size is perfect! I used the guide, and the size is just right.

    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  9. Overall Score

    Meluna cup is my first cup and I had no issues with it. It is totally worth it. I would highly recommend this for beginners or first time menstrual cup users. Probably this oddly made me excited about getting my period. It just made my life easier.

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  10. Overall Score

    I needed a month to convince myself to switch to menstrual cup and would it be worth it. I found out for myself and I will never go back to pads or tampons. When im on my period I dont feel that I am restricted to anything anymore I sleep with no worries leaking and its really affordable.I am so happy I purchased this. Best investment ever made

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