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Mami Cup Menstrual Cup – A Colorful Cup from Italy. The Mami Cup is produced in Italy with 100 percent medical-grade silicone. When you order this product, you can choose the ECO PACK option, which means the cup will be sent to you in a cotton pouch and without a box inside of the mailing package.  The Mami Cup is smooth except for four external ribs that helps you to grasp it during insertion and removal.


Mami Cup Sizes and Details – Everything You Need to Know


– Clear

– Pink

– Lilac

– Turquoise


Firmness Rating:

-Rim Firmness: n/a

-Body Firmness: n/a


Choose from two Mami Cup sizes, small and large:

1. Mami Cup Small Size is recommended for young women who haven’t given birth vaginally.

Small Size Details:

  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Cup length: 50 mm
  • Stem Length: 23 mm
  • Total Length: 73 mm
  • Capacity : 25 ml (unknown if to rim or air holes)



2. Mami Cup Large Size  is the cup to choose if you are older than 25 years old or you have given birth vaginally. It’s also probably a better Mami Cup if you tend to have very heavy periods.

Large Size Details: 

  • Diameter: 45 mm
  • Cup length: 57 mm
  • Stem Length: 18 mm
  • Total Length: 75 mm
  • Capacity: 35 ml (unknown if to rim or air holes)


How to use the Mami Cup

I was unable to find Mami Cup’s instructions for care and use of their cup, but I’m willing to bet it’s the same as with all other silicone menstrual cups; fold it to insert it, then squeeze the base of the cup for removal. Wash it with perfume-free soap and water between uses, and optionally, you can boil it once a month for complete sterilization. Store it in a container that allows for the free flow of air  to preserve the silicone.


Customer feedback and Videos


About the company

The Mami Cup is made in Italy and claims to be the first silicone menstrual cup made in that country.


Where to buy 

We’re just reviewers of the Mami Cup; we don’t sell it. However, you can get the best deal on Mami Cups by shopping here.

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