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Luv Ur Body Sizes and Models

The Luv Ur Body is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in Nigeria. It is made of Silicon and comes in 3 different sizes/models:
Luv Ur Body
42 mm
65 mm
47 mm
18 mm
24 ml
28 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
Luv Ur Body
45 mm
82 mm
62 mm
20 mm
31 ml
43 ml
3 /5
2.5 /5
2.5 /5
Luv Ur Body
48 mm
77 mm
58 mm
19 mm
35 ml
45 ml
2.5 /5
2.5 /5
2.5 /5
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Description Videos and User Reviews

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It appears that each country that a menstrual cup originates in- supplies the market with a particular unique trait in the menstrual cup that brings something new to the table. This is true to the case in relevance of the Luv Ur Body, menstrual cup. The Luv Ur Body cup was designed by Malaysians and is manufactured in Nigeria.

This menstrual cup leaves little to be desired in terms of its flare, design, color options, and unique features. It has not been sold for very long, however it has made a good impression with those who have purchased it and reviewed it. It comes highly recommended with high-ratings of comfort, quality, overall experience, and value for the price.


Luv Ur Body Specs, Sizes, Options

The Luv Ur Body menstrual cup comes with many options. You can choose the luv Ur Body cup in 3 sizes for your convenience, and it also boasts 4 colors, and 2 clear colors with colored flowers.

It features measuring lines, a flat tab leaf stem that can be trimmed to a ball stem and the floral design is also embossed on the solid color cups as well.

When you purchase the Luv Ur Body cup you will get a multi-language instruction leaflet, one menstrual cup (in our choice of size and color), and a carrying/storage pouch.


Sizes of the Luv Your Body Cup

When the first models of the Luv Ur Body menstrual cup were released there were only two sizes available (Medium and Large), however now after considering feedback from consumers the Luv Ur Body, menstrual cup is now offered in the following three sizes:

  • Small: Small for young girls and women who have not had a child vaginally and that experience a light to scanty flow.

  • Medium: For mature woman who have had a child vaginally- and that experience medium to heavy flow.
  • Large: For mature women who have had a child vaginally- and that need a very high capacity for ultimate protection from leaks with heavy bleeding and clots.


Color Options in the Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup

  • Solid Color- Clear, Dark Green, Black and Red
  • Clear with Color Florals- Blue Flowers, Red Flowers


Luv Ur Body Features and Attributes

  • Sustainable menstrual cup that has been on the market since 2008
  • 3 year shelf-life
  • High Holding Capacity
  • Floral design “brand” feature
  • Flat tab leaf stem that can be trimmed down to a ball stem
  • 3 sizes to better accommodate women who have heavy flow or unique circumstances
  • Available in 3 colors, and 2 clear with colored florals
  • Features “Peachy” Feel to Ensure Seamless Insertion and Removal


Luv Ur Body Pros

All cups boast very high capacities (larger than most menstrual cups by far) – The Luv Ur Body cup is best known by its patrons for having such a large capacity. The cups are offered in 3 sizes that differ in width, stem length, overall length, and capacity- however all of these cups are well-suited for the woman cursed with a very heavy period.
So comfortable to wear – Most users of the Luv Ur Body cup really take time to emphasize the comfort of using this cup- you can barely even notice it is there- and the pretty leaf stem make it super easy to insert and remove properly.
No leaks at all (wear longer time-spans)– Because of the large capacity of the Luv Ur Body cups this provides the user with more protection against accidents and leaks. The cup can be worn without worry overnight, and for spans of time up to 12 hours (even with heavy flow) without needing to take back-up methods.
Well-made product quality – The overall quality of this cup is outstanding. In reviews that I perused I found it surprising that so many people were very pleased with the overall quality, feel, durability, and design of this menstrual cup.

Luv Ur Body Cons

Larger cups may not be for women who are younger and that don’t need a large menstrual cup – The Luv Ur Body cup is made to target women that may suffer from conditions, or issues that may make other small capacity, and sized cups inadequate for them. However, for some who need small cups sizes in the ther brands- the Luv Ur Body Cup may be overwhelming.


Luv Ur Body Customer Remarks and Comments


Luv Ur Body FAQS

We are certain that you have questions about the Luv Ur Body cup that you need answered before even considering ordering or purchasing it. Here are some of the most common questions that potential consumers need answered about the Luv Ur Body, menstrual cup.
Will the Luv Ur Body Cup change the composition of my vagina?

No. The Luv Ur Body cup will not alter the tightness of your vagina, or make it looser. It is very flexible for the best comfort and fit.

Can I share my Luv Ur Body menstrual cup with a friend?

For hygienic reasons and the intimate use of the Luv Ur Body menstrual cup it is not recommended that an individual share it with anyone.

Is it safe to have sex while wearing the Luv Ur Body menstrual cup?

No. The Luv Ur Body cup is not meant to be worn during sex. Be sure to remove it while partaking in sexual intercourse.

How should I clean my Luv Ur Body menstrual cup?

The Luv Ur Body cup can be cleaned with gentle soap and water between uses. It should also be sterilized after each monthly use (boiled in water on the stove or microwave in a safe container.)

How long will the Luv Ur Body menstrual cup last me?

The shelf life of the Luv Ur Body menstrual cup is about 3 years. This may vary according to how well the cup is cared for during use.

How often should I empty the Luv Ur Body menstrual cup?

The Luv Ur Body menstrual cup can be worn for up to 12 hours without needing to be emptied- however depending on your flow and circumstance it may need to be emptied every 6-8 hours.

Will I get an infection by using the Luv Ur Body menstrual cup?

The Luv Ur Body cup has been thoroughly tested to certify that it is safe for intimate use in close contact with skin and tissue. It should not cause you any adverse effects.

Can I use the Luv Ur Body menstrual cup if my uterus is tilted or retroverted?

Sure. But it may take a little practice to get it inserted properly. If you have issues or major discomfort you may want to seek the advice of a physician.

Is the Luv Ur Body cup difficult to insert and remove?

No. Most new users may need to fiddle with it or practice a few times before they really perfect the technique of easy insertion and removal, however this menstrual cup has a special stem and flower textures that provide the cup with a “peachy” feel that makes it not too slippery to remove and insert.

Is the Luv Ur Body menstrual cup supposed to leak?

If you wear it for too long a time span- the cup could leak. Also if you are using the wrong size or have not inserted it properly you will experience leaks. BUT when the cup is in the right size, and inserted accurately the cup will not leak at all.



Luv Ur Body: Company Profile

The Luv Ur Body menstrual cup is designed in Malaysia, but originated in Nigeria. This cup first received its patent in 2013 and since its introduction onto the menstrual cup scene it’s receiving vast attention for its high capacity.

Women love the Luv Ur Body menstrual cup as it is well made for quality, and designed especially for women who need a higher holding capacity. This brand is well-trusted by countless women who continue to be loyal patrons who have long awaited the perfect menstrual cup that boasts extreme holding power.


Luv Ur Body: Bottom Line

The Luv Ur Body menstrual cup was made specifically with features that allow it to be larger in capacity, longer and wider in various sizes so that it could accommodate the genres of women that inhabit the local South African region. This means for women who have had several children, and who have no other safe means for feminine hygienic protection.

This cup is out of this world unique and dons some very prominent benefits that has made it a hybrid menstrual cup out of hundreds of menstrual cups brands. If you have had no luck with other cups that do not fit well, or don’t quite have the holding capacity you would like- then the Luv Ur Body menstrual cup may just be the ticket that makes your period sweeter and more bearable than ever!


Luv Ur Body: Where to Buy

The Luv Ur Body menstrual cup is delivered and distributed all over the world. You will find a ton of retailers who proudly sell this menstrual cup, however there are also countless vendors online who offer this menstrual cup discreetly online at a discounted price (check the list on the top of this page).

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  1. This cup saved me. I suffer from menorrhagia and this is the only cup out there that has been both comfortable and is large enough to give me a few hours of peace even during my heaviest days. My periods last a week on average and on my peak day, this large cup can fill up completely up to 5 times in 24 hours. Can you imagine what a nightmare that was with smaller cups?

    I love this cup so much. I have so much peace of mind. Thank you.

  2. I am itching to get my hands on this cup.

    Luv Ur Body is Nigeria based, but the Cups are produced in Malaysia. You got that mixed up twice in your review.

    This might be interesting as well:

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