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Lunette Sizes and Models

The Lunette is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in Finland. It is made of silicone and comes in 2 different sizes/models:
Small (1)
41 mm
72 mm
47 mm
25 mm
20 ml
25 ml
4 /5
4 /5
4 /5
Large (2)
45 mm
72 mm
53 mm
19 mm
25 ml
30 ml
4 /5
3.5 /5
4 /5
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The notion of having an alternative of menstrual protection that does not “have strings attached’ is profoundly appealing. Perhaps that is why menstrual cups are rapidly becoming one of the #1 chosen menstrual care products of the new generation. They are good for the environment, beneficially economical, conveniently liberating, and ultimately the safest option in female sanitary hygiene.

Menstrual cups are available in all shapes, makes, sizes, and brands- however the Finland-originated Lunette, menstrual cup is one of a handful of menstrual cups that has garnered hundreds of positive consumer reviews. The Lunette menstrual cup has been around for over a decade and is now sold all over the world to female consumers who say that the Lunette Cup is the best menstrual cup to ever be sold.

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The Lunette Menstrual Cup Sizes and Specs

The Lunette is a menstrual cup that has a shelf-life of up to 10 years, it is made out of the safest tested and proven, medical-grade silicone that is used in many medical products today.

The Lunette comes in two unique sizes and also is offered in limited-edition colors.

Sizes of Lunette

Model 1

Model 1 in the Lunette is the smaller of the two size options that the Lunette Cup is offered in. It has the following specs and features:

  • Softest silicone in Lunette – Softer form and texture than Model 2 Lunette
  • For young women and teens – The Lunette Model 1 is small so that it can be used and worn comfortably by women who are young teens, young adults that have not given birth to a child.
  • Menstrual flow – The Lunette Model 1 provides the best protection for women who experience a light-moderate menstrual flow regularly.

Model 2

Model 2 in the Lunette is the Larger of the two size options that the Lunette Cup is offered in. It has the following specs and features:

  • Soft Silicone but firmer than Model 1 – The Lunette Model 2 is made out of medical grade silicone that is soft, however the silicone form of Model 2 is a bit more firmer than the one consisted in the Model 1.
  • For more mature adult women – The Model 2 of the Lunette is specifically designed for the mature adult woman who has had a baby vaginally previously and that is more sexually and physically mature.
  • Menstrual flow – Lunette Model 2 is designed and made to accommodate a moderate to heavy menstrual flow.


Need Help Choosing the Right Size?

Check out the Size Tables and Guide on the Lunette’s Official Website


Lunette Limited Edition Color Options

Lunette offers a special limited edition of colors that are available in each size and capacity:

Lunette Selene (blue), Lunette Diana (light green), Lunette Cynthia (purple), Lunette Aine (coral red), and Lunette Lucia (yellow.)



9 Folds for the Lunette Menstrual Cup

Lunette Special Features

The Lunette, menstrual cup boasts a wide-selection of positive attributes that enable it to be very different than other brands of menstrual cups presently sold on the market.

  • The Lunette has a life-span of 10 years.
  • Not only just FDA approved, but also certified according to Finnish Standards and Australian standards.
  • The Lunette scored higher on a customer survey performed on females who used various brands of menstrual cups- Lunette was favored over the Divacup, Iriscup, and many other top ten reviewed menstrual cup brands.
  • Only requires emptying 2-6 times a day.
  • Ultra-safe for young women who are still virgins or just started their period.
  • Sold all over the world and has received a vast amount of recognition, awards, and reviews that testify it is one of the best menstrual cups to ever be sold.


The Upside of Using the Lunette Menstrual Cup

There are innumerable reasons why women all over the globe have chosen the Lunette as their super-menstrual cup.

Stem is well-designed – The stem is well designed on the Lunette in comparison to other menstrual cup brands which have a poky stem that can be both uncomfortable and difficult to grasp in the process of removal.
The holes in the cup of the Lunette are larger – The holes in the rim of the cup enable a person to get the residue out when cleaning and washing the cup.
Both Lunette model (1&2) sizes are more petite than other brands but have higher holding capacity – Consumers who used the Lunette after trying the other menstrual cup brands have noted that the Lunette in both sizes is more petite than the Divacup and Mooncup. This makes it easier for someone to reach their ideal fit for the best menstrual protection that you can find in a product.
Can be used time and time again without fail – Users of the Lunette still remark on their go-to menstrual cup choice. They state that the Lunette is still like new and just as effective after several years of use.


The Downside of the Lunette Menstrual Cup

More expensive than other menstrual cup brands – Through all of the reviews I perused and read online, the most prominent valid complaint on the Lunette menstrual cup was that it a tad more pricy than other menstrual cups. However, for the quality and durability (10 year shelf-life) the few dollars more spent on the Lunette proves as a wise investment. Especially in comparison to other cheaper menstrual cups that only last for a year.


What Lunette Cup Customers Say

Besides the obvious that it offers the best period experience of any other menstrual cup brand- the Lunette has captured the hearts of women everywhere for its superior performance on a multi-level of facets.

“I went with model 1 for Lunette. It’s absolutely perfect, does everything it’s supposed to, and no leaks. Far better fit and experience than the Divacup.” (

“I decided the Lunette Model 1 would be a good fit for me. And it has been, for 3 years now. What I like most about my Lunette cup is that it doesn’t leak. By using my cup for the last 3 years instead of buying organic cotton tampons, I’ve probably saved $200 by now. One less thing to worry about buying each month!” (

“I started with the moon cup and had trouble avoiding leaks and overflow. Too small. And the hollow stem had to be trimmed–too uncomfortable. I received my Lunette cup yesterday and I love it so far. It fit nicely with the c fold and is easy to remove. Huge upgrade!” (


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Lunette Frequently Asked Questions

There may be some questions that you want answered before you make a purchase of one of the best menstrual cups offered to women of this modern generation. Here we have addressed some of the most frequently posed questions that most menstrual cup consumers need to know before purchasing the Lunette, menstrual cup:
What size Lunette should I use if I have a very sensitive bladder?

The Lunette Model 1 is ideal for someone who has a very tender and sensitive bladder. Because it is ultra-soft and cut smaller it will be a better fit so it does not cause pressure on your bladder.

What is the volume holding capacity in ml in both Lunette models?

The Lunette Model 1 has a holding capacity of 25 ml. and the larger model in Lunette, the Model 2 has a holding capacity of 30 ml.

I noticed some vendors selling a Lunette product, but it looks as if it is not the official Lunette Brand?

There are some Lunette’s out there being sold in our brand name- you can tell the official Lunette from knock-offs by the way it is packaged and whether it has the Finland trademark seal.

The Lunette cup was awarded the Key Flag Emblem for safety, what does this mean?

The Key Flag Emblem is a big note that the Lunette cup adheres to the business practice and the utmost safest materials in the manufacturing and production of the Lunette.

I am having big problems removing the Lunette, I think it’s stuck in me?

It is not possible for the Lunette to get permanently stuck inside your vagina. If you feel as if it is stuck and you are having issues removing the Lunette- take a deep breath and relax. The Lunette site has some helpful strategies listed for newbies of the Lunette to use when troubleshooting the circumstances that arise that work themselves out through learning techniques and tricks of inserting and removing the Lunette.

If I leave the Lunette in for a full 12 hours does it pose a threat to my health?

No. The Lunette can be used safely for up to 12 hours. If you forget that you are wearing it- then just empty it as soon as possible to avoid any accidents that may be caused from the cup filling up too much.

Can the Lunette be safely used with an IUD or contraceptive ring?

Yes. The Lunette is perfectly compatible and safe when worn in combination with either an IUD used for contraception and birth control or a contraceptive ring.

Can I wear the Lunette right after having a baby?

NO. Most physicians recommend not even wearing tampons or using anything internally inserted into the vagina after having a baby for many reasons- with a large one being to avoid risk of infection.

Which size Lunette is ideal for a woman who is very physically active?

The Lunette company recommends both models for women who are very physically active, however Model 1 is best suited in shape and form for those women who participate in many physical activities and rugged sports.

Can I wear the Lunette if I am a virgin or just started my period?

Yes. Model 1 in the Lunette is great for young teens who have just started menstruating in their life. In addition those girls who have not ever partaken in sexual intercourse can safely wear the Lunette (but only if they understand the risk of their hymen being torn from normal wear and if they have been previously comfortable with using tampons.



Lunette Company Profile & Info

The Lune Group Oy Ltd. Headquarters resides in Juupajoki, Finland and has been manufacturing safe and effective feminine products since 2004. All of the Lune Group’s products are monitored closely by the Finnish Health Authority and the Lunette, menstrual cup was also awarded with the “Key Flag Emblem” which is a certification that lauds that a product is manufactured and designed in Finland and is of the highest quality, class, and safety.

They have business partners scattered all over the globe, and have become a great International success by producing mainstream feminine hygiene products such as the Lunette menstrual cup, feminine wipes, feminine washes, and feminine creams. All of the Lune Group’s products come highly recommended by customers from all walks of life, origins, creeds, and country of residence who emphatically praise the Lunette for its best performance as a menstrual cup.



Lunette Menstrual Cup Review: Bottom Line

The Lunette, menstrual cup has done more than the average menstrual cup to prove itself as a superior menstrual cup brand. Not only is its quality effectiveness and performance on an overall immeasurable scale, but on a level of experience is the best example- the Lunette is heavily substantiated by consumer surveys, testimonials, and reviews which provide outstanding testimony that it really is a phenomenal menstrual cup used by countless women as the ultimate go-to product for the highest amount of menstrual protection possible.


Where to Buy Lunette

The Lunette is sold all over the world at retailers and drug stores located in your local area. However, for the best shopping and purchasing experience, we recommend that you take advantage of purchasing the official Lunette, menstrual cup securely and discreetly online (from the link list on the top of this page).


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Valid until: 29th November 20200

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  1. Overall Score

    Lunette customer service is shocking, I have written to them twice with no reply ??

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  2. Overall Score

    This is a good cup. It’s comfortable with a decent capacity.

    + PROS: Comfortable Good quality
    - CONS: Expensive
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  3. Overall Score

    Amazing first cup! I bought the model 1 when I was 14 and I never went back.

    + PROS: Perfect medium firmness Gentle but efficient grip rings Great as a first cup for young teens
    - CONS: Sometimes leaks
    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
  4. Overall Score

    I have been a diva cup user for over a year now and decided to try out Lunette because of the non absorbent silicon as opposed to diva cup’s just medical grade silicon. I prefer the fit and feel of Lunette but mine came with a small knick along the rim and it seems to always leak a tiny bit. I have a super light flow, am in my early 20’s and have never had children, so I’m pretty sure I picked the right size. And I have a year of experience inserting menstrual cups so I don’t think that’s the problem either. I would still choose my Lunette cup over the diva cup though, the fit alone outweighs a tiny leak.

    + PROS: Fit, feel, insert & removal all preferred to Diva Cup
    - CONS: Tiny imperfection in rim and small leak even though my flow is light, I am inserting correctly and I picked the correct model according to size guide provided.
    Helpful(9) Unhelpful(7)You have already voted this
  5. Overall Score

    WOW. Why didn’t I hear about these cups when I was 18 ? Can’t believe I have slogged it out with pads and tampons most of my adult life without ever knowing there was an eco alternative better for my body, the planet and my savings account. Lunette this is a great product. Comfy, easy to whip in and take out……love the funky colours. Clear instructions and awesome advice on answering my questions. 10 out of 10…do yourself a favour and try a cup today !

    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(3)You have already voted this
  6. Overall Score

    After trying two other cups Lunette was my ‘Goldilocks cup’ and I’ve used it ever since. Really nice shape, softer silicone and love the colours! I got the coral one to begin with but then treated myself to a purple one too!

    + PROS: Only coloured cup I could find in Australian stores (who wants clear!). Feels softer than other cups I've used. i like the measuring lines
    - CONS: Please make pink!!
    Helpful(4) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
  7. Overall Score

    I love my Lunette, after 4 children and very heavy periods, Lunette has been a game changer for me. I have a clear one which I have used for around 9 years, it is still in perfect condition, I look forward to getting another one so I can choose one of the bright colours.

    + PROS: Easy to clean, unable to feel it.
    - CONS: Can't think of any.
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  8. Overall Score

    I have been using the lunette cup for a little less than a year. Having my period has never been easier, I don’t have to worry about it when I am at work or working out. I got the small and large size but since my flow is heavier I only really use the large.

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  9. Overall Score

    Better one!

    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(9)You have already voted this
  10. Overall Score

    This is my first (and only) menstrual cup. I was very nervous to try them out and did a lot of research before buying. I really love this cup, It’s easy to use & comfortable & I like the design. I can forget I’m wearing it and if I’m on a light day I can even forget I have my period at all!

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    • Overall Score

      I forgot to mention, I also liked that the Lunette cups are sized according to your menstrual flow level (heavy or light) rather than your age like a lot of other cups. My flow is fairly light because I’m on the contraception pill, but most cup brands would place me in the larger cup size range because I’m over 30 years old. I went with the smaller Lunette cup size and it was perfect.

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