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Lunapads and Panties Combo: A Match Made in Heaven?

Lunapanties come from the Lunapads company and are a hybrid product that’s part cloth pad, part panty. They’re an all-in-one period panty that doesn’t have to be worn with a pad or a menstrual cup. Rather than having to wear a Lunapad with your own pair of underwear, you’d just toss on Lunapanties with their built-in absorbent gusset; a gusset is the crotch area on a piece of clothing. The advantages of having the all-in-one design are that there’s no bunching or shifting around since the pad is sewn into the panty, resulting in a far lower risk of leaks.

How Do They Work?

Lunapanties were created to replace the full range of disposable menstrual products entirely. They’re also useful if you experience light incontinence. Lunapanties comes in a variety of styles to fit individual needs.


  • MAIA collection – The garments from the MAIA collection provide the most protection since they have a leak-proof core and removable inserts to accommodate heavy flow.

  • SELENE collection – The SELENE collection is recommended for light flow. It has the leak-proof lining but a thinner layer of cotton than the MAIA style.
  • VESTA collection – VESTA Lunapanties are designed for very light flow and everyday wear. They’re absorbent but don’t have the leak-proof lining to allow for more breathability and comfort.

  • TERRA & ARTEMIS collection – For backup protection, the TERRA and ARTEMIS styles are the ones to try. These two styles are also specially designed with tweens in mind.


How to Choose Guide:

You can use their guide – How to Choose Lunapanties (By Flow, Frequency, Duration and Fit).


Special Features

Lunapanties come from the same great company that makes Lunapads and all of the same principles apply.


  • Don’t contain any chemical residues or glues.
  • Are made of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex.
  • Can be worn with inserts or alone.
  • Have a waterproof lining that is made from PUL (polyurethane laminate) and cotton fleece. The inserts are made from 100 percent cotton fleece.
  • Can be machine washed and dried at any temperature.

Customer Feedback

Overall, customers agree that these are genuinely worth the price, and they love the craftsmanship of these menstrual panties. The cotton is soft, and the Lunapanties provide peace of mind, especially the styles with the leak-proof gussets.

On the other hand, some customers find that the styles with the leak-proof liners are hot and uncomfortable to wear, and they prefer styles like the VESTA that are cotton-only and allow for more airflow.

These period underwear are true to size.


About the Company

Lunapanties are made by Lunapads, which is a woman-run company that was founded in 1993 as a result of its founder’s search for a better, healthier alternative to disposable feminine hygiene products. The company started small but grew to the extent that they keep 1 million disposable menstrual products out of landfills every month.


The Bottom Line

If you’re a cloth pad wearer, you know that even with wings that snap, cloth pads can shift around since they don’t have adhesive backing like disposable pads do. The Lunapanties solve this problem since the pads are permanently sewn into place. So because of that, these are an excellent choice for cloth pad wearers.

They’re also an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t mind spending a little more money for high quality period panties. Lunapanties are made from soft, comfortable and durable materials and the option to have a waterproof lining is invaluable.

Where Can You Buy Lunapanties?

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  1. Overall Score

    I’ve been using Lunapanties for the past two cycles and so far my experience has been great!
    The panties do a great job absorbing leakage from my menstrual cup. For the type and cut that I bought (MAIA bikini) each came with one inner pad (long size since they were XXL) which can be rinsed, dried, and reused till the end of the cycle. If you use a wash bag for lingerie and gentle soap you can also wash these in the washing machine though hand washing is the best bet for these.

    The price is high for underwear but the protection offered is better than say using ordinary underwear and a pantyliner or pad. From time to time there are sales and if you buy as a set you get discounts or free shipping. That is when I decided to buy mine.

    One thing I don’t like about these panties is the elastic that is supposed to hold the pad in place. Maybe my butt is just big but from time to time the pad tends to shift out of the elastic and on two occasions I’ve had the pad fall into the toilet at home. Fortunately I could hand wash them with hot water and soap but it would be nice to see if a more secure method could be used to keep them in place. Maybe Velcro strips or something like that.

    Another issue I noticed is that on hot and humid days the panties are not as breathable. They could get pretty sweaty at times.

    I can’t speak on using these as your sole protection but as backup for a menstrual cup they have been great so far. One tip I would add is check the Lunapanties site carefully. There is a page to buy additional liners but it’s not obvious if you create a set instead of buying each one individually. Also make sure that the pads you buy are compatible with the type of underwear you purchase.

    + PROS: - Good protection due to material and design - Good backup for menstrual cups - Comfortable and a wide range of sizes - Reusable
    - CONS: - Cotton is not as breathable on hotter and more humid days - Elastic in underwear does not do enough to keep the pad in place - Initial cost is steep for underwear
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  2. Overall Score


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  3. Overall Score

    I have these and initially I was ecstatic with them, but they don’t seem to stand the test of time and look quite worn. They were not true to size and slightly larger than the dimensions I got off underwear I already owned, which can prove problematic as you don’t want leakage. The elastic to keep the pad in place doesn’t keep it very very well and I found they stain easily. They are still an excellent product and I love their pad range and range of patterns and they are perfectly fine. These are a great alternative to the pads for cycling, as they don’t have the studs to keep the pads in place.

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  4. Overall Score

    I purchased the panty with the insert, it was comfortable, but not sure why it is made from fleece. – IT SMELLS HORRIBLE ! fleece and blood does not work very well together, if they changed the fabric it would be good.

    + PROS: comfortable when you wear it
    - CONS: the fleece fabric smells horrible when mixed with blood
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  5. Overall Score

    These were very very tight and didn’t hold much at all, I still got the side bleeding

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  6. Overall Score

    Love these period panties as backup for the divacup, and for lighter flow day! Never have to worry about anything, you just go about your day totally confident!! So worth the price and I love that it’s a Canadian company!

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  7. Overall Score

    Lunapanties are amazing! I use them all the time, not just during my period. I use them after sex, when I’m using yeast infectioncuring medication and days I have heavy discharge. During my period I use them with my Diva Cup as backup protection, on light days and with a pad for ultra heavy days or overnights. They are comfortable and give me piece of mind, I recommend them to everyone!

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  8. Overall Score

    Lunapanties are a life saver! My cycle often starts in the middle of the night and while I am a cup girl myself, I hate getting up in the middle of the night, washing and putting in my cup. I keep a pair of Lunapanties beside my bed in the couple of days leading up to my period, so when the cramps wake me up, I pull them on and go back to bed. I love the high waist once because I feel really secure when wearing them. And the colors are so fun!

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  9. Overall Score

    I have a very heavy flow. These panties saved my week : no leaks, no moisture. Just plain comfort. I can forget about my period and just go through the day like it’s an ordinary day. As a money saver and worry-free product, it’s definitly worth the price. High five, Lunapanties!

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