Lunacup ® Review – Is it an ‘Over the Moon’ Menstrual Cup?


Wow! It is just unbelievable that the menstrual cup has become so profoundly recognized these days. Women have waited for what the menstrual cup provides them with for all this time, and finally alas- the menstrual cup revolution is in full-force! So many designs, and options- how could you possible find one that you will just love? Here we are to save the day ~

Yet again, we have another menstrual cup review for you to peruse in your quest to find the ideal, “goldilocks” of menstrual cups that you just won’t be able to live without- The Luna Cup menstrual cup.

The Luna Cup is a Mexican based menstrual cup that is a cross between the popular Divacup, and the Naturcup. It’s a longer silicone-formed menstrual cup, with a solid ball stem, that has a sleek design that is- oh so the panache’ of menstrual cups. So will the Luna Cup menstrual cup send you over the moon and bring you harmony during your period? Read further to find out if this is the ultimate menstrual cup that you have been waiting for…



Lunacup Sizes, Specs, and Options

The Luna Cup comes with instructions, a nice bright draw-string pouch, and the single Luna Cup, menstrual cup- that is an elongated design with a solid ball stem.

The Luna Cup is also a menstrual cup that includes measuring lines to provide you a gage to customize and monitor your flow. It is also available in one “clear” cup hue, but it does have size differentiations to provide with a custom fit and menstrual cup experience (M- small, G- large.)


Sizes in the Luna Cup

M- Small Luna Cup Size:

The small Luna Cup, menstrual cup is a M model that is catered to women who experience a light/medium flow, for a woman who is under the age of 35, high-fitness tolerance, and THAS HAS NOT had a child vaginally or for a woman who has a low cervix.

  • Capacity- 16 ml
  • Diameter- 45 mm
  • Length- 65 mm.



G- Large Luna Cup Size:

The large Luna Cup, menstrual cup is an G model that is catered to women who experience a medium/heavy flow, for a woman who is over the age of 35 and THAT HAS HAD a child vaginally, previously, not so active in sports, and for women who may have a high cervix.

  • Capacity- 20 ml
  • Diameter-50 mm
  • Length-70 mm.




The official Luna Cup website is in Spanish language, however you can translate it through Google translate to any language and find your size by using their sizing tool.



Luna Cup, Menstrual Cup Special Features

The Luna Cup menstrual cup has been available since 2004, and it has many features and attributes that have allowed it to reign in the market and become a mainstream item all over the globe. Although, Mexico-based the Luna Cup is available for purchase through a wide-spread number of International vendors. It is FDA APPROVED and also boasts the highly accredited- Certified to GMP standard and ISO 13485.

  • Ball stem- popular but scarce in the market of menstrual cups
  • Boasts a shelf-life of 5 years
  • Initial low price, competitive, and affordable
  • ISO, GMP certified medical-grade silicone based- no allergies, or skin sensitivities
  • Elongated design women like slim fit, squishy, firm rim
  • Measuring lines for monitoring and customizing experience
  • 2 sizes, average capacity to accommodate any woman’s needs
  • Bright, aesthetically appealing storage pouch (very feminine)




Lunacup Pros

The Luna Cup boasts many special benefits to the consumer, here are a few of the most notable pros of the Luna Cup, menstrual cup mentioned in reviews and customer testimonials-

Ball stem is rare but make it extremely demanded for easy grip removal – Consumers who have bought this menstrual cup, really gravitate and remark on the ball stem that makes it so easy to remove and grasp.
Comfortable to wear because of its elongated design – This cup is long but slender, many women who have a long cervix really like it because it is a well-suited cup narrow, but long. It is comfy and provides the best protection.
Very sleek look, good silicone, design in remarkable – This cups little features, measuring lines and etched in flourishes make the cup very aesthetically pleasing. The silicone is not too firm and not too soft and the cup rim is not as bold and cumbersome as the Divacup.
Very comparable to the popular Divacup in firmness/softness, design, quality and use – In so many Luna Cup reviews, females have used the Divacup to compare it with. Those who are gurus on menstrual cups state that this cup is almost identical to the Divacup except for a few tiny features it lacks.


Lunacup Cons

Ball stem can be a deal-breaker for some – For women with a shorter cervix this menstrual cup can protrude and the ball stem can be poky. This is only remarks from women who need a shorter length cup with a tab stem that can be trimmed to accommodate the shortness of their vagina and low setting cervix.



LunaCup Customer Remarks and Reviews


Online Video Reviews:




LunaCup Menstrual Cup FAQS

We have taken the time to address some of the frequently asked questions that potential customers of the Luna Cup may have when considering purchasing this Mexican made and originated menstrual cup.
How long of a shelf-life does the Luna Cup have?

The Luna Cup will last on average for up to 5 years without needing to be replaced. However sometimes damage and wear and tear can affect the shelf-life of your cup. Some variations may apply- but if you take very good care of your cup- it will last more than 5 years time.

Is the small size (M) in the Lunacup good for me if I have a very heavy flow?

Different size cups work differently for every woman. You should use the large cup if you experience a heavy flow (but the facts of physical fitness level, age, maturity, child birth status, and other things should be taken into account for the best fit and protection.

Can I still wear the Luna Cup while having sex?

No. The Luna Cup is not a menstrual cup that should be worn while partaking in penetrative sexual activity.

Can the stem on the Luna Cup be trimmed down for size?

The Luna Cup features a ball stem that cannot be trimmed down. If you trimmed it, it could permanently damage your menstrual cup.

Should I use the Luna Cup if I currently have a yeast infection?

If you are experiencing any type of irritation or vaginal infection- it is not advised that you wear or use the Luna Cup. You should consult with your physician with any concerns if this is the circumstance.




Luna Cup Company Profile

The Luna Cup was established somewhere in 2013. It has a little presence on the market and is one of the best competitive brands of menstrual cups made in Mexico such as the Naturcup. The company is one of great viability and is strictly focused on the manufacturing, distribution, and retail sell of the Luna Cup menstrual cup as a single product.

The Luna Cup is a high-quality menstrual cup that is of the best grade of tested medical-safe silicone. They offer their menstrual cup all over the world, and also are beginning to develop a more substantial place on the best menstrual cup brands market.



LunaCup Menstrual Cups: Bottom Line

The Luna Cup is a great menstrual cup, with very pretty decorations of flourishes and subtle etching on the cup. Many consumers like the ball-stem feature of this menstrual cup best- and recommend it to women who need a slender but lengthy menstrual cup fit.

The Luna Cup is reasonably priced and equal in comparison of quality and design to the very popular American-based Diva cup. If you are into ball stems, and need a long slender menstrual cup with a medium ratio of softness and that is of great quality- you should really considering trying this cup out!




Luna Cup Menstrual Cup: Where to Buy

The Luna Cup is sold all over online and off, you can often find this menstrual cup with a free worldwide shipping incentive. Be sure to check out the sources listed below which sell the Luna Cup menstrual cup.


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    Pretty good, although it’s almost too long for my body. The only real disappointment was I didn’t get the pink pouch, but a black zip up one that looked like a miniature gym bag.

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    The best way to live my periods

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