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Love Stone was created by a woman named Anja who lives in Boulder, Colorado and was interested in getting in touch with her feminine side. “These beautiful crystals are shortcuts to realizing – All you need is already within you,” she writes on the Love Stone website.

Love Stone Yoni Eggs are GIA certified to prove the stone’s authenticity.



  • Drilled and Undrilled Yoni Eggs are available
  • All sizes are available
    Small, Medium and Large


Love Stone’s Yoni Eggs:

1. Nephrite Jade “The Queen” Yoni Egg

This yoni egg is perfect for daily use and practice and is an excellent material for yoni egg newbies. Nephrite jade is still held as a sacred stone in China. It brings purity and blessings to the wearer. The Nephrite Jade Queen Yoni Egg comes with a signature carrying pouch and instructional booklet. It is GIA certified as all natural Jade.



2. Rose Quartz “Love” Yoni Egg

This pretty yoni egg attracts love of all kinds, especially for the self if the wearer needs to learn to treat themselves more kindly. Made of the highest grade all natural rose quartz, this delicately colored pink crystal brings feelings of calm, too.



3. Black Obsidian “Mystique” Yoni Egg

The black obsidian yoni egg is made from volcanic glass and imparts a feeling of groundedness and strength. It’s also known as the Stone of Truth and can bring hidden thoughts to the surface.



4. “Siberian Jade Egg” Forest Nymph

This yoni egg has all the properties of Chinese jade but holds a beautiful blue-green color. This egg is hand-crafted by a master carver in Russia.



5. White Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg “Northern Star”

This exquisite white jade yoni egg is a must-have for collectors of semi-precious stones. This Siberian white jade is hand crafted in Russia and connects you with higher energies. This durable material can last a lifetime if cared for properly.



6. Green Aventurine “Lucky” Yoni Egg

This yoni egg is made from the luckiest material: green aventurine. It also balances male-female energy, bringing harmony to interpersonal relationships. This is the gemstone of choice for women looking to conceive.



Customer Reviews

This company has superb ratings. Customers are happy with the quality of the gemstones used to make the yoni eggs, the quality of the packaging and the fast delivery.


So Where Can You Buy it?

We do not sell Love Stone Yoni Eggs, only review them. Love Stone Yoni Eggs can be purchased online discreetly and securely at:

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  1. The yoni eggs are fabulous. But PLEASE read all info carefully. The fine print. I spent $100 on the ceres secret wand only to discover after purchasing it that it is a contraindication for me due to an issue that I have. So that was a wasted hundred dollars and they did not very prominently post the contraindications. This type of info should be very prominent. So read carefully folks.

  2. Overall Score

    I think they have the best quality jade eggs, cute packaging and the shipping was also really fast. Came with detailed instructions.

    + PROS: Very high quality, fast shipping, comes with user guide
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  3. Overall Score

    Utterly dismayed that although I asked for plain packaging, it came prominently labelled. Absolutely mortified. Do not buy from this seller if discretion is important.

    + PROS: Arrived promptly as ordered.
    - CONS: Total lack of discretion.
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  4. Overall Score

    They have the best quality jade eggs, I recommend all my girlfriends and clients to buy them here.

    + PROS: beautiful color, good quality, nicely packaged, received it fast
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    • Absolutely gorgeous! I purchased a set of 3 different stones and all 3 are amazing quality. Came in a beautiful gift box too. Couldnt be happier with my purchase! In response to a previous reviewer – the package came looking pretty discreet to me. The only giveaway is on a shipping label the address field has “lovestone” as a shipping company, but to me that sounds like a jewelry company unless you know exactly what that is.

  5. I purchased a black obsidian and a rose quartz from Love Stone. Both stones were shipped in a beauty gift box and came with additional literature regarding using the eggs. My order was shipped and received rarely quick. Excellent service!!

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