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For years the menstrual cup has be unrequited and not been given due attention. However, most recently more and more menstrual cup brands are surfacing. As menstrual cups become widely available to women all over the world, women appear to be switching from their normal feminine hygiene methods to the menstrual cup.

The LolaCup was developed by two advocators of the menstrual cup who live in the Canary Islands.

They in their mission to alert and educate the world on the benefits of menstrual cups in comparison to other period products like tampons and bulky sanitary napkins yielded birth to their signature light pink LolaCup.









LolaCup: Specs

The LolaCup is made of medical-grade silicone, it is BPA free, FDA approved and USA manufactured. It is offered in single packs of (two) and is only made in the light satin pink shade.

It is offered in two sizes for your convenience and personal needs. It has 4 holes in the rim, and a short stick stem. When you purchase it on Amazon (U.K. or U.S.) you will get the following items in the package:

  • 2 LolaCups in satin pink (in size of your choice)
  • 1 Carrying or storage pouch
  • Instructions for use and care



Sizes of the LolaCup

The LolaCup is available in 2 different size choices for your unique situation:

Size 1 (Small):

For those who haven’t ever given birth vaginally and who experience light to medium flow. For teens, virgins, and women in their early 20’s.

  • Diameter – The cup measures 41mm in diameter
  • Cup Total Length – 69mm
  • Stem Length –  10mm (thin stick stem)
  • Cup Length (without stem) – 59mm
  • Capacity (to Airholes) is 23.5 ML
  • Capacity Rim is 27.0 ML


Size 2 (Large):

For those who have experienced a vaginal birth and who are more mature sexually and in age. Also is recommended for women who have medium to heavy periods.

  • Diameter – The cup measures 46mm in diameter
  • Cup Total Length – 76mm
  • Stem Length –  10mm (thin stick stem)
  • Cup Length (without stem) – 66mm
  • Capacity (to Airholes) is 27.0 ML
  • Capacity Rim is 32.5 ML




LolaCup: Features and Attributes

According to reviews given by consumers on the LolaCup there are many features and attributes to like about it including:

  • That it is offered in a dual pack so you have one to use and a spare
  • The Lolacup has surprisingly received all 4-5 star ratings on Amazon
  • The Lolacup is manufactured and made in the USA
  • Has rather large capacity for both sizes to accommodate all flows
  • Is BPA Free, Medical Grade Silcone, FDA Approved
  • Is Offered in a Lovely Satin Pink Color (More feminine)
  • Is Available in 2 easy sizes to choose from



LolaCup Pros

When we took a long, hard look at the reviews that were provided on the LolaCup from buyers and users of this menstrual cup, we discovered that most found the following best benefits or Pros from this specific brand of menstrual cup:

Is a great cup for someone who experiences painful periods or have conditions which cause them to have sensitivities to tampons
Cup is easy to insert and also to remove as well as empty
You get 2 cups for a very decent price
The carrying pouch for storage is a nice touch to keep it discreet and portable
Instructions included with the cups are easy to understand & follow
Stem is simple to trim and customize


LolaCup Cons

It was very difficult to find many cons about the Lolacup as all reviewers on Amazon either rated it with 4 or 5 stars. For those who rated it 4 stars, they noted the following points that were slightly negative about this menstrual cup:

The cup has to be boiled before its first use
Can occasionally be difficult to insert or remove (learning curve required for some)



What LolaCup Customers Say

To give you a clear perspective of the unique reviews that were provided by buyers of the LolaCup we have chosen a few to show you below:

“This was my first time using a menstrual cup. I was a little apprehensive about using a cup since I have endometriosis as well as lichen sclerosis. This means my period wrecks havoc on my body every month. I was worried that my flow would be too heavy and the latex would irritate my skin. I was worried for nothing. The cup held my heavy flow even more so than a tampon would and the cup prevented the normal flare up of the lichen sclerosis and didnt irritate my skin. The cup was easy to insert and empty. Love the amount of money I will save on tampons and pads.” (Billie Morar, Amazon, Rating given: 5 stars)

“I’ve been using a menstrual cup for over 5 years. The LolaCup is an excellent product. It’s made a silicone and you get two cups, not just one. They also provide a carrying bag which is great for storage or keeping a cup in your purse, just in case.” (Debbie in Memphis, Amazon, Rating given: 5 stars)

“I have been very impressed with this well priced cup. I am new to cups, although not new to reusable menstrual products. Fortunately this cup came with very easy to understand and thorough instructions. The stem is easy to trim, if needed. I am a big believer in reusable menstrual products. What a great way for women to get back in touch with their own bodies without adding all the chemicals that disposable products bring. I pay close attention to what I put in my body, during any time of the month. This Lola Cup passes inspection. I definitely give this 5.” stars! Thanks so much for a great product! I received the product at a discount or for free in exchange for my HONEST opinion.” (Angelemie, Amazon, Rating given: 5 stars)




LolaCup FAQS

We understand that every woman may have certain questions that they seek answers to in regards to a menstrual cup product, and to oblige you here is a list of FAQS regarding the LolaCup:
Can the stem of the LolaCup actually be trimmed safely?

Yes. Although the stem of the LolaCup is relatively short already- for some women they like to customize the fit even more by trimming it. You can safely trim the stem of the Lolacup but you must be careful not to perforate the bell.

How often should the LolaCup be emptied?

Depending on your flow intensity and the size of your cup, you can expect to empty the cup anywhere from 8-12 hours between uses.

How should I store the Lolacup in-between my periods?

The LolaCup comes with a handy-dandy storage pouch that is portable and discreet, you should always store your LolaCup in a cool, dry, place for best results.

Why does the Lolacup come with two cups instead of the option of purchasing only one?

As a uniqueness the LolaCup is only offered in dual cup packs, because it is cost effective and also nice for any woman to have two cups to alternate with.

Can I participate in intense physical activities when wearing a LolaCup?

Yes. You can be as active as you want to be while being protected from leak and accidents and without experiencing any discomfort.

How do I sterilize the LolaCup, menstrual cup between uses?

The LolaCup website recommends that you boil the cup in water on the stove for no more than 5 minutes.

Can I wear and Use the Lolacup right after giving birth?

No. If you have not reached the 6-8 week mark after having a baby then it is not recommended that you wear or insert anything into the vagina.




LolaCup Company Info

The LolaCup was innovated by two women in the Canary Islands. Once they envisioned a menstrual cup that was designed with comfort and affordability in mind they employed a manufacturer in the USA to make & distribute them. Now hundreds of thousands of the LolaCup, menstrual cup have been sold to women in America and the United Kingdom. The LolaCup continues to make strides in presenting a viable women’s health product to the market.



Final Recommendation

The LolaCup is a nice menstrual cup option. In a market flooded with all sorts of menstrual cup types and brands, the LolaCup upstands many of the most popular cups available today.

According to buyer LolaCup reviews this menstrual cup carries very little adversities as it was rated with only 4-5 stars and nothing lower. This seems to speak volumes about this relatively new menstrual cup brand available through the Amazon Marketplace.



Where to Buy The LolaCup Menstrual Cup


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    Tj June 24, 2017 at 5:06 pm
    Overall Score

    I’m pretty generous with my stars and this is no exception. This brand comes in a package of two which I don’t understand. They are supposed to be different sizes but mine were the same size.
    It’s good they are cheap because the smell after just wearing for a short time was atrocious. It didn’t even smell like normal menstrual blood, but some sort of rotten cabbage left out in the hot sun for a week. The cup was extremely comfortable to wear, and opened up easy enough, but the smell pretty much negated all the positives. I cleaned mine up and got rid of it almost immediately.

    The smell really does set this cup apart. And not in a good way.

    + PROS: Comfortable Cheap
    - CONS: Smell
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