Lady J Full Review – Is it Worth a Go?




The LadyJ is made from “unbreakable” plastic and has to be used with the Little John portable urinal (Click to Enter!). The Little John typically sells for $14.99 and is a collection device that’s designed to be used by men. It looks a lot like an ergonomically designed, opaque plastic bottle. When you add the LadyJ, women can use it too.




User Feedback

A few users complain that this item cracked shortly after they received it, which is strange since the manufacturer describes it as being made from “unbreakable plastic.” Many other customers said it works just fine and the plastic is actually more flexible than they expected.


Pros vs. Cons


  • Let’s men and women use the same Little John portable urinal
  • Portable urinal is reusable


  • Has to be used with the Little John


About the Company

The Lady J is made by a company called BioRelief that is based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Final Say: Is it Worth a Go?

This item is probably best for use by boaters and campers. Together with the Little John, it’s too bulky to carry around in a purse for events like music festivals or everyday use. Otherwise, if you’re looking or a collection device, this is one of the few that has a reusable collection area instead of one that you throw away after use.


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