The Keeper & MoonCup ® Menstrual Cups Review: Will They Make You Glad You Used Them?

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Keeper & Moon Cup (US) Sizes and Models

The Keeper & Moon Cup (US) is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in USA. It is made of rubber and comes in 4 different sizes/models:
Keeper & Moon Cup (US)
Small (B)
45 mm
79 mm
54 mm
25 mm
21 ml
25 ml
4.5 /5
4 /5
4 /5
Keeper & Moon Cup (US)
Small (B)
45 mm
79 mm
54 mm
25 mm
21 ml
25 ml
4.5 /5
4 /5
4 /5
Keeper & Moon Cup (US)
Large (A)
46 mm
79 mm
54 mm
25 mm
25 ml
29 ml
4.5 /5
4 /5
4 /5
Keeper & Moon Cup (US)
Large (A)
46 mm
79 mm
54 mm
25 mm
25 ml
29 ml
4.5 /5
4 /5
4 /5
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Back before the development of modern feminine hygiene products such as sanitary napkins and tampons, rags were a woman’s only option for collecting menstrual fluid. This also birthed the cliché of a woman “being on the rag” which is often used today to define when a woman is experiencing her period.

Keeper produces many products, but our focus in this review will be on their menstrual cups selection which are all highly acclaimed menstrual cups according to hundreds of online reviews. The Menstrual Cup is a soft device that is inserted into a woman’s vagina to capture (not absorb) menstrual fluid. In lieu of other feminine hygiene options for menstruation, the menstrual cup offers a variety of benefits that tampons and pads do not offer.




Keeper Menstrual Cup Models:

Keeper offers an ample selection of menstrual cups to suit anyone’s “period” requirements. From rubber and medical-grade silicone menstrual cups sold singularly to complete kits- all of these menstrual cups provide the user with a Gladrag menstrual cup solution that is perfect for their unique feminine needs.

  1. Moon Cup: Made in USA, Medical-Grade Silicone-Based
    (Offered in Two Sizes (A and B). A > B)
  2. The Keeper: Rubber-Based Menstrual Cup
    (Offered in Two Sizes (A and B). A > B)


1. Moon Cup Model (by Keeper)

The Moon Cup, Menstrual Cup by Keeper is the most popular out of them all. It is made with a medical grade silicone and manufactured in the USA.

It is also available in two sizes and is designed to be used with ease, worn comfortably, and to supply an ultimate amount of leakage protection.

After perusing many reviews on the Mooncup, we found that female consumers who lead a very active lifestyle find the Moon Cup to be essentially key in providing them the best protection on the go, during movement, and for durability.

“I highly recommend the Mooncup for anyone doing aggressive athletic sports. Although, I also recommend it for anyone. Ever. It has made a huge difference every month and I feel free to live my normal life.” (


2. The Keeper CuP MOdel (By Keeper)

The Keeper Cup, Menstrual Cup by Keeper is the only single menstrual cup produced by Keeper that is rubber-based.

It is also the first original menstrual cup that Keeper debuted in 1989. It is made to be more durable than the silicone based, Lunette and Moon Cup- but is not recommended to anyone who may have an allergy to latex. It also comes in two sizes (A is the larger one. B is the smaller one) for your convenience.

The Keeper has the same price as the Moon Cup.

*One of the cons to using ‘The Keeper’ is that it contains mall holes at the base of the rim that can be a chore to clean. So anyone that uses it has to make certain that these holes do not get clogged up.





Choosing The Right Model & Size

“Size A or Size B?”. Selecting the right Keeper menstrual cup model and size is essential for you to reap the most benefits from the menstrual cup. If you select the wrong size or model, it could affect the comfort level of wearing it, provide less protection from leakage, and make it more difficult to use.

To assure you that you get the best experience from the menstrual cups that Keeper offers, you absolutely need to choose the right size & model.

You can use the following table as a general guideline to help you select the best size for your unique body needs.


Light Flow

Heavy Flow

Virgin Smaller size Smaller size
Teenager Smaller size Smaller or Larger
Young woman pre-baby Smaller size Smaller size
Young woman post-baby Smaller or Larger Larger size
Adult woman pre-baby Smaller or Larger Larger size
Adult women post-baby Smaller or Larger Larger size
Short Vagina Smaller size Smaller size
Active in sports Smaller size Smaller size


Keeper Menstrual Cup Folds


Keeper Menstrual Cup 101


Complete Kits:

  1. Moon Cup Kit: Moon Cup & Case, 5 Panty Liners & Pouch, Wash, Laundry Bag
  2. Moon Cup Kit Plus: Moon Cup & Case, 5 Panty Liners PLUS & Pouch, Wash, Laundry Bag

1. Moon Cup Kit

The Keeper Company sells their popular Moon Cup, menstrual cup in a value kit that allows the consumer to save money while benefiting from a bundle of assorted Keeper products. It retails for $85.00.

  • The Original Moon Cup (Two Sizes to Choose From)
  • Cotton Carry Pouch (Assorted Colors)
  • 5 Cloth Keeper Panty-liners
  • 1 Keeper Carry Bag
  • 1 Mesh Laundry Bag
  • 1 Mini Size Ruby’s Wash


2. Moon Cup Kit PLUS

The Moon Cup Kit PLUS is also a large value deal which consists of a kit of exceptional Keeper products that make “period protection” a joy. It includes the same products as the Moon Cup Kit, but comes with 5 Cloth PLUS Panty Liners. It retails for $90.00.

  • The Original Moon Cup (Two Sizes to Choose From)
  • Cotton Carry Pouch (Assorted Colors)
  • 5 Cloth Keeper Panty-liners PLUS
  • 1 Keeper Carry Bag
  • 1 Mesh Laundry Bag
  • 1 Mini Size Ruby’s Wash



Keeper Quality Menstrual Cups Features

There are many advantages to using a Keeper brand menstrual cup:

  • They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and models.
  • Manufactured by a reputable company (in business over 20 years.)
  • 90% ranking with 5 star reviews by customers.
  • Safer than tampons with a zero toxic shock syndrome rating
  • Highly praised for ease of use (insertion and removal)
  • Easy to Care for
  • Known for Extreme Durablity (Lasts 1-5 years depending on model)



Keeper Cups Benefits for Women

Keeps balance in your natural vaginal PH which causes no irritation or discomfort (rubber and silicone.)
Have been made and trusted by women for 22 years +
The bells of the Keeper Menstrual Cups allow for easier removal and insertion overall in comparison to other menstrual cup products.
The large variety of kits and menstrual cups make it easy to select one that is perfectly suited for you
Very comfortable for those who lead an active lifestyle and who participate in sports
They are durable and well made to last


Down-Side to the Keeper Cups

Steep learning curve to get how to use it so it does not spring leaks
The menstrual cups themselves have a very pungent plastic smell
If it is pinched with water in it no matter if you have placed it perfect, it will leak
Both sizes still do not hold much menstrual fluid- it makes it inefficient for those women who have really heavy flows.


Frequently Asked Questions

“What is Involved in the Process of Cleaning Your Keeper Menstrual Cups?”

As with any reusable menstrual cup, Keeper require regular cleaning and care. It is very simple to clean your Keeper. Keeper menstrual cups can be regularly cleaned with a non-toxic, non-abrasive, gentle soap most easily and discreetly between uses.

“Are Keeper Cups comfortable to wear?”

Women actually prefer menstrual cups in comparison to tampons because they are very comfortable to wear. Most newbies of Keeper cups claim that they actually do not even realize that they are in there.

“Is insertion and removal easy with Keeper brand menstrual cups?”

Keeper cups are shaped very conveniently and have a little tip or handle that make them a breeze to insert and remove seamlessly. As with all menstrual cups it take a little practice to get it down, however you will learn the curves of your body so you understand the ideal placement for them to provide you wit the best protection and comfort possible.

“Are Keeper Cups Safe to Wear and Use?”

Keeper are extremely safe to wear. There has never been one single report of anyone having any adverse reactions to using a Keeper brand menstrual cup product. In addition, in the more than 20 years since they were established no one has had any incidence of toxic shock syndrome. It is to be noted that the Keeper model of the menstrual cup should not be used if someone has a known allergy latex or rubber.

“Which Keeper product is best?”

All Keeper menstrual cups have certain qualities that may appeal more to some than others. You can select and choose the product that you think may be best based on the price, material, model, and what it offers you. (Please go over our section of “Choosing The Right Model & Size“).


About Keeper Company

Keeper was established in 1993 and was founded to bring a positive light to menstruation by producing and selling a variety of quality feminine hygiene products that would be safe, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. Their products range from cloth panty-liners, cloth sanitary pads, menstrual cups, value kits, and other miscellaneous items that provide an array of solutions for the modern day woman’s great benefit.

Gladrag products are sold world-wide and manufactured in Portland, Oregon. The Keeper company has been serving women for nearly two decades and has received an unprecedented amount of attention for manufacturing high-quality products, and is especially renowned for delivering complete product satisfaction to women who want to break the negative stigma that is associated with menstruation.



Keeper Menstrual Cups: Bottom Line

We noticed that Keeper are very popular, and that some choose them over other brands like the Divacup because they appear easier to remove and insert. Another plus is that Keeper offers women a variety of cups in makes, colors sizes and kits which allow more choices for a person in regards to accommodating their preferences and tastes.

If you are looking for an economically and environmentally smart alternative to tampons, and are not finding the quality period protection you need from other brands of menstrual cups and feminine hygiene products, Keeper menstrual cups could be exactly what you need. Many consumers have discovered Keeper menstrual cups to be the perfect product for providing them the freedom that other products have failed to provide them with.


Where to Buy Keeper Menstrual Cup Products

We do not sell Keeper products, only review them. Keeper are sold all over, and can be discreetly purchased at your convenience online from a variety of retailers (at the top of this page).

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  1. Overall Score

    I love my Moon cup. I wish I found it sooner! It took a while to get used to it, but it is so much better than those tampons!

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  2. Overall Score

    I bought my first keeper cup well over ten years ago and used it every period! It was a revelation! Though not for the squeamish, menstrual cups are so much more efficient, economical and ecological. Eventually, the rubber of my keep cup began to perish and was no longer smooth. I tried the Diva cup (which is more readily available in Canada) but it is longer and was never comfortable. Thanks to your great website I was able to find the original keeper again and look forward to many more years of worry free periods.

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  3. Well they have my full support!

    I have recently become aware of the waste produced by humans, myself included and began adopting a lifestyle that produces less waste, especially plastic. One essential item I couldn’t imagine going without was a tampon, but then I found an alternative; the mooncup.

    I’ll be honest; I just bought a cheap ebay imitation for $1 because $35 is too much for a piece of rubber, but it still functions exactly the same. I was prepared for the discomfort and weirdness of scrunching up a piece of rubber and shoving it into my vagina, and it went quite well. No leaks, but could definitely feel it when sitting down. Not painful, just enough to remember it was still there.

    I will definitely continue to use this product 🙂

  4. Overall Score

    I used to use the diva cup, but after having my first child, I decided to give the Keeper a try. I have found it to be just as comfortable and easy to put in and take out. I also like how it is not made out of silicone, but rather rubber, so that it will last longer and won’t stain. I really hated the discolouration my diva cup got. It also smelled terrible, but now with the Keeper, I haven’t noticed any odour! I would recommend this over the Divacup!

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  5. Overall Score

    Got this about a year ago, have been using it smoothly ever since. I’m a swimmer and have never had any problems with leakage during my period. The only down side to this menstrual cup is that it is a bit more stiff than others so it takes a bit more time to get used to.

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  6. Reply
    Disappointed Customer May 20, 2015 at 6:11 pm
    Overall Score

    After reading so many excellent reviews, I decided to purchase the Moon Cup® from The Keeper Inc. I completed my first order on May 1,2015, but when I logged in to my account the following day my order was “On Hold.” Figured this was probably because I had just placed the order and they needed a few days to get it out or their warehouse/shop/whatever. After more than 5 days of my order being “on hold”, I sent an email to the company asking if this was a normal wait time, could I get an ETA. No answer.

    On May 8th when I logged in, my order had suddenly disappeared. I figured there might have been a glitch, and there was no charge on my credit card, so I ordered AGAIN. This time I got an “order received” email, and almost immediately my order was “on hold” again. I sent another email asking about my order, again, NO RESPONSE.

    Logged in to my account today (May 19th) and again, my order (now the 2nd) has disappeared completely from the system (even though both orders had “order #s” assigned to them, they are gone.)

    Let me add that at this point, I had to resort back to tampons and pads for the month, as my first Moon Cup order (on May 1st) was going to be used this month.

    Sent a THIRD email to the company today, again, no response (it’s been 3+ hrs). Wrote a comment on their Facebook page:
    listing my issue and vocalizing my disappointment in their lack of communication. Just went back to their fb page and noticed that my comment had been deleted … soooo let me get this straight, they have time to post to fb (which they did yesterday), update their blog, read and delete my comment, but still no response to my emails??

    Here’s a little tip for all you businesses out there who have social media accounts: DON’T delete customer comments!!! Unless they are racist, or extremely offensive and profanity-laden, leave them be. Deleting comments is like sweeping dirt under a rug. You haven’t fixed the problem, just hidden it from plain sight. Not a very good policy for retaining customers…. You’re better off handling the situation out in the open, as professionally as you can. If they’d done that, there would be no issue now.

    So after 3 (since deleted) Facebook posts, and 4 tweets, I FINALLY received a response, to my third email I might add, so they were in fact receiving my emails in their system.

    No apology, not even a greeting, just one line saying that they “could not find an order under my name in their system”. Well DUH Sherlock, that’s what all of my emails have been about, if you’d bothered to read and answer them!

    So I responded this morning with screen shots (and order #s) of all my emails explaining the situation. Received ANOTHER one-line email (again, no greeting) stating that it “must be a glitch in the system and they are looking into it. I should order from their distributors in the meantime.”

    No apologies, no desire to rectify the situation with me.VERY poor customer service.
    For a company that claims to be “for women,” they certainly don’t treat them very well.

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