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Juju Cup Sizes and Models

The Juju Cup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in Australia. It is made of Silicon and comes in 4 different sizes/models:
Juju Cup
Low Cervix
48 mm
50 mm
40 mm
10 mm
23 ml
30 ml
3 /5
3.5 /5
3.5 /5
Juju Cup
40 mm
65 mm
46 mm
19 mm
16 ml
23 ml
3.5 /5
3.5 /5
3.5 /5
Juju Cup
46 mm
69 mm
50 mm
19 mm
25 ml
30 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
Juju Cup
High Cervix
40 mm
78 mm
58 mm
20 mm
22 ml
27 ml
3.5 /5
3 /5
3 /5
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Description Videos and User Reviews

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The Freedom Products, Juju menstrual cup has not reached International fame-dom yet, but it is making leaps and bounds in establishing a name for itself as a great menstrual cup product.

The Juju menstrual cup received approval to be sold in Australia in 2011, and with only being a start-up menstrual cup brand it boasts a number of features that have impressed female consumers.









Juju Cup Specs and Sizes

The Juju menstrual cup is a cup that is conformed from bio-compatible silicone is offered in a single translucent color, 2 sizes (for women before and after vaginal child birth), and contains a stem base.

It is very similar to many other menstrual cups in its features, although it is a unique brand that many women have come to rely on for providing them comfortable and reliable menstrual protection.



Model 1 (small)

For women who have not had a child vaginally.






Model 2 (large)

For women who have already had a child vaginally.









Color Pouches:

The Juju Menstrual cup company offers their pretty satin pouches for sell individually in green, purple, and blue- but a single purchase of a Juju menstrual cup will typically come with one pouch in a color of your choice.



Juju Menstrual Cup Features, Facts and Attributes

Here are a few of the features and attributes that stand out about the Juju menstrual cup:

  • Boasts a 10 year life-span
  • JuJu is an Australian Registered Therapeutic Good 
  • Features an ultra-smooth and sleek design
  • Butterflies etched in the cup to symbolize “freedom”
  • The stem on the Juju Menstrual Cup can be trimmed to customize the fit
  • Contains no latex, BPA’S, or harmful dyes that can cause irritation
  • Product Manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use, comfortable to wear, and provides reliable leakage protection
  • The Juju Website lists detailed user and product information for customers


Juju Pros

Packaged profoundly and femininely – boxes open up like a flower- Of all the reviews that I read almost every single one of them mentions the way that the Juju cup is profoundly presented when opened. It is a nice touch by the Juju company to add this feminine aesthetic touch to their feminine product.
Not too soft, not to firm – ideal firmness for opening easily- Users and reviewers of the Juju menstrual cup, state that the Juju cup is almost ideally firm for perfect use of insertion and opening correctly.
Initiates no bladder irritation or urge to urinate more frequently – Many women complain with other brands of menstrual cups that they cause irritation and put pressure to the bladder when worn. Juju customers remark that after using other brands of menstrual cups- that they find the Juju most comfortable for not causing any issues with urination.
Removing is a breeze – a pinch and a twist and its out- A lot of Juju customers have said that the Juju is very easy to remove, all you do is pinch, twist, and pull.
Can be worn safely for protection during the most strenuous activities – One of the reviews I read was by a woman who is a weight-trainer that works out strenuously almost every day. She emphasized that that was her ultimate test for the Juju cup, and that the Juju passed with flying colors unlike other menstrual cups she had used before- no leaks or discomfort.


Juju Cons

Price is a Little Steep – In comparison to other menstrual cups sold, the price typically ranges and retails for $42.00- $55.00 U.S. dollars. That’s a trite more than some of the other brands- however when considering its long-shelf life, the Australian economy, and its satisfaction guarantee- a few more dollars is certainly worth the investment into a great product. Plus if you shop around, you will find some fantastic incentives and discounts offered on the Juju cup that will make even less expensive of an initial monetary investment.


Juju Customer Reviews and Ratings

With the Juju cup being a newbie menstrual cup, there are not as many reviews and information on it available. However, there are many women who have already used the Juju cup that can’t say enough about their experience with it.



Juju FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

As with other products and menstrual cups, we are sure you have many questions you may need to have answered before making a choice on purchasing the Juju menstrual cup. Here are a few of the most common questions asked by consumers who like you, are interested in what the Juju menstrual cup has to offer them.
“Why aren’t Juju cups offered in color options?”

Juju has not expanded their product lines just yet. They do not offer colored cups for the moment, because they assure that their color-less cups are safe from toxic-dyes.

“Are both models of the Juju cup safe to be used during any activity?”

Yes, both the model sizes in the Juju cup can be safely worn for protection against leakage during all activities, sports, swimming, bathing, running, showering. However, the Juju cup cannot be worn during sexual intercourse.

“I suffer from many allergies, can I be allergic to the Juju cup?”

The Juju cup is hypo-allergenic (allergy-resistant) and made of medical-grade silicone that is biocompatible with intimate contact of skin and body. It should not cause any allergenic effects or reactions.

“Will the Juju cup increase my risk for getting toxic shock syndrome (TSS)?”

Because the Juju menstrual cup collects and does not absorb, you have no risk of getting toxic shock syndrome. However, TSS is highly associated with the use of tampons so by using the Juju you are making a safer decision.

“Wearing the Juju cup for me is uncomfortable, is this normal?”

The Juju cup is made to be very comfortable. Only a small 1% of all women who try menstrual cups report discomfort. If you are experiencing any discomfort with the Juju cup then you should, A.) Make certain you have the right size or try a smaller size, B.) Troubleshoot your insertion to make sure you are doing it properly.

“I am not sure what technique to use for inserting my Juju cup, can you help me?”

Try using the guide and instructions that came with the Juju cup or check out some of the videos listed on their site that demonstrates various folds to help you get the technique downà Folding Techniques.

The stem of the Juju cup is poking me and sticking out, is this normal?

Sometimes the stem or length of the Juju cup can be a bit long for women who have shorter cervices or shorter vaginal canals. The stem on the Juju can be trimmed to shorten the protrusion or discomfort.

“I have noticed the Juju cup turning yellower with use, is there something I can do about this?”

If you notice any stains with prolonged use of the Juju cup you can use rubbing alcohol to remove the stains.

“How long can I expect the Juju cup to last before replacement is required?”

The Juju menstrual cup will last on average about 10 years without needing to be replaced.

“Is the Juju menstrual cup dishwasher safe?”

No, you can clean your Juju cup with warm water, and gentle soap- BUT never place it in the dishwasher to clean as it will damage your Juju cup permanently.


Juju Company Profile

Freedom Products the manufacturer of the Juju menstrual cup, was established in 2008 by two female Australian natives named Katryna Dickinson and Brenda Tootell who made it their mission to produce a product that would help provide women with personal freedom and give them more reason to positively embrace menstruation.

After 3 long years of designing and developing the Juju cup, the company received approval to sell it by the (TGA) Therapeutic Goods of Australia onin 2011 and began selling the Juju cup. Since its debut, the Juju cup by Freedom Products in Australia has received awards for “2013 Wellbeing product of the year” and the 2014 Eco Parents, “Product of the Year.” Juju’s name-sake and core values represent the ability for all to heal the mind and body through doing good deeds- unselfishly.



Juju Menstrual Cup- Bottom Line

With the high volume of menstrual cups produced all over the world today, it is difficult to decipher through them all to find the best diamonds in the rough. There are a few new menstrual cup brands that have just entered the market that are catching up quick with some of the most sold menstrual cups to be manufactured- and the Australian originated Juju cup is one of these products.

Juju, the Australian made and owned menstrual cup is continually gaining momentum as it is earning more and more of a reputation for being a brilliant new menstrual aid product. The Juju cup is living proof that sometimes the best is yet to come.


Juju Menstrual Cup- Where to Buy

The Juju menstrual cup is not available in some countries, however it is sold all over the world via online vendors. You can purchase the Juju cup from the trusted sellers listed on the top of this page.

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  1. Overall Score

    I absolutely love this cup. I found other cups with the tab style stem irritated me. It’s very smooth and easy to clean. I can tell it’s good quality. I’m Australian so like that it is Australian made too as this further reduces my eco-footprint buying local.

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  2. Overall Score

    I’ve used other menstrual cups before, but after giving the Juju a shot, I’m sold on them. I have both a small and large cup, and while I don’t have children, I’ve found the large cup fits fine and is comfortable, and because I have a few pretty heavy days, it tends to not leak like the smaller cup can. Both sizes are very comfortable (vs. the stem on the Diva) and easy to insert. I’d definitely recommend the Juju to any friends thinking about trying out a menstrual cup.

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  3. Overall Score

    I love JuJu and recommend to all my friends! Gorgeous packaging, the cup has a great sleek design and clear instructions.

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