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They’ve Got Your Back, But What About the Front?

Intimate Portal period panties come from a company that sells a range of women’s undergarments including maternity wear and tights. The panties come in a selection of style and colors, but they all have the same feature of a waterproof layer sandwiched between layers of cotton.



How Do They Work?

Intimate Portal period panties have a waterproof lining from the gusset up to the waistline to guard against leaks. However, they don’t offer any absorbency and most of them must be worn with pads, tampons or menstrual cups. They have a few different products on offer:

  • Style 1: Jolly Bows Leak-Proof Period Panty – This is at the lower price range. It comes in a girlish bow-print pattern and is indeed recommended for girls who are new to their periods. It has a low waist and full lining in the back.Material: 95% cotton, 5% spandex
    Inner leak-proof lining:92% polyester, 8% nylon
    Colors: Cute red
    Estimated Price: $13.80 each
    Customer Reviews – These period panties are cute, but they run small. Customers say they “do what they’re supposed to do,” which is protect against leaks. One user described them as kind of like a swimsuit.
  • Style 2: Essentials High-Rise Leak Proof Sanitary Brief  – This menstrual panty is very similar to the Jolly Bows panty but has a higher waistline and comes in more basic colors like black, gray and purple. It’s made from a cotton fabric, and the waistband goes just above the navel. It doesn’t offer any leak protection in the front.Material: 95% cotton, 5% spandex
    Inner leak-proof lining:92% polyester, 8% nylon
    Colors: Black, iris, gray, beige, pink
    Estimated Price: $18.80 each
    Customer Reviews: Users report that not only do they run very small, but they shrank in the wash. Other users said they were happy with these panties and they fit just fine. Honestly, all of the five positive reviews looked so similar, it’s a possibility they might be fake reviews.
  • Style 3: Total Protection Leak Proof Sanitary Protective Brief
    This midrise menstrual underwear has a waistband that ends just at the navel. It has lacy embellishments and extra leak-proof coverage that extends to the front and the back. Like the other Intimate Portal period panties, it’s leak-proof only. It doesn’t offer any absorbing qualities, and the leak-proof panel is only in the back of these panties.Material: 95% cotton, 5% spandex
    Inner leak-proof lining:92% polyester, 8% nylon
    Colors: Black with lace, beige, heather gray, midnight blue
    Estimated Price: $15.90 each
    Customer Reviews: Customer say these provide protection against leaks and give them peace of mind during the night. This panty runs small. The fabric makes a slight swishing sound when you walk, and they can make you sweat from a lack of breathability. The reviews were so mixed for this panty it’s hard to tell if they’re any good or not. I’d say if you’re interested in them, they’re worth a try.
  • Style 4: Triple Protection Leak Proof Control Brief – This period underwear has three layers of protection and can be used on very light flow days on its own. However, for heavy flow days, additional protection such as a pad or menstrual cup is required. The waterproof layer is hidden between two soft cotton layers. These panties have a high waistband with control properties that helps to alleviate menstrual cramps.Material: 95% refined cotton, 5% spandex
    Inner leak-proof lining:100% polyester
    Colors: Black
    Estimated Price: $16.50 each
    Customer Reviews: Customers say these panties are comfortable; however, they don’t seem to protect very well against leaks. The waistband squeezes too much for some users’ comfort.
  • Style 5: Secret Agent Leak Proof Period Panties – This menstrual panty has a low-rise boy shorts style, front and back anti-leak protection and a small pocket in the front. The pocket is there for holding a little heat pack or even for storing an extra sanitary napkin on days you don’t want to carry a purse.

    Material: 95% refined cotton, 5% spandex
    Inner leak-proof lining:100% polyester
    Colors: Bubblegum
    Estimated Price: $14.98 for pack of 2
    Customer Reviews: According to one reviewer, these panties are useless because the middle of the panty isn’t leak-proof; however, the front and back of these panties do protect against leaks. These panties run small.


  • Style 6: Easywear Post-Surgical Leak Proof Protective Brief – This period panty is designed to be worn post-surgery or if you have limited mobility that involves difficulty with bending over to put on underwear. You can open it at the side and even at the gusset, and it has a leak-proof lining.

    Material: 95% refined cotton, 5% spandex
    Inner leak-proof lining:100% polyester
    Colors: Beige, pink
    Estimated Price: $10.98
    Customer Reviews: Customers with limited mobility love these panties. Excellent for use post-surgery.
    Also available here.

Additional Styles:

  •  Style 7: Cotton Leak Proof Protective Brief – These basic period panties must be worn with a pad, tampon or menstrual cup during your period. The leak-proof lining covers the crotch to the back waistline of these panties. There is no leak-proof protection in the front.

    Material: 95% refined cotton, 5% spandex
    Inner lining material: 100% polyester
    Colors: Basics
    Estimated Price: $18.90
    Customer Reviews: Order a size larger than your normal size. This seems to be the case with all of the Intimate Portal panties. The fabric of these panties makes a rustling sound when you move. Reviews complained about the lack of coverage in the front. The reviews are very mixed, which makes me think these panties may not be made with consistent quality. Some users said they protected great against leaks, other said they didn’t work at all. 


  • Style 8: Modal Cotton Leak Proof Sanitary Brief – These panties have a pretty lace waistband and leakproof coverage in the back and front of the panties. They don’t provide any absorbency so be sure to wear a pad, tampon or menstrual cup with these panties during your period.

    Material: 100% modal cotton, 5% spandex
    Inner lining material: 92% polyester, 8% nylon
    Colors: Charcoal Gray
    Estimated Price: $12.80
    Customer Reviews: Reviewers say that these panties protect against leaks as expected. The main complaint is the small sizing. Make sure to order at least one size bigger than your usual size


  • Style 9: Valerie Leak Proof Low Rise Sanitary Panty – This menstrual underwear has a low-rise cut and a pretty lace design on the front. The leak-proof panel gives you protection in the back, which is great for back sleepers. If you sleep laying on your stomach, these may not be the best choice for you.

    Material: 100% modal cotton, 5% spandex
    Inner lining material: 92% polyester, 8% nylon
    Colors: Stone gray, Pink, Sunshine
    Estimated Price: $9.98
    Customer Reviews: These panties have a low-rise cut, which means they provide less protection against leaks than the higher rise. Multiple customers complained about not having any leak-proof lining in the front of the panty because any leaks will come through the front and onto your clothes.



Special Features

  • All styles of Intimate Portal period panties have waterproof lining from the gusset to the waistband. However, most styles only have lining in the back while others have lining in both the front and back.
  • To care for your Intimate Portal panties, machine wash cold. Don’t tumble dry, bleach or iron them.
  • Most of the styles have a high-rise for maximum coverage.





Customer Feedback

All customers confirm that Intimate Portal period panties are indeed waterproof as they claim to be. Some other things to consider include:

  • The material feels like regular panties; not like swimsuit material or other spandex-type fabric.
  • The high waist provides for some tummy control.
  • They run small. Standard advice is to order two sizes bigger than your normal panty size.
  • The waterproof lining can sometimes make a crinkly sound.
  • This menstrual underwear doesn’t have much stretch to them, so they’re not as comfortable as they could be while sitting. Wearing them during sleep is fine, though.
  • Some women report that these panties retain a lot of heat.



About the Company

There’s not much information available about Intimate Portal, such as where they’re located, when they were founded and who is behind them besides a woman named Linda. Their website states that Intimate Portal was founded by a group of ordinary people that are passionate about helping women feel great from the inside out. In addition to period panties, they sell a range of women’s undergarments including bras and maternity wear.




The Bottom Line

I feel confident recommending this period underwear as a backup with a pad or tampon because most of the designs do seem to truly be waterproof in the crotch and back. They’re also fine to wear alone when you’re dealing with light spotting. However, if you’re a front sleeper or are otherwise concerned about leakage in the front, be sure to purchase the Total Protection Leak Proof Sanitary Protective Brief or the Secret Agent brief. Those are the styles that have a waterproof panel that extends from the gusset to the waistband in both the front and the back.



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