How to Locate Your Cervix – Easy Step by Step Guide

How to Locate Your Cervix

How to Locate Your Cervix
When to Check the Cervix

1. A couple of days before your period starts or a couple of days into your period. 

2. As well as again during the middle to the end of your period.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • Personal Lubricant specifically made for use inside of the vagina, if needed.


  1. To avoid infection, make sure to wash your hands with soap and hot water.
  2. Find a comfortable position. Squatting on the ground may provide a better reach.
  3. Insert your longest finger into the vagina. Aim your finger down and back towards your tailbone (not straight up).
  4. Locate your cervix. The cervix may feel soft like an earlobe or firm like the tip of your nose depending on whether or not you’re ovulating.


How Do You Know if You Have Reached Your Cervix? 

The cervix can feel softer like an earlobe or like pursed lips
(kissing lips). You may even be able to feel the dimple from the slight opening
that allows semen to enter into the uterus. Other times, the cervix may feel
more like the tip of a nose. The cervical opening will be closed and you might
not be able to feel a dimple at all.

Because we suggest measuring the height of your cervix sometime right before your period to a couple of days into your period, the cervix will feel more similar to the latter.

  1. I feel a whole on top of a water ballon like thing inane. (Sorry so detailed) I’m currently 36 weeks 5 days does this mean I’m dilated? Or should I put back further?

  2. Your video really nailed explanation on checking the cervix than any other videos have seen out there, thanks a lot, you rock.

  3. Thank for the video it has definitely shed some light on what to look for. Hopefully I can figure out why sometimes I don’t leak when using a cup and other times I do.

  4. Sorry if this comment is seen on multiple posts.

    What do advice do you suggest if the cervix isn’t centered? My cervix is far off to one side.

    To try my best to describe the position: I insert standing up, with one leg up. To feel my cervix, I have to go all the way to the right then “downward”, if that makes sense. I think I feel pressure against/near my anus when I press there.

    Does anyone else have a similar position of their cervix? I’m not sure if this affects success rate with cups.

    • Hi Ali,

      I don’t think anyone’s cervix is centered, just like our eyes aren’t perfectly in line. Anyone who has attempted to locate (and measure) their cervix has noticed that their cervix favors one side or the other (left or right). Our cervix is also not typically located straight up, but more down and back toward the rectum.

      Knowing where it’s located is a great start. Even just knowing what you’re feeling for is helpful so that you can tell if your cervix is inside or pushed outside of the cup if that’s what’s in question.

      There’s nothing different that you will need to do when using a menstrual cup. You would still aim the cup down and back toward your tailbone to get it into place correctly.

      Knowing if your cervix is low, medium, or high will determine if the cup will be comfortable or easy to reach, as well as some other factors that might help with comfort.

      Good luck & good health to you!
      Red Herring
      RedHerringTV on YouTube

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