How to Fall Pregnant by Using the Venus Menstrual Cup

One of the hardest things for any woman to experience is falling pregnant. Women will obviously start to try to conceive the natural way, but may become despondent after many attempts and months of trying. It even becomes worrying.

After that many women try IVF treatment which is a huge process in itself, and can be extremely costly and often doesn’t work. Actually, the success rate for women under the age of 35 years who use IVF is 40%, while women over 42 years of age have a 4 % success rate according to

The Pregnancy Process

In order to get pregnant certain things must happen inside a woman’s body:


  • When a woman has her menstrual cycle, her hormones cause eggs inside of her ovaries to mature. Once this is done, a single egg is then released from the ovary. This is called ovulation.
  • Once the egg begins its journey as it is released, it will then move to the fallopian tube. Now, the egg needs to be fertilized within the time frame of 24 hours, because if it isn’t, it will start to disintegrate, and a woman will begin menstruating 2 weeks later.


  • Once together with a sperm cell, the mature egg is then fertilized. Obviously, this occurs once semen has been ejaculated inside the woman’s vagina.
  • Sperm is found inside the semen, and it travels up the vagina, through the pathway of the cervix and uterus, and experiences its final destination, inside the fallopian tubes.


  • The egg will then be fertilized by sperm while it rests inside the fallopian tube.
  • Once the egg is fertilized, it will then travel into the uterus, where it will attach itself to the uterine lining. And, thus, the biggest miracle of life begins – pregnancy!

Using the Venus Menstrual Cup to Fall Pregnant

Women all over the world are using period cups to get pregnant faster! People in a sexual relationship are having sex, and then depositing sperm in the cup and inserting it into the woman’s vagina or inserting it straight after sex, as a way of keeping sperm in its place.

According to obstetrician gynecologist Sherry Ross, M.D., menstrual cup support efforts to conceive by keeping sperm close to the cervix for an extended period of time. Menstrual cups encourage sperm to move only in one direction, up through the cervix and towards the egg. She advises not to wear the cup for more than 12 hours after the semen has been kept in place.

This is amazing news for people who are TTC (trying to conceive) as it is a low cost, and low risk method. It can also be used for couples trying to have a baby using artificial insemination.

It hasn’t been proved 100% but it is worth talking about it with your gynecologist.

An amazingly affordable and comfortable cup to use is the Venus Menstrual Cup which comes in a variation of two different sizes, found in the Venus Cup Starter Kit on Amazon which contains both the small and large sizes, which is great! This way you can use both the cups to fall pregnant, and have the option of choosing one over the other, depending which one feels more comfortable!

It’s also really easy to use a menstrual cup, it just takes a bit of practice, so if you are new at it, practice a few times before you have sex.

To insert the cup, press the sides of the Venus Menstrual Cup together and then fold it in half again. This will make a “U” or “C” shape.

One you have the cup in this shape, held between the forefinger and the thumb, with the edge that is curved facing away from the palm, it simply needs to be inserted, and it will pop open.

A Real Life Example

Amazingly, this YouTuber, Danielle Zavala used the menstrual cup method after months of trying to fall pregnant with her partner, and it worked! She used the Mooncup, but it is MUCH pricier than the Venus Cup and the quality of the Venus Cup is just superb!

Daniella explains in her video, that after you have sex with your partner he will ejaculate, and then you must insert your cup, as it holds the sperm inside, closer to the cervix. That way, there is no leakage of semen when you get up.

She carries on explaining that you can leave it in for 3 or 4 hours, and it allows you to go to the toilet when you need to go.

The great thing is, after you fall pregnant using the cup, you can use the same cup as many times as you wish, for as many times you want to fall pregnant.


The Venus Menstrual Cup is definitely a great option to look at when trying to fall pregnant. Not only will it be there supporting your efforts to fall pregnant, but all the times in between, when you are menstruating! Good luck on your journey of conception, it is a beautiful and rewarding one!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many times can I use my Venus Menstrual Cup when trying to conceive?

Your Venus Menstrual Cup can be used as often as possible, just remember to wash it thoroughly after use, and not leave it in for longer than 12 hours at a time.

Which Venus Menstrual Cup size should I use, the small or the large?

It all depends on where your cervix sits, and which cup is more comfortable for you. When you purchase the Venus Menstrual Cup Starter Kit, you have the benefit of trying out both to see which is the better fit, which is highly recommended!

Is it ok to use the Venus Menstrual Cup with artificial insemination?

Yes, the cup can be used with this.

How long will it take to fall pregnant using the Venus Menstrual Cup?

There is no solid data as to how long it will take until you fall pregnant using the Venus Menstrual Cup. It is important to use it every time you have sex for a better chance of conception.

What is the healthiest way to store my Venus Menstrual Cup?

After you have used your Venus Menstrual Cup, wash it thoroughly with mild antibacterial soap, that is non-allergenic, in cool water. Leave it to air dry in a safe place, and place in its bag, back in its secure box. That way it will be perfectly ready to use for your next conception attempt!

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