How to Choose the Right Yoni Egg Size for You

Small, medium or large?

Are you having trouble deciding which size yoni egg to buy? There is often a lot of confusion about what size to begin with, so we’ve written this short guide to help you out. First of all, these are typical yoni egg sizes:

  • Small: 20x30mm
  • Medium: 30x40mm
  • Large: 40x50mm

If you’re new to yoni eggs, shouldn’t you start small?

The answer to that is no, in most cases. Believe it or not, the larger the yoni egg (within reason), the easier it is to use.

If you are a beginner to kegel exercises, or you suspect you have a weak pelvic floor, a great beginner’s size is large or medium. If you’re sexually active, a medium will most likely be perfect. If you’re not sexually active or haven’t had sex many times, you may need to start with a small. Basically, you need to find the balance between a size that is:

  • Small enough to comfortably fit inside your vagina
  • Big enough that it will stay in place and not fall out during your exercises

An egg that is too large might become uncomfortable after only a few minutes of use. While bigger eggs are much easier to feel, they are heavier and harder to hold inside because of their weight. So that’s why, as a starting point, a medium size-yoni egg can be the best choice.

How to Measure for a Yoni Egg

Here is a way to find out your best size yoni egg by measuring yourself before you buy— heads up, it involves some girlie-parts finger-insertion.

The yoni egg size that will be best for you depends on the number of fingers that are comfortable for you to put into your vagina. Is it:

  • One finger
  • Two fingers
  • Three fingers

An average woman’s finger is about 17.5mm in diameter. That’s based on a size seven ring finger. (You can measure the size of your fingers with a measuring tape to get your exact dimensions).

 If only one finger is comfortable for you, you should buy a small-size egg, since they are usually about 20mm in diameter.

 If two fingers are the most you can comfortably manage, then choose a size medium.

 If three fingers are no problem for you, buy a large-size yoni egg to start with.

Once you start to tone up after a few weeks to months of practice, you can go lower in size for a more challenging kegels workout. If you’re starting out with a small egg in the first place, you’ll probably stay there. Once you can do kegel exercises easily with your little egg, consider adding weights to it for a more advanced workout.

Other larger size considerations – You might need to start with a large size egg if you have some bladder leakage or have had a baby recently. Don’t use a yoni egg while pregnant or immediately after childbirth. You should be properly healed before you start.

Other smaller size considerations – If you’ve never had children or you experience tightness of the pelvic floor, choose a small or medium size yoni egg.

Once you’ve become more advanced doing your exercises, try using both a small and a medium sized egg at once to work your muscles from different angles. Now that’s some serious vaginal kung-fu!

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Final Say

When it comes to yoni eggs, always listen to your own intuition and choose what feels right for you! Another solution is to get a set of three eggs – so you will have a perfect match and can easily add variety to your yoni egg exercise program.

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