How to Choose the Right Yoni Egg Size for You

Congratulations! You’re ready to buy your first yoni egg. You’ve done the research, found your favorite yoni egg distributor, and picked a crystal that speaks to you. But when you go to check out and pay for your egg, you stumble across another option – sizing. How, exactly, do you choose the right size for you?

Your head might be swimming with questions: Is it as simple as picking a shoe size, or is it like getting measured for a bra? How, exactly, does one try on a yoni egg? Does buying a large yoni egg mean you have a large yoni? If it’s too big, will it stretch you out? And if you get a yoni egg that’s too small, will it get lost up inside your you-know-what?

It’s natural to be nervous about trying something new. But have no fear! Choosing the right size for your yoni egg is a lot easier than you think.

When it comes to sizes, there’s not a lot of variety with yoni eggs. This is good news because it makes it much easier for you to settle on a size, try it out, and decide if it is right for you.

Yoni eggs come in small, medium, and large. Like t-shirts, these sizes vary slightly from company to company. To get exact dimensions, you should check the distributor you’ve chosen to buy from. But in general, the typical yoni egg sizes are about:

  • 20x30mm for a small
  • 30x40mm for a medium
  • 40x50mm for a large

What Size Yoni Egg sShould you Start With?

You might think that, as a novice, you should start small. But this isn’t necessarily the case. To find the perfect yoni egg, you need to strike a balance between size and weight. You should look for an egg that is:

  • Small enough to comfortably fit inside your vagina
  • Big enough that it will stay in place and not fall out during your exercises

Medium yoni eggs are the best beginner size for most women. Large eggs are appropriate for women who have had children in the past, recently given birth, or experience urinary incontinence. But don’t use a yoni egg while pregnant or immediately after childbirth. You should be properly healed before you start.

Small eggs are often used by women who have more experience working with yoni eggs or doing Kegel exercises. They can also be the right fit for you if you’ve never had children or you experience tightness of the pelvic floor.

But as a new user, you’re likely find that your pelvic floor is weaker and less trained. So your best bet is to stick to the Goldilocks principle. Large eggs can be heavy and uncomfortable after just a few minutes of use, while small eggs may be difficult to keep in place during your yoni exercises. Medium eggs tend to be just the right size and weight for those starting their yoni egg journey.

Measuring for a Yoni Egg

Another way to decide what size is best for you is to measure yourself. The only tools you need are your fingers, your vagina, and some patience. You can gauge your yoni egg size by determining the number of fingers you can comfortably insert into your vagina.

The average size of a woman’s ring finger is 16.5-17.5 mm. If you can fit only one finger comfortably, you should buy a small-size egg, since they are usually about 20mm in diameter. If two fingers are the most you can manage, then choose a size medium. If three fingers are no problem for you, buy a large-size yoni egg to start with.

After some practice with your egg, you can trade it out for a smaller size to experience a more challenging workout. You’ll probably stick with a small egg if that’s what you start with. Once you can do Kegel exercises easily with a small egg, you can look into adding weights to advance your yoni egg practice.

You can even try using both a small and a medium sized egg at the same time to work your muscles from different angles. Now that’s some serious vaginal kung-fu!

Final Say

When it comes to yoni eggs, listen to your body and choose what feels right for you! Or play it safe and get a set of three eggs – so you can experiment, find the perfect fit, and easily add variety to your yoni egg exercise program.

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