How to Choose Period Underwear

Are period panties new to you? Do you not know where to begin, or how to choose them? Well, you can always take a look at how period panties work, which will help you immensely, just so you get a better understanding of what they are all about. Then, you can take a look here to help you with your choice of period panties!

Period panties are a very personal choice, but these tips should help:

The 2 Types of Period Underwear

Absorbent Period Panties:

Absorbent period panties, like Flux Undies, are made up of many layers of special fabric, are leakproof, antimicrobial and can absorb many tampons worth of fluid. They are designed to completely replace tampons and sanitary pads, making life a whole lot easier!

Non–Absorbent Period Panties

Non-absorbent underwear has no core-lining to absorb fluid. Rather, non-absorbent panties have a layer of waterproof fabric, that is sandwiched between another type of fabric, which is normally cotton.

It is best used for:

Light Flow and Heavy Flow

It’s important when choosing period panties, to know how many tampons worth of fluid they are able to collect.

Here is a list of the top brands out there, and the amount of fluid they are able to hold:

FLUX Undies Period Panties – 4 Tampons Worth of Fluid

These hold 4 tampons worth of fluid. You will love them as they come in an array of different styles, as well as colors. The panties’ outer layers consist of regenerated nylon, which are environmentally friendly as they are sourced from fishing nets that are recycled.

On the inside, you will find an organic mix of modal, bamboo, and cotton fabrics. Every single thing used to make up FLUX Undies are OEKO Tex certified, and free from any chemicals that may harm you, and no matter how sensitive your skin may be, they are perfectly safe to wear! They are the perfect choice for a heavy flow.

RubyLove Period Panties – Hold 2.5 Tampons Worth of Fluid

These hold 2.5 tampons worth of fluid. RubyLove period panties especially address the problem of leakage and spillage. Their period panties have a special patented angle absorbent crotch. Not only that, but these period panties include an extra optional mesh envelope that is very discreet, built right into the crotch area, that will hold your sanitary pad securely in its place. RubyLove period panties also provide stain protection because of their material, which is so absorbent. Some people who wear these panties, even like to wear a menstrual cup with it for added protection In addition to period panties, RubyLove offers period bodysuits, swimwear, as well as leggings.

Lilova Period Panties – 4 Tampons Worth of Fluid

These hold 2 tampons worth of fluid. This brand of period panties is quite stylish, as they offer many different styles that are sexy, comfortable and period-proof! Among these styles are:

  • Lilova Olivia Thong
  • Amber Bikini
  • Mia Cotton Bikini
  • Mia Hipster
  • Olivia Hip Hugger
  • Stella High Waist

All of Lilova’s period panties are created with technology that is leak-resistant. Each pair is built with four layers within, and impressively holds two tampons worth of fluid, even though it is only 3mm thick.

Modibodi Period Panties – 4 Tampons Worth of Fluid

These are great period panties that can hold fluid levels from a half to two tampons’ worth, giving you options. They’re leak-proof and resistant to stains and odors.  Their period panties are made up from bamboo jersey, microfiber, and merino perform wool, making them very comfortable, and they have the all-important moisture-wicking properties.

Their panties are also great for incontinence, and there are also swimwear options, that include a full bathing suit, as well as a bikini.

They have a range of lines that include:

  • Classic
  • Seam free
  • Curvy
  • Sensual
  • Maternity
  • Swimwear

Wuka Period Panties – Hold 4 Tampons Worth of Fluid

Wuka Heavy period panties hold 4 tampons worth of fluid, while their Light period panties hold 1. They also have Medium period panties which hold 2 to 3 tampons worth of fluid.

These are lovely, comfortable period panties that feel thin and lightweight and offer a 4-way stretch capacity, so that you can always feel your best! What’s lovely, is the fact that they are registered with the Vegan Society, so no animal gets hurt during the process of making these panties!

Front or Back Bleeder?

You always need to consider what level of protection you need, based on how much you bleed. Lower absorbency period panties may only absorb fluid nearest to the gusset. Period panties that absorb more fluid, possibly have much more coverage, all the way from the front, to the back waistline. If you are a “front”, or “back” bleeder, you may need high capacity period panties for full coverage protection.

Need To Change Your Period Panties Often?

You may be more comfortable changing your period panties often – especially if you bleed a lot. There are period panties available that can easily be removed and reapplied in one quick shot, without having to remove your pants or shoes. This is especially handy for ladies with disabilities. These kinds of panties have clasps that can be removed, such as FLUX Undies detachable period panties that have light, and heavy options.

Keeping Period Panties Lasting Long

The key to making period panties work for you, and be as effective as possible, is to keep them as clean as possibly by washing them immediately after use. If you are changing them continuously throughout the day, put them in a packet and in your bag, to be removed and washed at the end of the day.

It is important to hand-wash or machine wash your period panties in cold water, and hang them outside to dry, as this is the best way to prolong their life.  Typically, the waterproof fabric used in period panties will shrink if the water is too hot, as it will warp them and render them unwearable.

Period Panties – The Best Choice You Ever Made!

As you can see, there are so many options out there when looking for the perfect period panties to suit your needs. No matter what, there are a pair out there that was made for you. Go on and try them out!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does it seem like so many period panties are sized small?

Many brands of period panties are made for the Asian market where period underwear are more popular than they are just about anywhere else. If you don’t usually wear Asian sizes, order two sizes larger than your normal size if the brand states their panties are sized for the Asian market. For example, if you normally wear a US size small, you would need to order the panties in an Asian size large. Most brands will let you know if you should order in a larger size or not.

Are there any disposable types of period panties?

Yes, PantiePads are meant to be worn once and thrown away. They’re made from biodegradable materials that are designed to have zero impact on the environment.

How many pairs of period panties do I need?

The general rule of thumb is to own enough to cover every day of your period, plus one extra to wear the day before your expected start date. Period panties are awesome to wear in the days before your period to protect your clothes.

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