How Do Period Panties Work?

The 2 Different Types of Period Panties

There are two different kinds of period panties out on the market today. The first is the kind that helps hold sanitary pads in place. You know how it is, you will be working out exercising hard, or even going about your day, and suddenly, you will feel something out of place down below.

The other type are the panties that absorb your blood. These panties literally collect all your blood throughout the day, no mess, no fuss. It’s pretty hard to believe that a simple pair of panties will do this for you, so you may be wondering, how exactly do they work? But first, let’s discuss period panties that hold sanitary pads in place.

Type 1: Period Panties for Sanitary Pads

Often, sanitary pads just naturally move around, or the wings sometimes stick to the skin or pubic hair, making things down south feel uncomfortable. Luckily there is a product out there that holds sanitary pads in place, called RubyLove by Crystal Etienne.

It’s a pair of panties that has a slot for a sanitary pad to slip into. The designer of these panties, Crystal Etienne, created these, as her sanitary pads often caused discomfort and shifted around.

Crystal had owned lingerie boutiques in the past and knew nothing like this existed in the market, and created these by going to many factories and showing them the design. A few prototypes were created, and Crystal got her friends and teenage daughter to test them out and tell her what they felt like.

RubyLove has two designs – a bikini and a hipster, as well as a bodysuit, and is doing very well. They all hold sanitary pads in place.

There are studies that show that 62% of American women still use pads, when compared to 42% who use tampons. “The industry has become so sophisticated and competitive that they just skipped this whole group of women,” said Crystal. Crystal’s company RubyLove, even offers period swimwear.

Type 2: Period Panties That Absorb Blood

How Do they Work?

Period panties work by supplying layers made out of fabric and/or plastic that give different degrees of moisture-wicking, as well antimicrobial qualities. It has breathability, is resistant to leaks and provide a lot of stretch.

If you are wondering what moisture-wicking fabrics are, they are fabrics that pull moisture away from the skin with the use of very small, built-in capillaries. All the moisture and wetness are pulled to the outside of the fabric, and thus make evaporation much easier.

The technology behind period panties (or menstrual underwear) isn’t very different to how disposable diapers work. Of course, they don’t have the absorbent gel pellets – or the bulky appearance.

They look and feel just like normal underwear, which is a huge bonus if you were worrying about wearing your favorite pair of tight pants for the day over them. They usually hold up to two tampons worth of menstrual blood and also fight any bad odors that may occur through your period.

A great example of period panties is Flux Undies. Flux was created back in 2017. The underwear has a 3-layer fabric combination that wicks moisture, absorbs blood, and stops leaks from occurring. It is soft and comfortable, yet high functioning at the same time. It comes in five styles and two colors – in seven sizes!

Pros of Period Panties That Absorb Blood (Type 2)

  • Period panties are a great option if you are looking for a more sustainable option to liners, and pads. Considering the fact that most teenagers and women get their periods once a month and, on average, will use up to three or four (sometimes even more) tampons or sanitary pads per day, period panties (or menstrual underwear) are a great option for protecting the environment. All you need to think about are all those pads and tampons that fill our landfills.
  • They are also a great option when watching your budget. Although the panties themselves can be pricey, you will save a lot of money instead of having to buy tampons and sanitary pads all the time.
  • It’s also an amazing alternative for people with disabilities who find it challenging to constantly change tampons and sanitary pads all the time.
  • For those who travel a lot, period panties save all the time, worry and stress that may occur if you land up in a city that doesn’t easily provide tampons or pads.

How Period Panties Work with Menstrual Cups?

During the first few days of your period, if your period is very heavy, it is best to use a menstrual cup and your period panties as back up. During the last three or four days of your period, when it is lighter, it is perfectly fine to wear your period panties without your regular menstrual cup.

Taking Care of Period Panties

Before putting your period panties in the washing machine, it’s important to rinse them under cold water first. If you feel squeamish about it, just put on latex gloves. After rinsing them, put them in the washing machine with the rest of your underwear, but preferably not with whites.

Period Panties Work So You Can Live Your Life Fuss-Free

At the end of the day, period panties will collect your menstrual blood in a fuss-free way while you can go on with your life working, exercising, going out, partying, and being an all-round fabulous woman!

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