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The Honest Co. Was founded by Hollywood actress Jessica Alba along with her business partner Christopher Gavigan. They both wanted to create their dream brand that would be stylish, sustainable and affordable. They offer a wide range of products that includes their organic cotton tampons.


Honest Co. Tampons at a Glance

  • Made from 100% certified organic cotton
  • Has a plastic, plant-based applicator
  • Designed to expand for comfort and leak-proofing
  • String is woven in, not glued
  • No fragrances or other chemicals
  • Tampons with applicator – Available
  • Tampons without applicator – Available

Estimated Price (from company’s website): $6.95 for 16 regular absorbency tampons

Honest tampons are made with 100 percent certified organic cotton. Their cotton is certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard, which is recognized as the world’s leading standard for textiles made from organic materials.

With applicator:


Honest tampons have an innovative plant-based plastic applicator; it’s made from 90 percent plant-based materials and the plastic portion of the applicator material is phthalate-free. It seems they went the extra mile to provide a comfortable applicator that’s also environmentally responsible.

The tampon is designed to gently expand for a natural fit that protects against leaks. It has eight grooves that provide for even expansion and absorption.

The cord is woven in place and not glued. In addition to being free of glues, these tampons don’t contain rayon, fragrances, chlorine or pesticides.

These tampons were designed in California and are manufactured in Slovenia. When you purchase their tampons, they in turn give feminine care products to women who need them in the U.S. and Uganda.

Honest tampons sound fantastic in theory; however, the customer reviews were less than enthusiastic:

Customer Feedback

Customers say that these don’t absorb as much as other tampons of the same absorbency level. I heard this same complaint many times. The applicator takes a little time to figure out because the tampons didn’t come with instructions on how to use it. It turns out you need to pull out the plunger before inserting the tampon.

Editor Score: 3.5 out of 5

Where to buy:

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  1. Overall Score

    I switched to Honest tampons a couple of months ago, and love them! I have now tried Honest regular and super and Seventh Generation super tampons and Organyc and Seventh Generation pads.

    What’s great about Honest Regular & Super:
    + compact, user-friendly applicator
    + absorbant; don’t leak
    bottom line: would definitely recommend

    I’ve also tried Seventh Generation Super:
    – applicator gets stuck to itself and is troublesome to use
    – applicator is large and has noisy, crunchy, “cheap” feeling wrapping
    – do not “flower” or expand; tend to leak when barely used
    bottom line: would not recommend, will not buy again unless in a pinch, as sadly, this is one of the only brands with an applicator sold at my local health food store.

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