Best Menstrual Cups for a High or Low Cervix

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Finding the right menstrual cup can take some trial and error. The good news is that you can avoid that wasted time and money by narrowing down your choices based on a few personal factors with the help of some unique menstrual cup comparison tools we’ve created for you!

Menstrual cup manufacturers tell you to buy a smaller size cup if you’re under 30 and have never given birth vaginally. This is based on the belief that if a person is under the age of 30, they may not have had any pregnancies or children, and/or have stronger pelvic floor muscles (PFM).

If you’re older than 30 or have delivered a baby via the vaginal canal (i.e. not through a cesarean section), then they say to get the larger size. This is because of the assumption that those who are over 30 are more likely to have a weakened PFM and/or have had pregnancies or children.

However, an often overlooked factor that can make a big difference in the comfort and effectiveness of a menstrual cup is the position of your cervix – that is, how high or low it is in your body. This varies from person to person and moves throughout your cycle.

What’s a Cervix?

The cervix is the lowest part of the uterus. It’s sometimes referred to as the neck of the uterus, similar to the neck of a bottle. It is tubular in shape and is the passage between the vaginal canal to the uterine cavity.
While the uterus cannot be seen, the cervix can be seen and felt from inside the vagina.
During your period, the endometrium (mucous lining) is shed from the uterine walls and menstrual blood flows out of the cervix.

How to Locate Your Cervix?

Click here to read our simple step-by-step guide on how to locate your cervix!

How to Measure the Cervix

How to Measure the Cervix

Once you have located the cervix, you will need to take a mental note of how high or low you have inserted your finger.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • Personal Lubricant specifically made for use inside of the vagina, if needed.


  1. Very low to Low: If your finger only goes in an inch or so before it comes into contact with the cervix, it is considered low. Tip: You can measure this at approximately the first knuckle or knuckle line closest to your fingertip.
  2. Medium or Average: If your cervix is easy to reach but not especially low, it is considered medium or average height. Tip: You can measure this at approximately the middle knuckle on your finger.
  3. High to very heavy: If you can insert your complete finger before locating the cervix or can’t reach it at all, you have a high or very high cervix.


You cervix can move during your period. As mentioned, the cervix may be hard to reach or completely out of reach depending on where you are in your cycle. If your cervix moves drastically, you may want to purchase a two-pack of menstrual cups that offer both a small and a large-sized menstrual cup. This will allow you to use whichever cup is more comfortable and/or easier to reach for you when your cervix is at its different heights.

The Best Dual Menstrual Cup on the Market

Since your cervix tends to move around a lot, a dual cup is what you’ll need! The Venus Cup is available in both small and large sizes. The Starter Kit is a great option, as it contains both sizes. The small size is 42 mm across and holds 6 tampons, or 29 ml worth of menstrual fluid. The large size is 47 ml across and holds 9 tampons, or 56 ml worth of menstrual fluid.

The small Venus Cup is more comfortable for a medium to low, or tilted cervix. The large Venus cup is better for a medium to high cervix.

The Venus Cup is very popular as it’s well-priced in the market. It’s really comfortable, is made in the United States with Biocompatible, Medical Grade Silicone, and is FDA registered. It has no excess chemicals, BPAs, Phthalates, Dioxins, or Toxins. Also, it’s completely latex free! It is the perfect cup to choose when you need two sizes to facilitate you at different “periods” of the month!

Which Menstrual Cup Goes with Which Type of Cervix?

Let us Help you Choose a Menstrual Cup!


If your cervix is located at average height (middle knuckle), any standard large-sized menstrual cup may be comfortable for you. However, if your cervix is on the lower or higher side, it pays to check the length measurements to find a cup that will be more comfortable or easier to reach for you.

The cup’s length measurement is particularly important for finding the right cup for your cervical height. We provide a very handy comparison tool that sorts the many menstrual cup brands from large to small. This allows you to select your preferred length, which is heaven for the detail-oriented shoppers among you!

Click here to enter our menstrual cup comparison tool »


1. Very Low Cervix Menstrual Cups

If you have a very low cervix, we suggest trying a menstrual cup that’s shorter in length because if the cup is too long, it may not fit comfortably during use.

Click here to compare menstrual cups for a very low cervix »

2. Medium to Low Cervix Menstrual Cups

If you have a medium to low cervix, you can use the small size of almost any brand. You can also look into cups that were designed to be shorter than the “average” small-sized cup, often indicated by labels such as teen, mini, shorty (short menstrual cup), or low cervix.

A bell-shaped cup might be more comfortable for you because the base of the cup is rounded off. This makes it a bit shorter and it doesn’t have the pointed base like V-shaped cups do, which may protrude out of the vaginal opening.
Furthermore, a bell-shaped cup with a flared rim tends to ride up and sit higher in the vaginal fornix. Again, this keeps the base of the cup away from the vaginal opening.

Click here to compare menstrual cups for a medium to low cervix »

3. Medium to High Cervix Menstrual Cups

If you have a medium to high cervix, using a cup with more length might be easier for you to reach when the time comes to remove and empty it. It may be the larger size of a specific brand or a cup that is V-shaped. A V-shaped cup normally has more length, even in the smaller size. This will allow you to reach your cup with less difficulties.

Click here to compare menstrual cups for a medium to high cervix »

4. Very High Cervix Menstrual Cups

If you have a high cervix, we suggest looking into menstrual cups that are longer in length. If the cup is too short, it’s not going to be as easy for you to remove and empty it.

Click here to compare menstrual cups for a very high cervix »

Features to Consider

Although the cup’s length measurement is particularly important, here are some other features worth taking into consideration.

  • Stem length – Because most of the cup stems can be trimmed, it is best to check the cup’s total length with and without the stem to find the best fit.

  • Cup diameter – Although the vagina can expand up to 200 times is normal size, some people may find a narrower cup more comfortable to wear. These may include (but are not limited to) teens, new users, and those with no experience inserting items such as tampons.
  • Cup Softness/Firmness – It may help to compare the softness/firmness of each cup model. This will give you a simple at-a-glance view of the essential features of every cup.
  • Check out our article on how to choose a menstrual cup to find out more.

Final Say

No single menstrual cup is going to work for every person! You can, however, increase your chances of finding the perfect cup if you take the time to check your cervical height. We wish you luck and hope this website is a valuable tool in your search!

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  1. Low cervix with heavy flow ?
    Diva cup large is not working for me. ??
    It pains when I walk because the fundus of the cup is literally outside my vagina. I am comfortable when I am resting or sleeping. But I can’t even get up and walk!! What do I do? :'(

    • Hi Jayashree!

      I know this answer is late but if you’re still up for giving cups a try, you can trim the stem of the cup to make it shorter. Further more, if the Diva Cup still feels too long for you, you might want to look into a shorter cup or a cup that’s more bell shaped.
      Some cups you can look into are the Ruby Cup, LaliCup, Lena Cup, Sckoon Cup, and Super Jennie.
      If you have questions about any or all of these cups, let me know and I’ll give you more info about it/them.

      Good Luck!

  2. Great and informative post about how to find the cervix is high or low and accordingly to use the menstrual cup with ease. It has also highlighted on the usage of menstrual cups, as menstrual cups are reusable and is economical while other menstruation preventive products like tampons and sanitary napkins are one time use and also allergic to skin and make cause a disease with later time.

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