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Hannahpad has been around since 2005, with the aim of offering women a more comfortable, enjoyable menstrual cycle. Here’s a quick look at the company’s story.

Established in Korea, this successful company started out not with a single seamstress, but with one man who decided that it was time to help women feel better during their periods without being exposed to chemicals. Even though he had no sewing experience, the company’s founder persevered and today, hannahpad is the #1 reusable cloth pad brand in Korea. Now, they’re going global.

All hannahpad products are designed and manufactured in Korea. The company relies on real user feedback to make improvement, and they look forward to hearing from their customers. We think this is just one reason why hannahpad has become such a success!


What Sets These Reusable Cloth Pads Apart from the Rest?

Hannahpad’s founders believe in organic materials, noting that 5 of the top 9 pesticides used in conventional cotton cultivation are known to cause cancer. The company is committed not only to your health, but to the environment, and it shows in their choice to work with unleached, non-dyed top and absorptive layers so only the most natural materials come into contact with your skin.

Where many brands use an interior PUL layer to prevent moisture from leaking through onto clothing, Hannahpads rely on a special waterproof coating, which is applied to the inside of the pad’s exterior layer. This coating is recommended by Greenpeace, and it allows for airflow while keeping clothing dry and stain-free.


How Do They Work?

Just like disposable pads, Hannahpad cloth pads are attached to your panties. All sizes are fitted with snap-on wings. Simply place the Hannahpad over the inside of your underwear’s crotch with the colorful pattern facing down and the plain side facing up, toward your body. Fold the wings over the outside of your panties and fasten them using the snaps.

As with other reusable cloth pad brands, it’s a good idea to choose snug-fitting underwear to ensure that the pad stays in contact with our body.

You can completely do away with pads, tampons, and cups with Hannahpad, or you can use a small or medium size as a backup for your menstrual cup on very heavy days. The company recommends the medium size for average flow, and overnight or ultra overnight sizes for the heaviest overnight flow.

When compared with the average disposable pad, Hannahpad holds a little less fluid. If you usually use 3 medium-sized disposable pads during the day, the company recommends planning to use 5 Hannahpads instead.

The pantiliner size provides protection from discharge or occasional spotting. You can also use Hannahpad cloth pads for mild incontinence and postpartum discharge.

These reusable pads can be machine washed in cold water, but the manufacturer mentions that you’ll get better results with hand laundering. After wear, simply wash in natural detergent, allow to soak for a while to help release stains, then rinse. Next, line dry or air dry, preferably in a sunny spot.

The pads are leakproof, thanks to a waterproof coating that is applied to the inside of the outer pattern layer. Many women prefer this to conventional plastic layers inside some reusable pads, as the coating allows air to flow while offering superior moisture resistance.


Special Features:

  • Available in six sizes to suit a variety of needs
  • Multiple colors and patterns from which to choose
  • Breathable, leak-proof design
  • All products are double-stitched for greater durability, and all are handmade by a professional seamstress.
  • Made with organic cotton fabrics – All six Hannahpad sizes feature 40-count interlock weave fabric made with 100 percent organic cotton, in a comfortable snap on design.
  • Easy to wash by hand or machine; air dry and reuse – Hannahpads are machine washable, but the company recommends hand-washing for better results. These pads should be line dried. Once they’ve worn out, they’re completely biodegradable, except for the snaps, which the company asks consumers to recycle alongside other plastics.


6 Different Styles:

Hannahpad reusable cloth pads come in six sizes starting with petite pantyliners to super ultra pads capable of absorbing between four and six ounces of fluid. There are fourteen colorful patterns to choose from. The company frequently updates its patterns.

Style 1 – Pantyliner

Hannapad reusable cloth pantyliners are ideal for menstrual cup backup, spotting, and other discharge. This lightweight, breathable design features snap on wings.

  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Colors: multiple
  • Estimated Price: $11.99
  • Customer Reviews: Hannahpad customers like this style for its practicality, light weight, and comfort.

“Love how it’s not itchy like regular pads. Great product, definitely recommend!”

“I absolutely love these liners. Easy, eco-friendly, and affordable!”

Style 2 – Small Reusable Cloth Pad

The Hannahpad small pad is ideal for light flow and backing up a menstrual cup. This breathable design features 4 absorptive inner layers and convenient snap on wings.

  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Colors: multiple
  • Estimated Price: $13.99
  • Customer Reviews: Many customers are surprised at how lightweight and breathable these pads are, often mentioning that they’re comfortable as well.

“The Hannah pad is super comfortable and not bulky like other cloth pads I’ve tried! Will definitely be purchasing more!”

“It is so small and compact and fits perfectly into my purse. It is super discreet too no loud plastic ripping sounds in public restrooms for all to hear. Just two quick snaps and done! Recently went on a trip to Walt Disney World, knew my period was coming soon so I packed my hannahpad and stuck it in my backpack. No worries about trying to quietly open a pad or tampon, no worries with trying to wrap up a used pad or tampon and discreetly place it in the bin in the restroom, no worries about getting splashed with water because my hannahpads DON’T LEAK! 🙂 absolutely the best thing I have ever purchased.”

Style 3 – Medium Cloth Reusable Pad

The medium Hannahpad is designed for average flow and is the company’s most popular size. This comfortable, breathable design features convenient snap on wings and 5 inner layers.

  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Colors: multiple
  • Estimated Price: $18.99
  • Customer Reviews: Reviewers like the comfortable feel of this reusable pad, as well as the versatility.

“I LOVE the medium way more than I thought I would. I thought it would be too big or bulky, but it’s not at all! I could barely tell I was wearing it- even more so than with my small! I wore this to work the other day, just to test it out, and I was so amazed! No leaks, no bleed through, and no smell afterward! And it was very easy to clean. 🙂 I can’t wait to get more HannahPads!.”

“I was amazed at how comfortable these were. I felt dry and comfortable for hours. They stayed in place. I had zero leaks and washing them really was much easier that I thought it would be. This is a terrific way to make more eco friendly choices while also being more comfortable.”

Style 4 – Overnight Cloth Pads

Hannahpad overnight pads are designed for light flow overnight use, or heavy flow daytime use. These pads feature snap on wings and 5 absorptive layers in a breathable design.

  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Colors: multiple
  • Estimated Price: $22.99
  • Customer Reviews: Customers mention that this design helps them sleep without worrying about leaks. Many mention that the overnight style feels soft, comfortable, and breathable.

“This is my first time buying and using hannahpad after wanting one for a long time. I was unsure if I’d like it, if it would work, or if it would clean properly. I have to say, the hannahpad blew me away in every category. I couldn’t believe how much moisture it soaked up and never once bled threw which was one of my biggest concerns! I feel at ease and safe wearing this pad! Thanks hannahpad for a wonderful and beautiful period!”

“I wear the overnight Hannahpad at night when I sleep. I can sleep worry-free knowing that I won’t leak out on the backside of my undies. They feel soft and they BREATHE. Love them! Don’t forget how lovely it is to chose your pattern!”

Style 5 – Ultra Overnight Reusable Cloth Pad

Offering extra coverage and absorbency, this overnight cloth pad is designed for very heavy flow overnight, or for light postpartum use. Snap on wings keep it in place, and 5 breathable layers add comfort.

  • Material: 82% Nylon, 18% Lycra; Trim is 100% polyester
  • Inner Material: 50% Modal, 50% Organic Cotton
  • Colors: black or beige
  • Estimated Price: black or beige
  • Customer Reviews: Reviewers appreciate these overnight cloth pads for their extra length and absorbency.

“I’ve acquired various sizes of cloth pads at this point, but this one is my favorite! Disposable overnight pads never quite worked well for me because I would often leak as I moved around throughout the night. But this pad eliminated that problem entirely! Because it doesn’t stick to my underwear, I can also move and shift it as needed for better coverage. Even though it looks large, wearing this cloth pad feels soft and comfortable and not like a diaper (I huge issue I had with disposables). I also love the beautiful print! I’ve worn this for my past six periods and I can happily say I’m glad I made the switch.”

“So comfortable and easy to use! Also very effective!”

Style 6 – Super Ultra Overnight Reusable Cloth Pad

This is the largest Hannahpad available, with extra length and width for added absorbency for the heaviest nights or postpartum use. Snap on wings keep it in place, and 6 breathable layers add comfort.

  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Colors: multiple
  • Estimated Price: $32.99
  • Customer Reviews: Reviewers like these super overnight cloth pads for their absorbency and environmentally-friendly design.

“So soft, so environmental! I’m so happy with the hannah pad and couldn’t ask for anything better! thank you for making a great product that I am excited to tell others about!”

“Since transitioning to cloth pads I have always felt limited to sizes. Sure cute prints are nice, but it doesn’t matter if your clothes get soiled every time. Not with Hannahpads! I feel confident when I lay down to sleep or even have a long day that requires moving and hopping around. This size and length is exactly what I have been needing and it’s not bulky. Cleaning is amazing and when done properly, your pads will look just as they did when first received.”


What’s Available?

In addition to the pads themselves, Hannahpad offers four different boxes for packing and storing pads.

These boxes are included in purchases that include sets or multiples. If you’d like to try just one Hannahpad, you’ll be glad to know that this brand does offer single pads for sale, along with lower-priced samples in small and medium sizes.

1. Samples:

2. Singles:

3. Multiples:

4. Sets:

Like many other reusable cloth pads, Hannahpads come with special laundering instructions. The company offers some nice extras to help their customers take good care of their pads, including probiotic soap and special hangers to make drying a breeze. Canvas tote bags, discreet carrying pouches, and wetbags for keeping used pads contained when out and about are also available.


How to Fold HannahPads?


How to Wash HannahPads?


Customer Feedback

Please also look at the individual customer review summaries for each style of Hannahpad reusable cloth pads.

  • Why I'll never use a disposable pad again... HANNAH PAD REVIEW ♡


About the Company

Hannahpads are designed and made in Korea. The company founder started out making one pad at a time, by hand. Today, Hannahpads are available around the world, with plans to expand even further.

Hannahpad reusable cloth pads are environmentally friendly, in line with the company’s goal of providing high-quality products that are healthy for its customers and our planet alike. To date, Hannapad Global makes this product available to women in Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, and the United States. Plans for expanding to the United Kingdom, Taiwan, and Indonesia are underway.


The Bottom Line

Hannahpads are very well-made, with environmentally friendly materials that offer comfort, absorbency, and leak-proof performance in a simple, easy-to-use package. Each reusable pad lasts for years when properly cared for, and pads are biodegradable once their usable life cycle comes to an end. The plastic snaps are recyclable, so there’s no waste to worry about.

Prices are reasonable, patterns are attractive, and care is simple. These pads are a good choice for anyone who’s looking for a comfortable alternative to traditional pads or tampons, and the smaller sizes make a great backup for your menstrual cup. The larger sizes are capable of dealing with the heaviest flow, from overnight to postpartum.

Where Can you Buy Hannahpads?

  • Where to get it?
  • Prices on Company’s Website:
    $11.99 – $175.99 (AUD)
  • Limited Offers:
    AU $6.95 Delivery and Free on orders over AU $50.00 in Australia.
    International Delivery from AU $10.00
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  1. Overall Score

    Love these pads

    + PROS: Green, comfortable, absorbent, easy to wash, clear instructions!! Amazing product!
    - CONS: I don’t like all the prints..
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    Really like this company and the product!!

    + PROS: Easy to wash and very comfortable. Great designs and two snap options so it can fit your underwear better.
    - CONS: I got the smallest and thinnest option, the pantyliner. It is still longer then the wasteful always brand I was using. That being said it doesn’t feel bulky at all. Just hoped for something even smaller, I use a cup so I rarely leak but like to have a liner just Incase.
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