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Neat, discreet and hygienic are three words that the GoGirl company uses to describe its product. This lavender-colored pee funnel is made from medical-grade silicone that’s resistant to moisture and germs, and you can also buy it in a camouflage color scheme. If you want to dispose of this after use, you can. However, this item is made to be reusable although it is not recyclable. Simply clean with soap and water after use, and allow it to air dry.

The GoGirl is made with a patented splash guard so you won’t have to deal with leakage or overflow during use. The company recommends practicing once or twice before you can expect an entirely leak-free experience. To use, hold the GoGirl against your body to form a seal. Take aim and go.

To store the GoGirl, fold it and place it into the GoGirl tube that comes with each product. It’s recommended to also keep a clean tissue inside the tube with your GoGirl.


User Feedback

Women who travel and camp love this product. However, a few reviewers noted that the GoGirl is hard to use. However, they didn’t explain why.


Pros vs. Cons


  • Reusable
  • Made from medical-grade silicone
  • Forms a leak-proof seal when used
  • Has extender-tube option


  • Need to use both hands to hold it
  • May be too small for some body types


About the Company

The GoGirl is made by a company called FemMed, Inc. They’re based in Minnetonka, Minnesota.


Final Say: Is it Worth a Go?

The GoGirl is made with a patented design that should be leak-free when used correctly. It seems that different FUDs work best depending on the body type of the user. There is a good chance this one will be leak-free and easy to use, but you can really only know if you try it.






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  1. Overall Score

    I experienced the overflow problem others had mentioned. If you pee fast, you will have a problem because the little tiny rectangular opening in the spout; It doesn’t let pee flow out fast enough. I cut the end off, but that makes the funnel that much shorter.

    + PROS: It is easy to find at Walmart. But this was the only Brand offered.
    - CONS: You must control how fast you urinate or experience an overflow problem.
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  2. Overall Score

    I just got one from Walmart & had AWFUL spillage & overflow problems despite perfect placement. I have a Freshette , Unigen and a Sunany so I know how to use FUDs. Decided to try GoGirl cuz it’s smaller & easier to pack in a small purse.. The problem I had was caused by the little tiny rectangular opening in the spout; It doesn’t let pee flow out fast like my other FUD’s so it backs up and spills everywhere because the cup itself is not very big.; Go Girl seems geared to little narrow petite women. The spout is also way too short . So what I did was cut the tip off the spout so it has a larger round opening. The spout itself is too short to avoid peeing on your shoes unless you stand REALLY WIDE LEGGED so I took the extension tube off my Sunany & tried t on GoGirl. It works FAR FAR better even with my usual strong stream. I’ll probably get a Go Girl extension tube & just use the GoGirl at home or at someone’s house, or as alternate for one of my others but not on hikes and road trips because it’s too soft and squishy and to really get it to work you have to pull your pants too far down in order to place it & get an adequate seal & prevent overflow. It really needs an upgrade : larger size, longer spout, bigger spout opening & firmer silicone so it doesn’t squish so easily when you hold it. Hope this helps

    + PROS: Is small & easy to carry discreetly
    - CONS: Cup may be too small for some body types. Top opening too narrow at front & more so toward back allowing leakage in back. May be best for petite narrow women Spout too short to direct urine away from feet & has ridiculously small opening causing backup & overflow. Should ALWAYS come with extension tube. Mine didn’t & I used one from another FUD. Have to take pants down too far to get good seal.
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  3. Overall Score

    I bought the GoGirl it was horrible. It was too flimsy and hard to keep in place. When you have a full bladder.The spout is too small to let out the urine and it starts to over flow on your clothes and the bathroom floor.DONT BUY IT

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  4. Overall Score

    It’s a device made for women by men, and this is the greatest usability problem. It imitates penis way too much by narrowing the end. If you urinate just a little, that’s fine. But it you need to urinate a lot, this narrow end will hold the liquid too much, and it will run over the top. I’ve tested it many times in my bathtub before discover how can it be used safely. What I did, I’ve cut this narrow penis-imitating end, and added the bottle to the set. Works well for cold outhouses, and allows to urinate right in the car if there is no other option. May be you can use tube extender instead of the bottle, I didn’t try, but the narrow end has to be cut for free liquid running.

    + PROS: works
    - CONS: needs adjustment
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  5. Overall Score

    Overall, GoGirl is a great device. I have used many female urination devices, and I find GoGirl to be the most comfortable to use.

    + PROS: * I feel safe using GoGirl because it is made of medical grade silicone * Softer than most Female Urination Devices * More comfortable than hard plastic * Made in the USA
    - CONS: * Takes a little practice to get used to
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  6. Overall Score

    Pros: their marketing
    Cons: Product itself is too narrow at end pee comes out of it’s just a slit so pee backs up and actually at the wide end still too narrow it has a lip that narrows it. It’s a bulky funnel and not convenient for any go girl to take because you have to put it back in your bag dirty, and it does not fit back in the tube that it comes in.

    + PROS: Pros: their marketing
    - CONS: Cons: Product itself is too narrow at end pee comes out of (it's just a slit so pee backs up) and actually at the wider top end it's still too narrow it has a lip that narrows it. It's a bulky funnel and not convenient for any go girl to take because you have to put it back in your bag dirty, and it does not fit back in the tube that it comes in.
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  7. Overall Score

    I’ve used the Go Girl for more than a year, and I really like it. It works fine when directions are followed. The suggestion to use thumb and middle finger to hold it is a reminder that needs to be kept in mind; when I make sure that the rear edge remains tight against my body, it works perfectly. The only thing I’ve noticed, and this is true with every device I’ve used is that you have to control your flow rate. You can overwhelm most of these devices if you are REALLY urgent and have a lot to dispense. But if you control your flow to what the device can handle; it is great. I carry it with me at all times in the glove compartment…you’d be amazed at how often it is helpful. In almost any highway between cities in the US, you will be glad you have it! You’d THINK in the US you’d never be far from a restroom…you’d be surprised!

    Pr C

    + PROS: Easy to use; reusable and can simply be rinsed off. No problems as long as I pay attention to what I'm doing...this is NOT the time to zone out.
    - CONS: I don't know how they expect you to get the Go Girl back in its tube....I just carry it folded over in a baggie in a pocket with a tissue.
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