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Gemstone Yoni Eggs is a company run by two sisters in Boulder, Colorado. They order raw semi-precious gemstone from around the globe that is then cut, chiseled, sanded and tumbled into beautiful, silky-smooth yoni eggs. As part of the finishing process, a small amount of hypoallergenic, food-grade wax is applied to each egg for a gorgeous high sheen.

You can buy Gemstone Yoni Eggs singly or as part of a set, including custom sets of your own design.




  • Drilled and Undrilled Yoni Eggs are available
  • Available sizes are:

    • Stage Three: Small Yoni Eggs: (22mm x 30mm)
    • Stage Two: Medium Yoni Eggs (30mm x 40mm)
    • Stage One: Large Yoni Eggs: (38mm x 50mm)
    • X-large Yoni Eggs: (40mm x 60mm)



Popular Products

Gemstone Yoni Eggs are available in a wide assortment of semi-precious gemstones, including these three familiar ones:

1. Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs


2. Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs


3. Nephrite Jade Yoni Eggs.



Additional Eggs

The other materials you can choose for your yoni eggs are listed below, along with short descriptions of each material’s metaphysical properties.

4. Blue Quartz Yoni Eggs

Open up your third eye with this blue quartz yoni egg made of gemstone from Madagascar. This gemstone enhances your psychic intuition and helps connect you with your spiritual guides.


5. Crystal Quartz Yoni Eggs

Luminous, clear crystal quartz from Brazil will amplify your intentions. Obtain clarity and cleaning with this energy-magnifying gemstone.


6. Smoky Quartz Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs made from this Brazilian smoky quartz impart grounding effects. Transform negative energies into something better with this gemstone.


7. Xiuyan Jade Yoni Eggs

Wake up your higher mind with this Chinese jade. This yoni egg also strengthens your connection with nature.


8. Jadeite Jade Yoni Eggs

This GIA-certified jadeite jade from Guatemala brings the wearer health, wellness and harmony.


9. Lavender Jade Yoni Eggs

This certified authentic jade from Guatemala imparts humor and happiness to the wearer. This is the perfect gemstone if you’re in need of stress relief.


10. Rainbow Obsidian Yoni Eggs

Marvel at the rainbow-like swirls in this black gemstone yoni egg. This obsidian is from Mexico. Recover from heartache with the help of this stone that helps you to move from darkness to the light.


11. Bloodstone Yoni Eggs

Speckled bloodstone from Madagascar brings you strength, courage and a lust for life.


12. Amethyst Yoni Eggs

These yoni eggs made from Brazilian amethyst offer protection and purification to the wearer. These eggs are shiny and smooth but will have very tiny nicks in them due to the natural qualities of this gemstone.


13. Carnelian Yoni Eggs

Carnelian from Madagascar imbues the wearer of this yoni egg with courage, vitality, passion and power. 


14. Agate Yoni Eggs

Made from Mexican Agate, this yoni egg provides creativity, vitality and sensual energy.


15. Fancy Jasper Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs made from this Indian Fancy Jasper will help you feel grounded. This gemstone helps the wearer cultivate self-discipline and persistence.


16. Red Jasper Yoni Eggs

This yoni egg is made from Red Jasper from Madagascar. Become a sexual powerhouse with the libido-boosting properties of this gemstone.


17. Green Aventurine Yoni Eggs

Attract whatever you’re after in the realms of love, money and success. This stone helps dreams of abundance come true.


18. Rhodonite Yoni Eggs

This gemstone from Madagascar creates yoni eggs that bring the wearer emotional healing and calm. Perfect for those suffering from anxiety.


19. Labradorite Yoni Eggs

Made from a gemstone that’s linked to magic and the third eye, labradorite yoni eggs will enhance the healing effects of prayers and affirmations. This gemstone is from Madagascar.


20. Tigers Eye Yoni Eggs

Protection from bad luck is what these tigers eye yoni eggs can bring. This egg repels curses and brings courage to the wearer. Made from Brazilian tiger’s eye gemstone.


21. Mookaite Yoni Eggs

Yoni Eggs made from this Mookaite from Australia imbue the wearer with vitality and feminine energy will put a youthful sparkle in your eye.



Customer Reviews

Customers love these yoni eggs, and many say the shipping is very fast, and customer service is excellent.


So Where Can You Buy it?

We do not sell Gemstone Yoni Eggs, only review them. Gemstone Yoni Eggs can be purchased online discreetly and securely at:

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  1. Overall Score

    Very pleased with my purchase. I can feel the energy of jade egg and the Color is beautiful a deep green. Thank you for providing this site it really helped me choose my yoni egg.

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  2. Gorgeous crystals! And GIA certified, this was important for me that I only buy and use certified for my yoni health. Shipped fast, came in a cute box with a cushioned pouch and user manual. Very pleased, will be back soon. Thinking of trying a wand.

  3. Overall Score

    Company is excellent –i have bought from them quite a few times.

    + PROS: Fast shipping Huge inventory Very knowledgeable -- not just garden variety knowledge of stones and metaphysical properties Well rounded ambassadors for feminine healing and empowerment- also producing courses and publishing articles and a Newsletter. I don't normally write reviews but I am extremely impressed by Alexis (the owner) and it's necessary that women hold space for each other.
    - CONS: None
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  4. Very happy with my purchase from Gemstone Yoni, the gal I spoke with helped me pick the perfect stone for me. The packaging was beautiful and it even comes with a cushioned pouch to protect my egg. Would recommend to others and will be purchasing more. Thank you!

  5. Overall Score

    Love love love! Ordered and wand and egg, both were beautiful. Had some questions prior to ordering and customer service good. Will order more in the future

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  6. Overall Score

    I love love love my yoni egg from Gemstone Yoni! The quality was lovely and filled with so much energy. Thank you

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  7. Overall Score

    Ordered the rose quartz, an absolutely beautiful piece. Elegant looking and very enjoyable. I have since suggested it to multiple friends ?

    + PROS: Discrete shipping
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  8. Overall Score

    Very satisfied with this product! Fast shipping and high quality.

    + PROS: Fast shipping, certified gemstones
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  9. Overall Score

    Great company and quick delivery. I have ordered multiple Gemstones through Gemstone Yoni and always super happy with the stones and service!

    Also Love that stones are GIA Certified!

    + PROS: Quick delivery on Canada orders!
    Helpful(5) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
  10. Overall Score

    Their customer service is really poor! I needed to make a change on my shipping adress and i contacted them immediately after placing my order, and I heard nothing for 3 days and then they sent my package, so now it is probably going to get stuck in customs and i will get a huge bill. I tried both their mail and their facebook several times. The order in itself wasnt cheap so I really did expect more.

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