Flux Period Panties vs. Lilova Period Panties | Comparison

Sometimes periods can be irregular, and you need to have something close by that you can use immediately when it strikes. That’s the great thing about period panties – they’re constantly reusable, and will always be there when you need them!

They’re also great to use if you’re conscious about the environment, as tampons and sanitary pads cause a lot of waste, and can cost you a lot of money over time. If you like wearing a menstrual cup, period panties are also great to wear as back up!

In this comparison review, we look at two leading brands of period panties, Flux Undies and Lilova Period Panties. Both are really great and offer different things. By the end of the review you’ll know which one is best for you!

Flux Undies

Flux Undies was introduced to the market in 2017 in the UK. All materials used in their products are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they’re perfectly safe! Created with a 3-layer fabric combination, they wick moisture, absorb fluid, and prevents leaks. They’re really simple to wash, and comfortable to use. Part of their profit goes to underprivileged girls who need menstrual care.


Flux Undies are available at shops in Northern Ireland, Malta, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. They’re also available to purchase online. The cost of the “high capacity” versions is as follows: The Hi-Waist costs $37, and the Detachable, Boy Brief, and Classic Bikini costs $35. The “light capacity” price range costs $32 for every style.  The popular Thong will cost you $33.


Classic Bikini – This style is very popular, and comes in both light and heavy options. The light option holds 2 tampons’ worth of blood, and its maximum usage time is 8 hours, for both day and night. Its heavier version holds 4 tampons’ worth of blood, and its usage time is 12 hours. This is the option to wear on your heaviest days, through the day and night.

Hi-Waist – These come in light and heavy options. The light option’s capacity is 2 tampons’ worth of blood, and will give you 8 hours of usage, while the heavy option holds 4 tampons’ worth of blood and gives you up to 12 hours of usage. Both can be used during the day and night.

Boy Brief – This style is quite popular for those who prefer underwear that isn’t too feminine in design. The light option holds 2 tampons’ worth of blood, lasting up to 8 hours, while heavy option holds 4 tampons’ worth of blood, lasting up to 12 hours. This style is particularly great to sleep in!

Detachable – There are many period underwear companies that offer many designs, but Flux Undies is the only one with the Detachable design. This design detaches easily from the sides so that you can change your panties very quickly from anywhere, and very quickly, especially under a skirt or dress.

The light option holds 2 tampons’ worth of blood, for 8 hours of usage, while the heavy option holds 4 tampons worth’ of blood, for when you’re bleeding heavily, and can be used up to 12 hours, both day and night.

Thong – You can’t have a collection of period panties without keeping at least 1 or 2 thongs in your lingerie drawer! These are for when you’ve just begun to bleed, or your period is almost over. Its capacity is 1 pantyliner’s worth of blood.


There are many sizes available for all body shapes. The sizes are XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL. You can refer to their size chart for exact measuremens!


Right now, Flux Undies are only available in black. Black is a superb color of choice, as its sexy and is a favorite color for many lingerie lovers. On the other hand, Lilova offers period panties in black, beige, pink, and red, which is really great! Hopefully Flux Undies will one day have a range of period underwear in all colors of the rainbow!

Lilova Period Panties

Lilova Period Panties have the newest technologies in period panties since they only hit the market in 2018. The whole idea behind Lilova Period Panties was to make a sustainable product that performs well, that you can rely on, that’s comfortable to wear, as well as discreet, while still looking elegant. These period panties make you feel sexy!


You’ll pay between $24 and $32 for all Lilova Period Panties. This is a much cheaper choice than Flux Undies. Currently (August 2020), they offer free US shipping if you spend over $50, and free international shipping if you spend over $90. You will also receive 15% off your first order, and you get a 30-day risk-free trial for your first pair of panties, where return is free in the US. You can get a waterproof wet bag to keep your wet panties in for $11, and a mesh laundry bag for $7 to keep many pairs in. All their panties are only available online.


All Lilova Period Panties are available both in nylon and organic cotton. We’ll cover the nylon styles to begin with:


Olivia Thong – Everyone needs a thong, and this thong has a thick band around the waist. It gives a light coverage fit. It’s perfect for days when you are hardly bleeding, or you just need a backup. Its capacity is half a tampon worth of menstrual fluid.

Amber Bikini – This bikini style has sexy straps on its sides, and gives a full coverage fit. It’s perfect to wear by itself, or as backup with a  menstrual cup for days when you’re bleeding heavily. Its capacity is 2 tampons’ worth of menstrual fluid.

Mia Hipster – This is a full coverage fit that can be worn by itself, or as backup. Its capacity is 2 tampons worth’ of menstrual fluid.

Olivia Hip-Hugger – These are a great style to wear under any long skirt or dress. It’s a hipster style, and its fit is full coverage. Its great to wear by itself, or as backup, and holds 2 tampons’ worth of blood.

Stella High-Waist – This is a very feminine style. It is a high-waist style with a fit that’s full coverage. It can be worn alone, or as backup for when you’re bleeding heavily. It holds 2.5 tampons worth of blood.

Organic Cotton

Jade Cotton Brief – This style’s fit is full coverage, and holds 4 regular tampons’ worth of blood. It can be trusted to be worn alone on days when you’re bleeding heavily and need something that won’t leak.

Mia Cotton Bikini – This style has a semi coverage fit. Wear it alone, or as backup with a menstrual cup if you’re bleeding heavily. Its capacity is 2 tampons’ worth of blood.


Lilova Period Panties are quite colorful when in comparison to Flux Undies, as Flux offers all their styles only in black. With Lilova, you’ll have the choice of pink, black, red and beige. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any styles that have patterns. You will need to keep in mind that all beige options are very small and need to be ordered one or two sizes bigger than your normal size.


Lilova Period Panties are available in XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X, and 3X. The measurements for these sizes can be found on their size chart. All their beige panties need to be sized up when ordering them.

How to Decide Which Period Panties is the Best Choice!

The following are other factors that need to be looked at when deciding which period panties are best for you:

Availability & Shipment

Flux Undies are available in certain countries mentioned at the beginning of this review, and are also available online. Shipment costs differ depending where in the world you are situated. Lilova Period Panties are only available online. Lilova offers a 30-day risk free trial for your first pair of period panties, and the shipping cost is free in the United States. You can return your pair of Flux Undies within 14 days of receiving your order, and shipment is free in the UK.


Flux Period Panties – The Boy Brief, Hi-Waist, Classic Bikini, and Detachable styles all hold 2 and 4 tampons’ worth of blood – it just depends whether you get the lighter or heavier version. The thong is to be worn on days where you’re only just bleeding as it holds 1 pantyliner worth of blood.

Lilova Period Panties – There are different capacities available with Lilova Period Panties, it all depends on the style. The Jade Cotton Brief is the only style that holds 4 tampons’ worth of blood for when you’re bleeding heavily, and is recommended as a pair to keep on hand for those “extra heavy” days.

Period Panty Sets

Flux Undies allows you to build a set of 4 pairs of period panties or more. Each pair gets cheaper with every extra pair you buy! Lilova doesn’t offer period panty sets at the moment.

Other Flux and Lilova Options

There are other superb period panties out there that are comparable to both Lilova and Thinx. These include Flux Period Panties, Ruby Love, Period Panties, ModiBodi Period Panties and more!

Conclusion – Flux Period Panties vs. Lilova Period Panties – Which is Better?

Period panties are a really personal choice. Nobody’s going to see them, but you’re going to know they’re there, and what you want is the most comfortable choice for you. Do you want something that’s cheaper? Then go for Lilova. Do you want something that has a detachable design and offers sizes up to 4XL? Then go for Flux. Both have many pros and cons! At the end of the day, it’s your budget and your body – so go with the one that you feel makes perfect sense for you!

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