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FemmeCup Sizes and Models

The FemmeCup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in UK. It is made of Silicon and comes only in one size/model:
One size
45 mm
65 mm
50 mm
15 mm
20 ml
30 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
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There is no shortage of menstrual cup brands on the market for someone to choose one that really works best for them. From colored hues to different types of stems- the designers and manufacturers of these cups are getting more innovative in their features.

The Femmecup is one of the first big brands of menstrual cups introduced in the U.K. in 2008. They had a great receipt of their first design version of the Femmecup, but had to step it up when other cup brands such as the Ladycup introduced a menstrual cup that boasted even more options. The newest Femmecup, menstrual cup is much better than the initial by far as it offers more comfort with a more modern cup design overall and a shorter stem.



Femmecup One Size Fits All

The makers of the Femmecup, menstrual cup took a simple product and made it as effective as possible. Although the Femmecup is offered in one size fits all, and is only available in the clear hue (no harmful dyes), it makes it very easy for someone to just buy it outright without worrying about size discrepancies, and which color to go with.

The Femmecup is available in single form- clear translucent color. The cup consists of a firm rim, pliable cup, and is overall made out of an average soft shore of medical-certified, silicone.


Femmecup Twin Packs, Sets, and Other Products

The Femmecup may just make its only menstrual cup in one color and size, however the menstrual cup is available in twin packs, and sets that include Femmecup, Femmewash.

Femmecup Lite

The Femmecup Lite is a version of the same specs and size as the classic Femmecup, however it is meant to be a starter cup- and only lasts for up to a year of use. It costs only a fraction of the price as the Femmecup.




Femmecup Twin Pack

The Femmecup twin pack offers the consumers the opportunities to purchase 2 Femmecups while saving a few dollars. It comes with 2 Femmecups, 2 pouches, and 1 set of instructions.






Femmewash (200 ml) is a unique cleanser that can be used with your Femmecup to clean and sterilize it. It is available with a separate purchase or included in a set with a single pack Femmecup, or twin pack of Femmecups.





Femmecup Single with Femmewash

This is a small set sold by the Femmecup manufacturer which includes 1 Femmecup, a pouch, instructions, and a bottle of Femmewash.




Femmecup Twin Pack with Femmewash

The Femmecup offers 2 Femmecup- menstrual cups, 2 pouches, instructions and a (200 ml) bottle of Femmewash.





Underwear Pouch for Femmecup

Femmecup offers a cute bag to carry and store your Femmecup in. It’s shaped like feminine panties and is available through a separate purchase.


B1G1 (Buy One Get One)

Femmecup is offered in a buy one give one form so that you can purchase a cup for yourself and also give one away to someone (in a third world country) who may really appreciate it.


Femmecup Features and Attributes

The Femmecup, menstrual cup is one of the grandmothers of menstrual cups that has been around since the start of the menstrual cup revolution nearly a decade ago. Many females really like the Femmecup for its simple, yet chic design that performs well, is cost-effective, convenient, and eco-friendly.

  • Offered in Femmecup Lite (1 year- less expensive) or regular Femmecup (5 years.)
  • Available in Twin packs and sets with other Femmecup products
  • One size fits all- makes choosing it a breeze
  • New design for comfort, softer, more modern, and shorter stem
  • Company is merited for producing a high-quality menstrual cup
  • Openly available Internationally, local and online
  • Features a notable spiral which starts at the base and goes up the cup (a unique brand trait)



Femmecup Pros

The Femmecup has been around so long, that there are hundreds of testimonials and comments made about this menstrual cup that helps to provide others with a detailed idea of the best attributes about it including:

Comes with extensive set of instructions – Many people are very pleased when they get their new Femmecup in the mail, because it comes with instructions that go into great detail to enable the user to really understand how to use and care for the menstrual cup properly.
Cup is perfect firmness, really comfortable – Those reviewers who have used the Femmecup really appear to like its firmness. They say it is squishy, but firm- exactly equally that supplies the best comfortable wear.
The one size does work for most – Women who use the Femmecup often comment that it is nice not to have to choose a size- in most cases the one-size-fits all of this menstrual cup is to great benefit for discretion and for performance.
The newer Femmecup model is way better than the old – Long-term users of the Femmecup, bought the original Femmecup and used it forever, however those who have since replaced their cups with the newly designed Femmecup say that the design and shorter stem is a major upgrade in this cup. It went from wonderful to outstanding.
Really doesn’t leak and can be worn the full 12 hours (outstanding holding capacity)– Expert menstrual cup users, familiar with other menstrual cups state that the Femmecup really does hold up without leaking for the full 12 hours. It appears it’s capacity and design works better than others without needing emptied several times a day.


Femmecup Cons

Old versions of the Femmecup are still circulating market – Reviewers have mentioned when ordering the Femmecup, that they did not get the newer model (only the old.) This is not a flaw from the manufacturer but a flaw instigated by sellers who are selling the old Femmecup and not noting that it is the dated design. Just be careful to make certain when purchasing your Femmecup that the listing or description makes mention that it is a new one.



Femmecup Customer Reviews and Remarks

“Manufactured in the UK and has full and clear instructions.This is the best product in femine hygine by my standards. It is flexible and easy to clean. Will save a fourntune I feel. Would highly recommend.” (Amazon.co.uk)

“Despite the learning curve with this product, I would honestly say that this is one of the best items a woman could possibly ever buy. Not only do I no longer have to buy tampons or carry them around with me, but this menstrual cup has made me feel like I don’t even have a period anymore.” (Amazon.co.uk)

“This item is great. I am amazed that I have not heard about this before. It is very easy to use, very comfortable (once you’ve mastered it) and eco friendly as it does not produce any waste. Highly recommend it.” (Amazon.co.uk)


Femmecup FAQS

We have listed below the answers to many frequently asked questions about the Femmecup menstrual cup in order to help you to make the right decision when considering purchasing it.
Is it still Ok to use the Femmecup when I have a very light flow?

Yes, the Femmecup is one size so it can suit from the lightest flow to the heaviest flow without problem.

Can I use the Femmecup if I am young and never given birth vaginally?

The one size in the Femmecup can be used by women regardless of their age or how they have or have not given birth.

How will I know when it is time to empty the Femmecup?

You should not wear the Femmecup for more than 12 hours without emptying it, however depending on your flow- you can gage and learn better when the best time to empty it will be. In first uses do use a back-up pad so that you do not experience any accidents with a leak.

Is it okay that I use a lubricant to help insert my Femmecup?

You can use an oil or water based lubricant that is proven safe with intimate contact like KY jelly or a similar brand.

Can I have sex while wearing the Femmecup?

No. You should not wear the Femmecup during penetrating intercourse activity.

Will the Femmecup get stuck inside of me?

The Femmecup will not get stuck inside you. You are made naturally so that gravity will push anything in the vagina down. If you do think or feel that the Femmecup is stuck or if you are experiencing difficulty with removal, breathe and relax and bare down and it will come further down the vaginal canal so that you can remove it safely.

How do I clean and manage the Femmecup in a limited privacy setting?

If in a public restroom or in a place where there is no running water, you can discreetly empty the cup and use toilet tissue or some other disposable wipe to clean it out until it can be washed with running water and gentle soap.

Is the silicone that the Femmecup is made of safe with intimate use?

Yes- the silicone that the Femmecup is made of is FDA approved silicone that is commonly used on other medical devices that come in close contact with skin and tissue.

How often should I replace my Femmecup with a new menstrual cup?

The Femmecup will last for up to 5 years when cared for delicately. The Femmycup Lite is made lighter weight silicone that only boasts a shelf life of 12 months.

Can I use the Femmecup if I wear an IUD?

The Femmecup, menstrual cup is completely compatible with IUD’s and contraceptive rings as well.


Femmecup Company Profile

Femmecup Ltd. was first established in the U.K. in 2008, and has been thriving as a leader in producing their Femmecup, menstrual cup and other feminine hygiene products ever since. To make a greater impression among the competitive market, the Femmecup introduced a new design in 2011. Femmecup Ltd, has received many accreditations and acknowledgements for manufacturing exceptional quality products.

Additionally, it is evident that in its mission to produce and sell a sustainable menstrual cup, the Femmecup Ltd company has succeeded at addressing the importance of health, comfort, affordability, and preserving the future of this planet. The Femmecup company has sold countless thousands of the Femmecup and other products and is available by hundreds of retailers all over the world.



Femmecup Review- The Bottom Line

The Femmecup is a simple alternative to tampons and sanitary napkins. It has certainly proven to women all over that it is a good product, and continues to strive to add innovation and updates to its first initial Femmecup- to make it better, more convenient, and even more comfortable than other menstrual cup brands available.

In addition, the Femmecup is offered at affordable prices, and there is always the Femmecup Lite that a beginner menstrual cup user can choose without making such a pricy initial investment


Where to Buy Femmecup?

The Femmecup is sold by many affiliates, retail chains, and local stores in every corner of the globe, however it is also conveniently sold online.

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  1. Overall Score

    I love the rigid rim, it means it doesnt leak like other cups have done for me. Really like this cup. sits well in my body and doesnt ride up like other brands (which was causing leaking) no leaks with the femmecup. 5 stars!

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  2. Overall Score

    I first thought it looked…rather bulky and didn’t think I would be able to get it in or out easily, however the c-fold and 7 folds both worked very easily for me. The rim is very rigid which I actually like because I know when it pops open. It did so comfortably and actually has opened easily for me every single time. As a first time cup user, this cup was the only one through this cycle that was always reliable and I didn’t have trouble with. Taking it out, the rim again is very rigid so this would be the only drawback, however I am sure with practice of grabbing at the bottom and folding in this won’t be a problem. It was very ‘mess free’ for me, as it never leaked and was very basic to use.
    I have to say, despite my first assumptions it has turned out to be very reliable and easy. I’d recommend to any first timers as well who may want the security of knowing the cup is open and can make it’s seal no problems! Also was a great price, $30 with shipping – and I believe it can last 5 years… the silicone is soft yet durable and overall I am happy!

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