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Should You Buy into This Kickstarter Success?

Fannypants Period Panties are the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign. The Fannypants company produces clothing for women and men who suffer from incontinence and period underwear seems like a natural offspring from that. They have two types of menstrual underwear: Spotlite and Confi. Both of them are designed to be worn together with a pad, tampon or menstrual cup.



How Do They Work?

Spotlite Leak-proof Period Panties are made from textiles and technology that were hand-picked for their leak-preventing abilities. The outer layer of the panty is made from an advanced material that’s soft to the touch and wicks sweat away, making it a perfect choice to wear during exercise or other activity. On the inside, there’s a waterproof gusset that prevents stains from setting in and also blocks odors with its anti-microbial technology.

The Spotlite menstrual panty also has a waistband with gentle elastic and lace trim, and it features a full-back lining to help guard against nighttime leaks.


Then there’s Confi Period Panties. These cost several dollars less than the Spotlite leak-proof panties. They’re also made from a high-tech material that’s stretchy and protects against stains and odors. It wicks away sweat and is leak resistant, too. It looks like the only difference between Confi and Spotlite is that Confi Period Panties have a more basic design with less embellishment, and they’re made in Columbia. Confi has a full-back lining, too.


Special Features

  • Free shipping in the USA; flat-rate international shipping
  • Spotlite panties are made in the USA
  • Confi Panties are made in Columbia
  • Fully-lined back to give extra protection against leaks during the night
  • Stain and odor-proof technology
  • Sweat-wicking properties to keep you dry during exercise



Their Collection:



Customer Feedback

These period panties are so new on the market, there aren’t any reviews out there that I could find, even on the Fannypants website.



About the Company

Fannypants was chosen as a “Top Innovator” by Apparel Magazine in 2014. They specialize in incontinence-wear apparel that’s stylish and protects against leaks, odor and stains. It’s easy to see how period underwear would be a natural offshoot of this brand. Fannypants is a woman-owned company that strives to combine fashion with functionality.





The Bottom Line

Fannypants Period Panties are made by a company known for selling incontinence garments that combine fashion and functionality. They bring their expertise in high-tech fabrics and design to their Spotlite and Confi lines of menstrual panties. These period panties are newcomers to the menstrual underwear market, but it makes sense that a company that specializes in clothing to protect against bladder leaks would know how to handle leaks from menstruation. Their period panties are leak-proof, stain resistant and odor resistant.


Where Can You Buy Fannypants?

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    These panties do not provide leak protection. I use them as back up to a diva cup and regularly have leaks through to my pants. Never though my pants, but definitely red on the inside.

    - CONS: Not leak proof.
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