Everything You Need to Know About Sex & Periods

When experiencing your period many things are happening to your hormones. Most women experience a surge in sexual desire and become very sexually stimulated. During this time your testosterone and estrogen levels increase causing a surge in your libido. Well, there are certain things you need to know if you decide to engage in intercourse while you are having a period:

How Orgasms Benefit Your Period

1. Orgasms Possibly Shorten Menstrual Cycles

Having sex during your period actually may lessen the days you are experience your period. The reason for this is that when you have an orgasm, your uterine contents are being pushed out at a faster rate causing a shorter period.

In truth this is all dependent on the orgasm, not sex itself. In other words, you can shorten your menstrual cycle by pleasuring yourself as well. What actually happens is that your uterine muscles will contract, and this helps the menstrual blood move from the uterus.

2. Everything is Lubricated

When having sex during your period, there is no worry about dryness. Everything just works faster and smoother. So, if you are someone who suffers from dryness and needs special lubricants to help make everything feel easier, at least you don’t have to worry about it while you are having sex during your period.

3. Relief from Headaches

Many women actually get migraines and headaches during their period, and having sex at that time often helps headaches go away. The actual reason behind the headaches is the fact that there is a change in levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body. Estrogen is, of course, a sex hormone that is female. It travels in the blood giving messages to all the different parts of the body.

4. Cramp Relief

Many women report that having sex during periods helps immensely with cramp relief. When you experience menstrual cramps, your uterus contracts to release its lining. After orgasming, your uterus muscles also contract. They then release. It is that release that brings comfort to cramps. Cramps can be exceptionally painful and are often the worst thing about having a period.

As many people know, when you have sex and orgasm, endorphins are released and this makes you feel pleasure. The pleasure takes away some of the pain you experience during your period.

5. Lowered Blood Pressure

When you orgasm during your period, all the endorphins released will also relieve tension and stress that you may be feeling due to your period. Therefore, after your period you will feel good and also your blood pressure will be lowered. You’ll be in a great mood for the rest of the day.

The Cons of Having Sex on Your Period

1. Blood is a Messy Business

When you have sex during your period, firstly, you have to be super confident and comfortable with regards to the situation, and your partner has to feel the same way. Blood can be a very messy business. If you both decide to have sex make sure you have a few towels to put underneath you so that the sheets don’t get dirty – preferably black or other dark-colored towels. You will also need to shower both before and after sex to keep it as mess free as possible.

2. Passing on STDs

Its easy to pass on STDs during sex. It’s even easier to pass them on during your period as there is blood involved and a lot of viruses live in blood and are just waiting for the opportunity to spread themselves. Remember to always encourage your partner to wear protection, especially during this time of the month.

3. Damage

If you have sex during your period and are wearing a tampon, you really need to remove it. If you keep it in, it can be pushed so deep into your vagina that you will need a medical professional to remove it – and that could be really painful!


Sex on Periods & Falling Pregnant

Most people think that if you are having your period you can’t fall pregnant, but this is far from the truth. True, the risk factor isn’t as high, but the risk is still there.

It is very possible to fall pregnant during ovulation – this is 2 weeks before the beginning of your period. But the truth is that no two women’s cycles are the same. Also, the length of your menstrual cycle can easily change depending on diet and exercise etc. If your menstrual cycle is short, you can fall pregnant more easily during your period.

Use a Menstrual Cup During Sex for Mess Free Fun!

A lot of women feel they are in completely unfamiliar territory with the thought of their partner inserting themselves inside their vaginas while they are still wearing a menstrual cup – but it can be done! If you are new to this you may want to use a softer cup for the first few times. A softer cup will be easier to manipulate. It will also collapse as the penis touches it, similar to when inserting it with your finger or removing your cup.

If you are worried about leakage, empty your cup before foreplay starts. If you have a secure seal on your cup, leakage will also be eliminated. When you want to remove your cup afterwards, just wait for your vagina to be its normal (not aroused) size, as the vagina really expands when turned on. It will be easier this way. If you are new to using a menstrual cup during penetrative sex, try a few different cups with your partner and see which one suits you both best. Having sex while wearing a menstrual cup can be a real joy. You just have to try it out!

Take Away Tips


  • Always insist that your partner wears a latex condom during sex while you are having your period as it really slims down the chances of falling pregnant and catching any STDs.
  • If you are wearing a tampon, take it out before you start having sex.
  • If you are going to be sexually active with your partner, don’t let him see all the mess caused by pads and tampons. Rather wear a menstrual cup, which can be worn during sex.
  • If you don’t want to mess on the sheets and don’t have dark towels to spread across the bed, have sex rather in the bath or shower. It will create less mess.
  • Talk to your partner before engaging in sex on your period. If either of you is uncomfortable with it, rather stick to casual foreplay.
  • Remember to keep wet wipes close to the bed to keep things clean. If you don’t have wet wipes, keep a wet hand towel nearby.
  • Try different positions if you are uncomfortable or feel pain. “Queen of the Castle” may be a bit messy so try variations where your partner can be close to you, behind you.
  • Keep snacks nearby – it’s your period and you’re going to be starving after such a big workout!

Orgasming Alone

Of course, you could be in a situation where you will self-pleasure yourself. In those instances, make sure that whatever you use to orgasm is very clean and hygienic, even if you have to use a condom over it to make sure it is completely clean. Always clean yourself afterwards and you will feel amazing!

Final Thought

The best way to keep clean during your period is to wear a menstrual cup. Menstrual cups only need to be changed twice a day. They are easy to wash and can be reused as much as you want. For moments when you are going to be intimate with your partner, the last thing you want him to see is a bloody pad or tampon. Using your menstrual cup during intercourse will make you feel cleaner and more feminine! No mess and no fuss!

At the end of the day you are going to get your period every month, and your partner just has to get used to it. Don’t feel shy about it, and explore sexual territories with your partner while you are menstruating. Your menstrual cycle is something you could actually look forward to!

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