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The leading brand of natural women’s wellness products known as Emerita got its start way back in 1978 with products for the midlife woman, such as their flagship progesterone cream, Pro-Gest. They’ve since spread their wings into other natural products for women, including tampons.


Emerita Tampons at a Glance

  • Made from certified organic cotton
  • Cleaned using chlorine-free methods
  • Rayon-free and hypoallergenic
  • Packaged in recycled materials that are printed with soy-based inks
  • Inserted with a biodegradable applicator
  • Available in a multipack that has all 3 absorbency levels
  • Tampons with applicator – Available
  • Tampons without applicator – N/A

Estimated Price (from company’s website): $9.79 for a 16 regular absorbency tampons

Emerita tampons are made with 100 percent certified organic cotton. They don’t contain any rayon, polyester, fragrances or dyes. They’re also free from pesticide residues and dioxins since they don’t use chlorine bleach but are instead cleaned with a mild hydrogen peroxide solution.

Security Veil Construction

Emerita tampons also have what they call a security veil. It’s a fine, cotton outer mesh that helps keep the fibers in the core of the tampon. This helps to eliminate the risk of fiber shedding during use. Fibers that shed from a tampon can stay inside the vagina and provide places for bacteria to grow, possibly increasing the risk of toxic shock syndrome.

Emerita is one of the few organic tampon brands I’ve seen that give you the convenience of buying a multipack that has different absorbency levels in one box. Their multipack contains 16 regular, 8 super, and 8 super-plus tampons. You don’t have to load up on several boxes of different sized tampons in order to be covered for each day of your period.

Customer Feedback

Customers like that these tampons are certified organic. They also stat that they don’t leak. As with other types of tampons with cardboard applicators, customers complain that the applicator is difficult to use. The general rule is to twist the applicator and push it up a quarter inch before inserting the tampon. This brand is also a bit more expensive than some other organic tampons.

Editor Score: 4.4 out of 5

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