EarthGirl Pads- Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pads

Picture retro-style deer, owls, flowers and mushrooms in one print, and peace signs, paisley and colorful flowers on other prints. Earth Girl Pads are very nicely designed, and many of their pads feature a distinctive wing shape that resembles a leaf.

These reusable menstrual pads are made primarily from environmentally friendly, sustainable cotton. Earth Girl Pads says that their pads should last between three to five years in a rotation of at least 10 pads. These pads are available in a broad range of cute patterns and colors. Additionally, there are several packages to choose from when purchasing Earth Girl Pads.


Special Features

Earth Girl Pads are made from sustainable materials and unlike many other cloth menstrual pads, they have two snaps on the wings that let you adjust it to the width that you need.

Earth Girl Pads:

  • Are made from soft cotton flannel, bamboo and a cotton absorbent core
  • Feature durable wings with adjustable snaps for a custom fit
  • Have a water resistant PUL bottom layer to guard against leaking
  • Are an all-in-one design—no inserts needed
  • Are made by hand in the USA


Benefits & Positive Feedbacks:

Customers like the thin profile of these pads and the traditional pad shape that they have. The two snaps that allow for more adjustability than other brands is also a favorite feature of Earth Girl Pads.

Earth Girl Pads:

  • Feature two snaps for adjustability
  • Are thinner than disposable pads, but absorb better
  • Have a waterproof backing
  • Come in an assortment of fun prints

“The shape of the pad top is just about the exact shape of an Always brand long panty liner (which is what I have been using for years), 3) the top of the pad is stitched neatly and a serger was used for the edging.”

“These are just like the Kotex long pantiliners I was buying. OK maybe a little wider. But very thin and just a slight bit longer. I also love the 2 snaps so you can adjust the size. I wish the other cloth pads had this feature. It is definitely a BIG plus.”


Downsides & Negative Feedbacks:

Some customers say that the PUL backing is too slippery, which causes the pads to move out of place during use. Some reported that the pads didn’t absorb as well as they’d like.

Some cons of these pads include:

  • Waterproof backing causes the pads to slip around too much
  • Since pads are so thin, the moisture may be too close to the skin for some users’ comfort

“Unfortunately, if you’re a bit more active, they do not stay put, they slide around in your underwear.” (

“They do not absorb moisture and draw it away from the skin.” (



About the Company

Earth Girl Pads began in 2008 in Portland, Oregon. Two young women, both mothers, developed the company as part of their dedication to healthy living and to nurturing their families with a sustainable lifestyle. Earth Girl Pads is outspoken about their desire to make products that are beneficial to both women’s bodies and the planet. Their products are used worldwide, including as donations to women in Africa with limited or no access to feminine hygiene products.


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  1. Overall Score

    I’ve been using these for about 6 months. They are great and wash well. Not to bulky. I even bought some for my teenager to try and they are her favorite out of all her cloth!

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  2. Overall Score

    I started using reusable sanitary pads from Earthwise Girls about a month ago and I’m quite pleased so far. They are very comfortable, affordable, most are machine washable and very easy to dry out. I haven’t had any significant leaks and the pads themselves don’t seem to stain very easily, which is great! The three I ordered are holding up after regular daily use and after the past month, I’ve just ordered four more. I think it’s a great thing to be popularising reusable products such as these, especially as there are thousands of disposables that go to landfill every year (and don’t degrade for at least a few decades). The majority of the pads aren’t very bulky, and so they aren’t easily noticeable through clothing ( and as a teenager in the middle of school, I’m pretty happy with that!)

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