Dutchess – Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pads

Dutchess offers a reusable menstrual pad that is the perfect complement to their reusable menstrual cups, and it seems that is their intended purpose: backup for the Dutchess Cup. The pads come in one size that is designed for light-to-medium flow. They also appear to be made in only one pattern.

These pads have wings that snap into place and are about 1/3 of an inch thick. According to Dutchess, their pads contain no bleaching agents or harsh chemicals, and they offer a 12-month warranty on their products against defects or poor workmanship.

Special Features

I haven’t seen many pads that provide charcoal for odor absorption, so I’d say that’s certainly a feature that sets Dutchess pads apart from other brands. These pads seem to be designed specifically for use together with the Dutchess menstrual cup because they don’t come in the variety of sizes and absorbencies that most women would need to cover their entire cycle with pads alone. Bamboo fabrics are very soft and are made from an extremely renewable resource that uses less water than cotton to grow, and has no natural pests. That means that very little to no pesticides are applied to bamboo, unlike cotton which often requires many pesticides to grow successfully.

Dutchess Reusable Bamboo Sanitary Pads:

  • Are made from layers of micro fleece and bamboo cloth
  • Contain odor absorbing activated bamboo charcoal
  • Have a waterproof outer layer
  • Are available in packs of five


Benefits & Positive Feedbacks:

These pads seem to be very soft and nonirritating for most users. People are also reporting that they are extremely absorbent and easy to wash.

Dutchess pads:

  • Are made from a dark fabric that doesn’t show stains
  • Have a waterproof layer that is is truly waterproof
  • Are highly absorbent

“I just got these and ran water over the material to see if it was waterproof. It is. Make sure you are placing the charcoal, absorbent part against your skin.” (Amazon.com)

“The pads are very soft and comfortable; I didn’t have any problems with fit or bunching, shifting, etc. They’re also not uncomfortable hot. I just can’t say enough about these pads, seriously life-changing for me!” (Amazon.com)


Downsides & Negative Feedbacks:

Several customers don’t feel comfortable throwing these into the dryer after washing them because of the waterproof outer layer. Other cons of these pads include:

  • The pads only come in one size and pattern
  • There’s only one snap on the pad, so it’s not adjustable
  • Some users reported a strong “chemical “
  • The pad tends to slide around
  • No information about what the waterproof layer is made of

“These are great but move around a lot. Wish they were a little smaller so they would stay in place better!” (Amazon.com)

“A bit bigger than I expected. But so far they seem OK.” (Amazon.com)



About the Company

There’s not much information to be found about Dutchess online; however, they appear to be based in Portland, Oregon going by their contact address. Their products are manufactured in both China and the United States. Dutchess also sells Wet Bags. These waterproof bags are designed to hold their reusable menstrual pads and cups.


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    These are awesome. I got a deal when I ordered the Dutchess Menstrual Cups at Amazon and ordered another set of Light and Medium Flow and Heavy flow ones. They gave me a nice discount! The pads are soft and robust, I use the Heavy Flow Pads most and Ive had them for around 2 years. They have been through hot wash and tumble dryer and I just love how they feel and the security I feel over night. They never smell, can be folded into a nice package and you can even store in them in the Dutchess WetBags purpose built for Menstrual Pads when they’re used and one for when they are unused while out and about. The pattern is pretty too!

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  2. Overall Score

    While I absolutely LOVE the pads I do believe there is something in the waterproof layer that doesn’t agree with me. I had flu-like symptoms when I used them which went away when I removed them. This is the exact same reaction I have to tampons. Is there any rayon in the pads? I’m so disappointed because I was excited to use them but I will need to be shopping for ones that are all cotton I think. Where can we find the material?

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