Does Your Cervical Height Change During Your Period?

What You Need to Know About Cervical Position and Height During Your Period?

Many women go through life, experiencing periods, experiencing sex and everything that goes on with being a woman without knowing certain parts of their anatomy when it comes to sex and periods.

I mean, how many of us actually take a mirror, open up and look what’s really going on down there. And, sometimes, it can look overwhelming, as it does look somewhat like a flower with so many parts.



Although the cervix is a very important part of the female reproductive tract, many women are not fully aware of what it is and where it is located. Reading this article will not only familiarize yourselves with this organ but will also give you some background information, making the article easier to grasp.



What’s important to remember, is that your cervix may move during your period. Due to this, we asked 30K women about their cervical position, and cervical height change during their period. We got all these results from our menstrual cup quiz, which you can take as well!


We asked the following:

Question 1 – “During the beginning of your period, what is the approximate height of your cervix?”

From that question, 57% knew and a whopping 43% did not know.

Ladies, I think it’s time we all investigated our bodies and intimate lady parts better, especially during our periods! Now, among the people who did know, the answers came back varied, of course, as every woman’s body is different:

Among the people who did know their cervical position:

Interestingly, among the 57% of people who knew, the biggest majority (39%) said “medium”.

Still what was extraordinary, was the fact that 43% did not know what their cervical height was. So, we had to question, did they even know what a cervix is? If you are still confused about what exactly a cervix is here’s a video explaining everything you need to know!

How to locate and measure your cervix:

We wondered why so many people don’t know where their cervix is during their period and looked at it from different angles.

We questioned things like:

  • Has it got anything to do with aging and life experience?
  • Do you get to know your body more as you get older?
  • Does it possibly have anything to do with pregnancy?

Perhaps, does it have anything to do with the fact that when people start using menstrual cups? which are becoming more and more popular by the day – they learn more about their bodies, their cervixes as well as cervixes’ positions.

We looked at certain things:


Teens – up to 17:

18 to 30 years old:

31 to 40 years old:

41+ years of age:

The conclusion here was: The older you get, the more you will know about anything related to your period and your cervix.


Among those women that DID NOT give birth:

Women who had a baby (Vaginally or C-section):

The conclusion here was: There seems to be a slight positive change about women’s knowledge regarding their cervix height once they gave birth, BUT, then again this also could be due to aging and life experience (as we saw in the previous section), and not necessarily related to the experience of giving birth.

Menstrual Cup User?

Among women that are not using menstrual cups:

Among women that started using menstrual cups:

As you can see, the information we gathered here is that 50% of women that are new to using menstrual cups will not know their cervix height, while 72 % from those that started using it are aware of where their cervix was during their period!

It seems that by using a menstrual cup, women become more aware of where their cervix is!

Question 2 – “Do you feel a definite change in the cervix height during the beginning of your period to the end of your period?”

These were the answers we received:

From Very Low Cervix Position:

What we gathered from this information is that women who have a very low cervix position at the beginning of their period, on average, have the same cervix position at the end of it.

However, most the women that experienced a change in cervix position during their period, claimed that their cervix went up, but in most cases only to a medium position, and not higher.

From Low Cervix Position:

What we gathered here was that for most women, if their cervix is in a low position, that during their period it will stay low, but can move to a high position (although not very high).

From Medium Cervix Position:

It appears that those with a medium position cervix found no significant change, and their cervix remained comfortably in its medium position.

However, for those women that claimed there was a major change showed that their cervix either shifted to a very high position or very low position. This was equal for both, either very high, or very low.

From High Cervix Position:

We see in most cases here, there will be no difference. It will either stay in its current position, or move to a medium position or low, but never really to a major extreme, which would be a very low position.

From Very High Cervix Position:

What we can conclude here is that the majority experienced no difference of cervix movement, while only a few said that their cervix moved to a medium location.

Only 1% said it moved to low, while hardly any experienced the cervix moving to very low – It would be a very major move for the cervix to move from a very high position to a very low position.

Regarding People Who Did Not Know The Answer Regarding Their Cervical Change:

What we gathered, is that it is easier for women who have a low, or very low cervix to be able to know whether or not their cervix had changed position or not during their period, as opposed to women with a medium to very high cervix.

We assume that it is just easier for women with a low or very low-positioned cervix to be aware of its location during their period, due to the location of the cervix, and the distance to the vaginal opening.

These women are just more aware of its location and movement.

Although we could still gather that information, it was quite staggering that such a high percentage of women could not answer the simple question of whether or not their cervix changed position during their period. 41% to 45% of the lower cervix position women, and 61% to 63% of the higher cervix position, wrote that they do not know.

What Could Be The Reason For This?

What it boils down to is pure anatomy. When it comes to men, it is easier to see, feel, and touch the private or sexual parts of the anatomy. It is obvious, everything is displayed and on show.

However, for women it is not that simple. There are so many parts to a woman’s vagina and what goes on inside.

When women look down, they simply see the outside of the vagina. Feeling inside, or looking at it with a mirror can really be overwhelming.

It simply comes down to content and education. Women need to be exposed to more material, at a young age, that educates them about their cervix, so that they are fully aware.



That’s where menstrual cups come in! By using menstrual cups, it is much easier to have a self-awareness of where the cervix is, as cervix location has such an important role in the choice of a menstrual cup.

That is why, if you are new to menstrual cups, and locating your cervix, it’s better to get the option of 2 sizes. That way you will always be covered because your cervix may even change location during your period, which means the cup you thought would work may not be so valid!

What do you think? Do you think cervix knowledge during one’s period will be easier once you start using menstrual cups? Leave us a comment at the bottom of this page and let us know. We appreciate all your feedback!


All of us women are different, and as you age and get older and wiser, you may be more knowledgeable regarding your cervix.



However, it is very noticeable that by using a menstrual cup, you will be forced (in a positive way) to learn more about your specific body and anatomy, which is a great experience!

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