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Diva Cup Sizes and Models

The Diva Cup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in Canada. It is made of Silicon and comes in 3 different sizes/models:
Diva Cup
Model 0 (S)
40 mm
67 mm
56 mm
11 mm
17 ml
23 ml
3.5 /5
4 /5
3.5 /5
Diva Cup
Model 1 (M)
43 mm
67 mm
56 mm
11 mm
20 ml
27 ml
3.5 /5
3.5 /5
3.5 /5
Diva Cup
Model 2 (L)
45 mm
67 mm
56 mm
11 mm
25 ml
30 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
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Description Videos and User Reviews

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The Divacup is one of the first menstrual cups to ever be manufactured, and is actually the only brand of its kind to receive the ISO 13485:2003 certification (a regulatory standard for quality of medical devices that is difficult to achieve.)

It has earned a viable reputation for being a safe medical device, has earned countless awards, and received the highest accreditation for being a quality-certified, feminine hygiene product.

Ever since the beginning of time, women have been plagued when their monthly time comes to pay a visit. Although menstrual cups have been around for nearly a century, it was only recently that they started becoming more recognized as an ideal option for personal female hygiene purposes.

“Divacup Made for Women, by a Woman”

The Divacup works simply as a shield that is easily placed into the vaginal canal to collect menstrual fluid and can be used as an alternative to tampons and sanitary napkins by women. It is economically sound, eco-friendly, convenient, and a most reliable solution to the common “period woes” we experience time and time again.


Divacup Models

The Divacup Comes in two sizes for your convenience.

1. Divacup Size 1- Pre-baby or for women under age of 30

The first Divacup model (Size 1) is specifically for women who have not had a child, teenagers (who already use tampons), and women who are under the age of 30 years old. The bell on the Size 1 Divacup is shaped a tad smaller than the (Size 2) which is made for women who have reached the age of 30 or had a child.







2. Divacup Size 2- Post-baby or for women over the age of 30

As you know women who have had children previously or that have been more active sexually may be shaped a bit differently internally as a result. There is a special model (Size 2) for women of this category who are either 30 years or older or have had a child. The bell and shape on this size allows for a larger expansion and is constructed a bit bigger than Size 1 to accommodate (the natural after-process of childbirth, sexual activity, and aging.)







Divacup Special Features

The Divacup boasts a number of features that makes it unique when compared to other similar products:

  • Tested and Certified for Safety and Quality
  • Non-Toxic, Silicon Based, and Latex Free
  • Original “Menstrual Cup”
  • Developed and Created by a Woman
  • Sold and Highly Acclaimed All Over the World
  • Easy Grip Feature for Seamless Insertion and Removal
  • Extra Durable for Longevity of Use


Divacup Benefits for Women

The Divacup is designed so that it may be used beneficially, comfortably, conveniently, and safely. It supplies a number of benefits including:

Cost-Sparing: The Divacup in comparison to other feminine hygiene products (used for the same purpose) is economically ideal, because it is initially inexpensive and is reusable.
Eco-Friendly: Tampons and sanitary pads are not environmentally friendly and are difficult for the eco-system to break down. However- with the Divacup being reusable, it saves the environment from the paper-waste that accumulates from use of other non-recyclable hygiene products.
Safe to Wear up to 12 Hours: The Divacup has been thoroughly tested and is strictly silicone-based and is not made up of anything toxic that may pose health risks. You can wear it safely for up to 12 hours without the hassle of bathroom breaks every two hours.
Odor Inhibiting: The Divacup boasts the attribute of capturing odors before they become air-born, so wearing one can help you to contain the unpleasant scents that menstruation can cause.


Down-Side to the Divacup

Difficulty With Insertion at First – Although the Divacup is made to conform to any woman’s body (both sizes pre-baby and post-baby), some users have reported feeling a squishy sensation or like it is going to fall right out.This is a common complaint of using any menstrual cup that will occur when the cup is not inserted correctly. You may also experience leakage when the placement of the cup is not ideal. It may take a few times before you get the hang of inserting it properly all the way up to the cervix, but overall once you learn the trick- it will become a cinch to use.
Manual Cleaning of the Divacup – Another negative attribute to using the Divacup is the cleaning aspect of it. Since the Divacup is reusable, one must wash it regularly between uses. The care and washing of the Divacup may be a deal-breaker for some who are squeamish about stuff like this. But when the overall advantages of sparing harm to the environment, decreasing feminine hygiene expenses, and saving hassle & time are considered- for most the cleaning part is hardly anything to scoff about.

NOTE: The manufacturer of Divacup also offers a like-quality product- DivaWash, which you can purchase to keep your Divacup clean.









Frequently Asked Questions about Divacup

The premise behind using Divacup can be intimidating for people who are unacquainted with menstrual cups as a sanitary option. This skepticism can garner a number of questions that prevent a person from trying a menstrual cup on for size for themselves. We have addressed a few common questions that typical consumers have regarding Divacup:

“Is it painful to use a Divacup?”

No. Divacup is specifically designed with a soft-silicone to gently envelope your cervix. It can be easily and most comfortably be inserted. Most users bar no complaints about discomfort with Divacup use.

DivaCup Instructions- Click to Download PDF >>


“Can the Divacup get stuck inside me?”

Divacup consists of ridged-like that enable it to be removed easily and safely.

“How long does a single Divacup last?”

The general life-span of a Divacup is one year. This is an average and is solely dependent upon individual circumstances.

“Can I use the Divacup during intercourse?”

No. The Divacup can be worn during urination and while having bowel movements safely. However, it is advised to remove it before having intercourse. It also should not be used as a method of birth control.

“Can the Divacup Cause Toxic Shock Syndrome?”

Unlike tampons, the Divacup does not cause Toxic Shock Syndrome. There is no BPA, toxins, or dyes in the Divacup which pose any health risks to you.

“Is the Divacup easy to care for?”

Yes. the Divacup care instructions make it very clear that the maintenance and care for the Divacup are very simple.

“How Does the Divacup Work?”

The Divacup is a bell-shaped cup that collects and captures menstrual fluid. It is unlike tampons and pads that absorb fluid. It is placed on the inside of your vagina.



What Divacup Consumer Reviews Say

The Divacup has become a firm “monthly sanitary solution” for thousands of women all over the world, and comes highly recommended by countless consumer reviews that consistently rate Divacup with 4-5 stars.





Here is one of many customer reviews that we found that demonstrates a more than positive consumer experience with the Divacup:

 “Once I was up to speed on how to use it, I FELL IN LOVE with my menstrual cup!  I always used to be forgetting to tuck a couple tampons in my purse, or panicking because I’d lost count of the hours since I put one in.  Because it’s always with me, and only needs changing once or twice a day, I never have to worry about it anymore!  More than anything else, I just feel freedom!  I don’t have to worry about my period anymore.”

Source for Comment- http://www.greenideareviews.com/2012/05/27/using-the-diva-menstrual-cup-review-does-it-work/


About DivaCup® Company

The Divacup company and its products were founded and developed by Francine Chambers, a woman on a mission to provide a sound feminine hygiene product alternative to tampons and sanitary napkins. Francine became a strong advocate for menstrual cups, and partnered with her daughter, Carinne, to design her own models. In 2001 the company and the Divacup was established making Francine’s dream a reality.

In the 14 years since the innovative release of the Divacup, Francine and Carinne succeeded in pioneering the Divacup, menstrual cup. It has become as a feminine hygiene staple all over the world, and is the only menstrual cup that can sold in Canada. The Divacup is now one of the most recognized brands of menstrual cups of all others as it continues to be a premium-quality, menstrual hygiene solution for women and to deliver unprecedented satisfaction to women who like Francine, wanted a viable alternative to the “ick factor” of tampons and pads.


The Divacup: Is it a Hit or Miss?

The Divacup is one of a thousand menstrual cup types & brands that are produced these days. However after extensive research, it can be safely said that it is a top-notch feminine hygiene product. The rave reviews from women all over the world along with the company’s outstanding reputation speaks volumes about the product’s overall ability to deliver satisfaction on a multitude of levels.

At first the concept of using a menstrual cup may come foreign to you, but more and more women are choosing Divacup as their choice feminine hygiene option above all others- because it delivers innumerable benefits, is manufactured by a credible company, is proven safe & effective for its purpose, and carries very little adversities.

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  1. Overall Score

    Absolutely horrible. After inserting and adjusting a million times the stem was irritating no matter how far in or out I put it. Also within seconds of inserting I instantly felt the urge to pee when I had just gone and this feelimg did not subside. Pulling it out was the worst part. Most painful feeling I’ve ever felt in that area. NEVER AGAIN. Waste of $40.

    + PROS: -Easy insertion
    - CONS: -Discomfort at vaginal opening -constant urge to pee -painful removal
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  2. Overall Score

    The Diva Cup was my first cup. I’ve been using it for over a year now and it has made life so much easier and less disgusting. I use the small size, I’m a virgin in my 20s and I was sore at first until my hymen stretched to accommodate it. I was also aiming it wrong at first so shoving it into the walls or hymen instead of where there was space. I also first tried it when I wasn’t menstruating, and it seems to fit a lot better when I’m near that time. There was a learning curve but it is worth it for the cleanliness, comfort, and freedom a menstrual cup provides. Instead of packing tons of menstrual products in a travel bag and worrying about leaking on guestbeds, I just bring this little thing, a few reusable cloth pads, and some period panties and there are never any ruined clothes or beds, plus more room in my bag and less embarrassing things stored there. Cups don’t have that period smell pads or tampons do, and you’re not sitting in your own blood and smelling it.

    + PROS: Made of safe, quality silicon Comes with storage bag Packing can be recycled
    - CONS: Hollow stem Might be a little firm for some people
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  3. Overall Score

    I forget im on my period when ive got the diva cup in!

    + PROS: Doesnt leak Cant feel it Lasts 12 hrs at a time Easy to put in
    - CONS: Bit slippey to get hold of
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  4. Overall Score

    I orginally heard about this product from my mom many years ago but was always grossed out at the idea of it. Unfortunately at 28, I am dealing with blood clots in my period due to anemia (along with a very heavy flow) so tampons and pads were no longer enough after a few accidents.

    THIS PRODUCT IS A LIFE CHANGER. It is pricey…and there is a learning curve…but with an open mind and practice it is worth it…the key is to RELAX! RELAX! RELAX!! My first attempt was a disaster because I was too tense…I had to use coconut oil as lube to insert it and when it was time to remove it, I couldn’t get that sucker out!! It was as if my walls vacuumed it up and wouldn’t let go Lol!! I beat up my poor vagina for an hour clawing in it, (attempting to use tweezers at one point…OUCH!). Don’t try and pull it out only from the tip! YOU HAVE TO RELAX!!! Squeeze the bottom of the actual cup to release some suction…BEAR DOWN and gently wiggle it out.

    Now I have no issues popping it in and out when needed. I only have to change it in the morning, at lunch, and before bed…and I have an extremely heavy flow. In the stall at work, I use gentle baby wipes to clean up (if I need it)….and I use a liner as back up but have had no leaks. It is a bit empowering to know how much actual blood there is (I know weird).

    I actually find it much more sanitary and convenient. I am ecstatic to have no more leaks!! It is a must TRY!!! Wish I had found it earlier.

    + PROS: -convenient -sanitary -less wasteful
    - CONS: -pricey -tough learning curve in the beginning
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  5. Overall Score

    This was my first cup, and I bought it almost a year ago because I could get it in a physical store so that I could look at it.

    First, the price is super high compared to other brands.

    Second, it’s not very big. I had to empty this at least 3 times a day to prevent leaks.

    Overall though, I do like the cup. The only real downside for me was the grip at the bottom. It’s hollow inside which can make it really hard to grip when it’s slippery. That being said, I have 3 menstrual cups and this is my second favorite cup.

    + PROS: Works well
    - CONS: Not enough sizes/not big enough. Not a very good grip on the bottom.
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  6. I finally caved and bought the DivaCup yesterday.. today is my first day trialling it; so these are first opinions only..

    So far, I really like it. Being 27 and childless, I opted for cup 1 – and although the size of the thing in the packaging made me think “how the hell am I going to get this thing inside me?!”, I gave it a go and found out a few things.

    1. The second way of folding (pushing one side down into the cup) worked way better for me than the first method (squishing the rim into a C shape).

    2. It is at the same time very similar and very different to inserting a tampon – you gotta hold your lips apart but you also have to hold onto the cup sides as you slip it in.

    3. Letting the cup open too early (ie just inside your vagina) IS VERY UNCOMFORTABLE… but I have thus far only made this mistake once.

    4. I can still feel the cup (more the stem actually) inside me.. not sure if this means it’s not in far enough, or maybe I’m just sensitive (also a big possibility), but I can feel it. Not uncomfortable though, and kinda reassuring to know it hasn’t moved.

    5. Getting the cup out is WAY easier with short nails and if you do it in little stages (grab the stem, pull slightly until you can get a better grip; pull the stem a little more until you can get your index finger and thumb around the base of the cup itself, squeeze the cup to break the seal (and semi-squish the rim) and extract). And you still need to hold your lips open.. it’s an interesting process not made easier by being in a tiny toilet room in the middle of a heatwave in a Queensland summer; but whatever.

    6. Being able to move around without pad chafe or the sticking feeling of a still-dry tampon in your lady parts is priceless. I had a pantyliner in just to catch any possible mess, but so far so good!

  7. Overall Score

    I have been using the cup for 2 months now and am happy with it. It DOES take practice inserting and removing (I had to use a mirror at first) but it definitely gets easier.
    The instructions say it should be rotated once it’s inserted, to get suction and prevent leaks- I haven’t actually been able to do this once. I find it very hard to rotate it once it’s inserted but it hasn’t been an issue for me, I’ve had no leakage at all.
    I mostly love the the eco-friendliness of these sorts of cups, all that landfill from sanitary products is nuts. Also the fact it can stay in for so long without worrying about replacing or leaking etc, extremely handy.

    + PROS: Ecofriendly Money saving Don't have to worry about replacing every few hours!!!
    - CONS: Takes a while to get used to it.
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  8. Overall Score

    My only regret with the Diva cup is that I did not use it sooner! It’s honestly the best way to deal with your period, period! I was hesitant at first just due to the gross factor. Although, it’s really not gross at all. I actually find it more clean than using pads or tampons. Pulling out a blooded soaked, sweaty tampon (that also probably has pee all over the string) is much more disgusting. Then of course you either plug up your whole plumbing in your house or roll it up it toilet paper to try to hide in the garbage. Ever been to a friends house that didn’t have a garbage in their bathroom ??? It’s happened! The thing about the diva cup is it is the most discreet way to hide your period! No more secretly running to the bathroom at a public gathering or guests house with your entire purse or a tampon ! Plus you can wear it for up to 12 hours! It’s better environmentally friendly! I find it takes a bit of practice to get it right when you first start using it. I am 28 and I don’t have any children so I bought size 1, which is a great fit. I did find the cup a bit firm on the first couple uses. The firmness can make it a bit hard to insert and get it to pop open properly. It is essential that the cup opens up properly and seals entirely to avoid leaks. I did have some leakage my first go with it so I do recommend wearing a pad your first time with it! That was the only time it did leak and the problem was it did fully open up to suction properly. The instructions I found to be very good. I found the C method the best way for me, it opens up every time that way. The instructions say once it’s inserted to give it a turn to make it seal, although I find that very hard ! I just wiggle it around and that does the trick. I find your first go at it to soak it in hot water for 5 mins and rolling it around in your hand to make it a bit more flexible. After you use it a few times it does become more flexible, easier to insert and opens easily ! One thing I must stress is I would say to be experienced with tampons first. If you are a pad only person it may be quite the adjustment. Especially if you aren’t sexually active. Use tampons for awhile first and woke your way up to it. It’s worth the switch over though. Don’t give up! Once you got it down it works perfectly. It’s game changer ! I can’t stress how much better it is. It’s so comfortable ! Learn how to use it and you will be better off. Just take your time with it! It’s an amazing product. 5 stars !

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  9. Overall Score

    I got this cup about 10 months ago and I still use it every cycle. I’ve really come to dislike it as time goes on. At first, I loved it but I realized it sort of crushes my cervix when i sit and it’s very painful. I do not wear it on my first day of my period. It has started to leak every time no matter how many times i turn it. Pulling it out has become more of a hassle as it hurts my wrists. I’ve just learned to deal with it because pads chafe me too much and I don’t like to spend money on them. Does anyone have more recommendations on other cups to try?

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  10. Overall Score

    This product is fantastic. I do find that I cramp more and it gives me an ideal of how much I actually bleed per month. I actually feel cleaner. And I love it not leaking. Even with the most absorbent tampon I leaked. Not with this!!! The biggest con is the lack of advertisement. I am 47 and just now learned about it. I am on the edge of being Menopausal and just now finding this out?? Had if found out sooner I would have used this from day 1!!!!

    + PROS: It doesn't leak. And is easy to use. And saves money. Its a pity I did not know about this when I was younger. I would have used this from day one!!
    - CONS: I can feel it when I walk and its low in my vagina. I sometimes feel like I am leaking even when I am not. Not advertised enough!! I am 47 and just now found out about the Diva cup.
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