Diamond Cup ® Review – Is it a Winner or Loser?

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The feminine hygiene market experienced a flood of newly released menstrual cup brands in 2015 alone. The Diamond cup is one of the cup brands that was introduced last year to women seeking a healthier, and less costly alternative to bulky pads, and uncomfortable tampons.

It offers many of the basic features that other cups possess, and is more standard than some of the fancier alternatives.

However, many cup advocates have already performed their reviews on the diamond cup and have rated it generously for being effective, comfortable, easy to use, and affordable.

To see how other consumers unbiasedly ranked and rated this cup, we have gathered the facts to present them to in order to help you decide if this is a menstrual cup you may want to try.



Diamond Cup: Specs

The Diamond Cup is comprised of high grade silicone that is of medical grade. It is only made in the clear color. It has a relatively small bell in both sizes that it is offered in (small) and (large).

It features a flat tab (stick’ish) stem that may be trimmed down.



Sizes of the Diamond Cup

The Diamond Cup, is made and offered in two unique sizes only small and large.

Small: The small size is recommended for women who have not had a vaginal birth or for a woman that has had a c-section and that is younger than 30. It can accommodate a light to medium flow.

Large: This large size is recommended for women who are of a more mature age (30 years or older) and that have experienced a vaginal birth previously.

Note: Unfortunately we have searched everywhere to provide you with the finer details on the sizing specs for this cup, but were unable to find any of the measurements through our extensive investigation.

Insertion demonstration (learn more here):



Diamond Cup:
Features and Attributes

We took a long, in-depth look at the various features and attributes that this menstrual cup offers to you, and thought you would be interested in the following noted most commonly:

  • Clear, menstrual cup that has the common flat tab stem that can be trimmed
  • Sizes available small and large (“Princess” and “Emerald”).
  • FDA approved, BPA FREE, silicone-based
  • Competitively priced 60% lower than most popular brand cups
  • Garnered viable Amazon rating of 4.3-4.7
  • Claims to be manufactured in USA

Manufacturer Gives Back to Charities from Profits Earned from sales of this cup



What You Get in the Box

  • 1 diamond cup in choice of 1 size.
  • 1 satin storage pouch
  • 1 set of instructions




Diamond Cup: Pros

After looking through hundreds of reviews given about the Diamond Cup, we discovered that the most prominently named pros and advantages from reviewers and advocates of this menstrual cup were the following:

The silicone is pliable but very soft and squishy
The menstrual cup is easy to clean
The cup seals easily & powerfully and contributes to its leak-proof qualities
The cup is less expensive than the older more recognized brands
The diamond cup ships out fast and arrives promptly
The stem is short and doesn’t poke or cause discomfort and can be altered
Claimed to be a good first menstrual cup for newbees


Diamond Cup: Cons

When we looked at the low ratings, we found that some diamond cup users disliked the cup and rated it poorly because:

Some reviewers have stated that the cup is sometimes difficult to pop open and the learning curve may be a bit steeper than when using other menstrual cups.
Difficult removal as seal is very strong and some claim the cup is very slippery (with no grip lines like in the product images), although the strong seal can advocate for better leak protection.



Diamond Cup: Customer Ratings and Reviews

Out of about 160 reviews on Amazon and other reviews we perused scattered about the net on the Diamond Cup, this cup was given an average 4.5 rating. From its reviewers only 6% rated it below 4 stars.
Here are just a few remarks that users had that we want to share with you:

“Great great great! I have a heavy flow and actually had to test this out halfway into a Disneyland trip over Christmas break. I was worried that I’d be walking the park with a stain, but from opening to closing not one leak!!! As a first time experience this was fabulous! Also, for any women that are worried about comfort, you barely even notice.” (Blaine H, Amazon.com)

“The cup makes periods seem much less gross and dramatic. I never experienced discomfort, and I have a pretty small vagina. At times I forgot I even had my period because I couldn’t feel the cup the way you can sometimes feel tampons. Biggest things to remember are to relax upon insertion and removal. You can easily use your muscles to help push out the cup if you can’t get a good grasp on it, but then relax when breaking the seal and pulling it the rest of the way out.” (Molly H, Amazon.com)

“I’ve used this cup for several months now, and I love it. I was scared it would leak and cause me embarrassment but it hasn’t leaked even once. It’s easy to clean, easy to remove and insert.” (Kaley Stevens, Amazon.com)


Online Videos from YouTube:



Diamond Cup: FAQS

We understand that every woman may have certain questions that they seek answers to in regards to a menstrual cup product, and to oblige you here is a list of FAQS regarding the Diamond Cup:
Is the Diamond Cup available online?

Yes. It can be purchased discreetly online and purchased through the official website or through Amazon marketplace.

Is the Diamond cup suitable for a young woman who has no children?

Yes. The smaller size in the cup can be used by a woman who has a light period or that has never had a child vaginally. Caution should be used when young adults who are virgins use the cup as the cup can compromise the hymen.

Is the Diamond Cup easy to use?

According to some users they like the cup because after the learning curve it is easy to insert and remove. However, other users have stated that sometimes removal can be a chore as the seal is quite strong.

Does the Diamond Cup have to be boiled before being used for the first time?

Yes. The Diamond Cup should be boiled and sterilized before being used for the first time after receiving it in the mail.

Is the Diamond Cup offered in different colors?

No. The Diamond cup is BPA free and is only made in the clear cup hue.

Is the Diamond cup easy to stain?

The Diamond Cup is clear so it can accrue stains after extended use, however with proper care, rinsing, sterilization, and storage- the diamond cup is claimed to be very durable.




Diamond Cup Company Info

The Diamond Cup manufacturer is said to be located in China, however this menstrual cup is registered with the FDA in the USA for safe use as a feminine hygiene protection product. Since its debut sometime in 2016 the diamond cup, menstrual cup has garnered many positive reviews by users who claim that the Diamond cup out-performs other menstrual cups in comparison.




Diamond Cup: The Bottom Line

The Diamond cup has demonstrated that it has many positive features and plenty of pros that make it a fine contender with some of the older brands of menstrual cups. It offers the user comfort, affordability, and appears to be highly effective at providing leak-proof protection for women of all types. It also has a very low percentage of low ratings accounting and providing testament for its short list of adversities.

If you have been wanting to try an affordable newly launched cup brand, the Diamond cup could be the deal-changer that delivers you exactly what you need from a menstrual cup.


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