Choosing the Right Crystal for Your Yoni Egg

You may choose to try yoni eggs for any number of reasons. Perhaps you want to improve your pleasure in the bedroom. Perhaps you want to strengthen your pelvic wall and decrease incontinence. Or perhaps you’re just curious to see what the hype is all about.

But once you settle on a size and a distributer, you have another choice to make: What material would you like your yoni egg to be made of? While you have probably heard about the physical benefits of yoni eggs, you may not know that there are many metaphysical properties tied to them as well.

Different yoni eggs are composed of different types of crystals, and each type of crystal has a different mystical or healing quality associated with it.

Some of these attributes may have contemporary origins, but it’s undeniable that crystals have played a vital function in the sacred practices of ancient civilizations. From China to Greece to Egypt, crystals have been used in spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years.

By exploring the history, properties, and ethical acquisition of popular crystals, you can choose the yoni egg that is perfect for you.

What is “Yoni”?

The Yoni is a symbol that comes from Hinduism. At its most literal, it means “vagina,” but it also relates to ideas of home, the womb, and the source of all life. It’s a powerful image in Hinduism. It represents the feminine energy behind all life and, when paired with the depiction of the god Shiva, equates to balance and regeneration.

This is why a yoni egg is not just meant for physical health and improvement. It is also an object associated with the immensely powerful and sacred attributes that are found in all women.

Do Crystals Hold Power?

Debates about whether or not gemstones can really protect or grant special powers to the people who wear or use them are still taking place today.

There is a long history of gemstones and crystals being used as amulets and objects of power. As far back as 4500 BC, the ancient Sumerians were using minerals and precious stones to craft objects and potions for healing. The ancient Egyptians used gemstones to attract love and guide their dead through the underworld, while the Greeks used crystals for everything from protecting themselves in battle to avoiding hangovers.

But is there any science to support these ideas?

Crystal advocates claim there is. You most likely use something called piezoelectricity in your everyday life. It’s what allows quartz watches, microphones, and ultrasounds to work. Piezoelectricity is when crystals act as a sort of miniature battery. They store, transfer, and produce energy. Some scientists even theorize that energy could be “harvested” from crystals for later use.

So, for those who believe that there is literal power in emotion and intent, crystals are a way to harness positive energy, enhance desirable attributes, and protect against negative elements.

Some crystals are seen as especially beneficial for your health and spiritual wellbeing. Here are a few common ones you might encounter in your search for the right yoni egg.

1. Nephrite Jade: Balance and Wellbeing

Nephrite jade is one of the most popular materials for yoni eggs. This may be because of how revered jade is in Chinese culture, where many believe yoni eggs originated. Jade can come in a multitude of colors and transparencies, but nephrite jade is usually mostly opaque and a dark, rich green.

Nephrite jade is associated with the kidneys and is believed to be able to improve kidney health and prevent kidney stones. But it is also considered a cleansing crystal, capable of purging the blood of toxins.

In this way, nephrite jade is seen as a sort of filter for both the body and the soul. It mitigates the poisons we may find in our emotions, mindsets, and everyday lives. It’s not a stone that promises passion or euphoria. Instead, its purpose is to take the sting out of any negativity we may be experiencing so that we can remain balanced, steady, and strong during difficult times.

Why a Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg?

Because of its perceived ability to rid the body of toxins, nephrite jade is an excellent choice if you suffer from reproductive health issues. Its placement within the yoni can also grant you the endurance to cleanse any negativity directed towards your feminine self, whether from the outside world or from within your own mind.

2. Rose Quartz: Love and Sensuality

Known as the “love stone,” it’s quite obvious why rose quartz is a popular material for yoni eggs. It is a light-pink stone that is either transparent or semi-transparent. It’s easily obtainable and popular among many crystal healing practitioners.

Physically, rose quartz is supposed to improve circulation and (surprise, surprise) heart health. It’s also seen as a natural aphrodisiac.

But its most powerful properties are associated with the metaphorical heart, not the physical one. Most obviously, it can be used as a talisman to attract romantic love. But it’s not just a stone for lovers. It’s also used to enhance the connection we feel with the world, our fellow human beings, and even ourselves. It is renowned as a powerful mender of broken hearts.

Why a Rose Quartz Yoni Egg?

As a natural matchmaker and aphrodisiac, rose quartz is an excellent option for a yoni egg.  It can help you find a new romantic partner, improve the sexual relationship you already have, or enhance your pleasure in the bedroom. It can also assist you in building a more loving bond with you own yoni.

3. Obsidian: Barrier and Portal

Obsidian has one of the most interesting origins on this list. It’s a form of magma that has cooled very quickly into a black, hard, and often shiny stone. It has a variety of physical and metaphysical uses that are unique from other crystals.

Obsidian is considered a grounding stone, which means that it can help you reconnect with the earth and those things that are truly important in life. This “grounding” can likewise pull you away from bad physical habits and addictions.

A bit like Nephrite Jade, obsidian can also help with the negativity you experience in your day to day life. But instead of balancing these harmful energies, it blocks them altogether. This can be especially helpful if you are constantly exposed to toxic individuals, stressful environments, or situations that are out of your control.

On the flipside, obsidian is also seen as a strong psychic enhancer. In the past, its polished black surface was used for scrying. It can guide you in making decisions about your future and give insight into the problems that plague your life.

Why an Obsidian Yoni Egg?

Like Nephrite Jade, obsidian yoni eggs help block negative energy directed towards your identity as a woman. But it can also lend power to what others may call “womanly intuition.” Psychic aptitude and a heightened insight into the minds and motivations of others are often associated with feminine energies. Obsidian yoni eggs have the potential to heighten your perception of the world around you.

4. Amethyst: Clarity and Calm

Amethyst is a lovely purple stone that is extremely popular in its raw form, as an amulet, and as a yoni egg. It is another form of quartz and is thus considered extremely powerful.

It’s capable of absorbing, storing, and distributing a great deal of positive power. It can be used to energize your body or boost your immune system. When placed in your bedroom, it can help you obtain better, more peaceful sleep.

Spiritually, amethyst is like sunlight burning away an early morning fog. Amethyst adds clarity to situations that may otherwise seem murky. It amplifies logic and dampens any emotions that may be interfering with your ability to make decisions. It can also be used to heighten intuition and psychic perceptions.

Why an Amethyst Yoni Egg?

If you feel as if you’re always running low on energy, an amethyst yoni egg might be the right choice for you. This is especially true if your fatigue is tied to your hormones or monthly cycle. An amethyst yoni egg may be able to provide you with the power to push through extended or severe exhaustion. It can also clear your mind if you have a big decision hanging over your head.

5. Carnelian: Royalty and Creativity

Favored everywhere from Europe to the Middle East, carnelian has been a popular stone for centuries among nobility and religious leaders. Its marbled and amberlike appearance is often associated with lions and fire, which merge the traits of bravery and passion.

When used in healing long ago, it was also tied to blood disorders. It was sometimes prescribed for nosebleeds and skin disorders, but it was also an early remedy for PMS.

Kings often sported carnelian baubles, and some even claim that the Prophet Mohammed wore one of these stones on his right hand. The gem imbues its wearer with strength, courage, and leadership. It can also fan the flames of creativity.

Why a Carnelian Yoni Egg?

If you’re looking to add a little fire to your spirit, a carnelian yoni egg might be right for you. Afterall, who doesn’t want to feel like a queen? A carnelian yoni egg can lend you confidence and help reignite a creative passion you once thought was lost.

One Last Thing – Where Do These Crystals Come From?

The healing crystal craze, yoni eggs included, can enrich your life and give you the chance to experiment with different ways to improve your physical and spiritual health. But it can also harm our earth and the people we share it with.

In poor countries, crystal mining is often unregulated and dangerous. This is especially true in countries like Madagascar, where local rainforests are lost to mining and 80% of the minerals mined are done so by impoverished individuals and families. They receive very little pay for what can be a treacherous and deadly job.

If you are concerned about the ethics of where materials for your yoni eggs come from, you can check product descriptions or contact businesses directly. Companies like Gemstone Yoni Eggs are doing their part by listing the sources of their materials alongside the merchandise they sell.

So Which Yoni Egg is Right for Me?

I may have given you a short rundown on some of the most popular crystals used in making yoni eggs, but the truth is that you are the only one who can tell which material is right for you. Even crystal experts agree that you should go with your gut. Let instinct guide you to the crystal that your body and spirit crave.

Also, don’t forget to consider other important factors like sizing when making a final decision on your yoni egg.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where did yoni eggs originate?

Though many yoni egg distributors and users claim that the use of yoni eggs are a Taoist tradition used by empresses and originating thousands of years ago, there is actually not archaeological or historical proof that this is true. Even if this is true, yoni eggs can still be used for several health benefits.

What is the best stone for yoni eggs?

You want to choose a material that is smooth and nonporous. Rose quartz and amethyst are some of the most popular options because they are considered powerful conductors of power. But really, the choice is up to you! Choose a material that you find appealing and instinctually gravitate to.

How do I choose a yoni egg?

There are three main issues to consider when choosing your first yoni egg: size, material, and drilled vs. undrilled. Yoni eggs generally come in small, medium, and large. Most distributors suggest you start with a medium egg or, if you are uncertain and want to play it safe, buy a set of three. As for material, that is entirely up to you! Drilled eggs include a small hole you can put a string through. This may make retrieval easier, and some people use drilled eggs to do specific exercises. Undrilled yoni eggs do not have a hole and are easier to clean.

Do healing crystals work?

Some people say yes, and some say no. One group claims that crystals interact with your body’s energy field, called your chakra, to promote physical and spiritual healing. Others believe that the meaning we place in a crystal gives us the power to better face our fears, weaknesses, and illnesses. And still others believe there is no validity at all to crystal healing.

Who started crystal healing?

It is widely believed that the ancient Sumerians first started using crystals in their healing practices about 6,000 years ago.

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