Charlie Banana Feminine – Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pads

Charlie Banana Feminine Pads are an offshoot of the Charlie Banana Cloth diaper brand. The cloth diapers and other baby products are available in major stores including Wal-Mart, so this is no mom-and-pop menstrual pad producer. The pads have a white fleece top layer and a PUL outer layer with wings and a snap to secure the pads in place. PUL stands for polyurethane laminated fabric. PUL provides a waterproof barrier that stands up to multiple washings and is comfortable enough to be worn next to the skin.

Special Features

Charlie Banana Feminine Pads are an all-in-one pad with no inserts and a waterproof layer to guard against leaks. Since these aren’t handmade, there is more consistency in the product than some other brands.

Charlie Banana reusable pads:

  • Have three absorbency levels: Panty liner, regular and super
  • Are sold in packs of three
  • Have six colors to choose from
  • Are made with a fleece inner layer and a waterproof PUL bottom layer
  • Come with a mini waterproof bag
  • Are free of chemicals


Their products:

They now have 4 sizes of Feminine Pads

  • Liners (smallest)
  • Regular
  • Super
  • Super+ (Biggest)

Each package has three pads (in the same size) inside:

  • Three panty liners package
  • Three regular pads
  • Three super size package
  • Three super plus package

Combo Size Package

In addition, they have a Combo size package with 1 Liner + 1 Regular + 1 Super + 1 Super+ + 1 mini Pouch, total 4 different sizes of feminine pad inside.


Product Gallery:

1. Liners:

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2. Regular size

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3. Super Size

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4. Super+ Size

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5. Combo

Click here to check their up to date stock of Feminine Cloth Pads (Combo Package) »


Benefits & Positive Feedbacks

Customers say that these pads are exceptionally absorbent and resistant to stains. The waterproof backing is also very effective against leaks. The inclusion of the tote bag makes the purchase more cost-effective since mini totes bought separately can cost $10 and upward.

Pros of these pads include that:

  • They are generally stain resistant
  • All orders include a waterproof tote bag
  • They’re made from soft material
  • They are long enough for overnight coverage

The fabric is so soft and gentle on your skin; you don’t get any rashes or irritation like you do with the plastic.”

“The Charlie Banana pads are the easiest to clean and have virtually no staining.”

“Love, love love these! So soft and absorbent, makes you wonder why you haven’t switched to reusable sooner.”

“The pads and bag seem to be very well made (besides being really cute and soft to the touch), and I’m sure they will last for years.”

Downsides & Negative Feedbacks

Some customers don’t like the fact that these are fleece rather than cotton and feel that they are less comfortable to wear during warm weather because they retain heat.

Cons of these pads include that:

  • They are smaller than other brands; the super pad is more like a typical regular size
  • They can feel bulky
  • The plush fleece can retain heat and be difficult to clean
  • The PUL waterproof layer can make these less breathable than other brands

“They are OK but feeling like they are less absorbent over time.”

“The purple fabric that makes the pad moisture resistant is irritating to my skin. I won’t be buying any more.”

“They run about a half inch short. they don’t wick away moisture very well.”


Reviews from customers:

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About the Company

Charlie Banana is a part of Winc Design Limited and is based in Hong Kong. Winc started as a toy and children’s company that branched off into Charlie Banana. Charlie Banana, named after the daughter of Winc Design’s president, focuses on quality baby and children’s items that are high-quality, eco-friendly and superbly designed. The focus on baby products such as reusable cloth diapers naturally led to the addition of quality reusable items for mothers, too.


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  1. Overall Score

    I’m using their night pads which are super soft and comfortable, very absorbent, no leaks, very easy to wash and dry – plus the pretty design is a bonus! So far no real issues with staining despite the white colour, as long as I rinse them out first with hand soap immediately after use.

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  2. Great menstrual pads pads indeed!
    They have just released Super+ pad which is great for heavy flow.

  3. These are great menstrual pads – super soft and absorbent. I use size Super, and I so far I had no leaks during the night.
    I have heard that they have just released an even larger size – Super+. So I would like to try that.

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