Yoni Eggs

Gemstone ® Yoni Eggs – Full Review

Gemstone Yoni Eggs is a company run by two sisters in Boulder, Colorado. They order raw semi-precious gemstone from around the globe that is then cut, chiseled, sanded and tumbled into beautiful, silky-smooth yoni eggs. As part of the finishing ...

Love Stone ® Yoni Eggs – Full Review

Love Stone was created by a woman named Anja who lives in Boulder, Colorado and was interested in getting in touch with her feminine side. “These beautiful crystals are shortcuts to realizing – All you need is already within you,” she writes on the ...

Texas Hidden Gems ® Yoni Eggs – Full Review

Texas Hidden Gems sells a small selection of yoni egg sets. Their sets are all drilled. You need to supply your own string. Come with a soft storage bag for the three yoni eggs.

Simador ® Yoni Eggs – Full Review

Simador sells sets of yoni eggs. All of their eggs are predrilled and come with instructions for use and a silky yoni egg pouch.

GemJoy (Gemstone Jewelry Co. Ltd) ® Yoni Eggs – Full Review

These yoni eggs are inexpensive, but the company states that these are indeed made from natural and genuine jade and rose quartz. These eggs are drilled and come with a nylon string and a black yoni egg pouch.

Jade Eggs Global ® Yoni Eggs – Full Review

Jade Eggs Global is a female-run company that has been selling yoni eggs for over five years. This U.K.-based company works closely with Tatyana Kozhevinikova, one of the world's top experts on intimate muscle training. These yoni eggs come with a ...

The Jade Egg Store ® Yoni Eggs – Full Review

The Jade Egg Store sells sets of yoni eggs. Each set contains three yoni eggs: small, medium and large. They’re drilled and arrive with an attached nylon string and an instruction guide on how to use the yoni egg for kegel exercise. These yoni eggs ...

Organic Blood ® Yoni Eggs – Full Review

A lifestyle brand called Organic Blood is behind yonieggs.com. It’s run by a husband and wife team who are dedicated to helping others live life organically in the most holistic way possible.

Rosie Rees ® Yoni Eggs – Full Review

Rosie Rees is a yoni egg retailer based out of Perth, Australia. The woman behind the name is also a nude yoga instructor as well as a relationship and singles coach. These high-quality yoni eggs come with velvet satchels for safe keeping and a hemp ...

Polar Jade ® Yoni Eggs – Full Review

Polar Jade is based out of Canada and provides high-quality, genuine jade, rose quartz and obsidian yoni eggs. Their products are certified as meeting quality standards and are guaranteed for workmanship. If you live in the United States or Canada, ...