Bububibi – Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads

Whimsically named Bububibi is a maker of cloth diapers as well as reusable menstrual pads. Their website ‘about us’ information hasn’t been updated in a while, but the pads and baby products are still selling both on their official site and on Amazon.


Special Features

Bububibi refers to their pads as Mama Cloths. They come in two sizes: regular and maxi. You can purchase them separately, or buy their trial/travel pack. The regular pads have four total layers, and the maxi pads have six layers. All of their pads feature bamboo fabric.

Their pads are:

  • Made with wings that snap to keep the pads in place
  • Designed as an all-in-one unit; there’s no need to add inserts
  • Backed by a layer of waterproof material
  • Layered with microfiber and rayon from bamboo
  • Estimated to last for five years


Benefits & Positive Feedbacks:

Customers appreciate the shape and size of these pads; they’re similar to the sizing of disposable pads and not overly bulky as some cloth pads can be.

Bububibi Mama Cloth Pads:

  • Come in a selection of 10 prints
  • Are absorbent and designed to resist stains
  • Have an excellent length and aren’t too wide
  • Machine washable and dryer safe

“The size is good if you want to be sure that nothing will spill not even in the night, and I really liked how they can be stored.” (Amazon.com)

“Extremely well made! Perfect sewing and high-quality materials!” (Amazon.com)



Downsides & Negative Feedbacks:

Customers complain about the PUL (polyurethane) backing; they say it makes the pads too slippery, and they don’t’ stay in place.

Bububibi Mama Cloth Pads:

  • Are less breathable than other pads due to the PUL backing.
  • May slide during use due to the backing.
  • Have white lining that tends to show stains.

“Every time I wear them out I find myself searching for a place hide and adjust my pad CONSTANTLY.” (Amazon.com)

“I did not like it at all that they were white just in the part where the blood stays so it stains a lot, and it’s difficult to remove the stains.” (Amazon.com)



About the Company

Bububibi is a one-woman business that appears to have been in operation for several years. Owned by a busy wife and mom who holds a separate full-time job, Bububibi is focused on affordable, environmentally responsible products for women and their families.


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