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A menstrual cup is an alternative to pads and tampons that’s eco-friendly and cost effective. Menstrual cups might seem to be a hot new trend, but they’ve ...

If you’re new to menstrual cups or are reluctant to try them, we’ve got some tips and tricks that’ll take you from newbie to pro in no time! These shortcuts ...

Thinking about buying your first menstrual cup? Are you a longtime user? This guide will cover EVERYTHING on choosing the right menstrual cup.

The Intimina Lily Cup and Lily Cup Compact are very flexible menstrual cups made from silicone that can be folded as thin as a tampon for easy use. The Lily ...

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  1. Hello Rachel!
    If you like the ergonomic shape of the Lily Cup, you can check out the Kind Cup. The body is shorter, but they included a very long stem and it has the air holes that you’re looking for (four of them). While the bodies aren’t too far off in firmness, the rim of the Kind Cup is softer. I still find the Kind Cups easier to insert with the softer rim than the Lily Cups.
    Other than that, the only easily available ergonomically shaped cups are generic ones and I don’t suggest them.

    Good Luck! <3
    Red Herring
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  2. Urine does not come from the same “hole”. Unless you have a medical condition that your urethra is connected to the uterus, there is no way that your cup is filling with urine while it’s inserted. The cup sits around or right under the cervix. It collects what comes out of the uterus through the cervix. Urine is held in the bladder and is not collected in this same cavity.

    However, as I stated previously, your vagina cleans itself by way of mucus and discharge. They can be white, yellow, brown, green…all meaning different things, and have different odors.

    If it is in FACT urine, I would suggest contacting a doctor for treatment as unwanted bacteria may harbor and cause infections.

  3. I’m so glad that you included this! I didn’t know how deep to go into “sex” as I know that everyone has different definitions about it. It’s a touchy subject for some – as is the topic and definition for “virgin”. It’s great to be able to read/see another side other than “penetrative – penis/vagina” sex.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave some great info!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Stems help you reach the cup, but you don’t want to use the stem to “pull the cup out”.
    First of all, if your cup has created a seal/suction, you’ll need to break it. You can do this by pinching the base of the cup, collapsing the side of it, or pulling back or down on the rim.
    If there is a seal/suction and you tug on the cup, you can also tug on your cervix which may cause discomfort, pain and even some cramping.
    You’ll only want to use the stem to be able to reach the base of the cup. The stem itself will not support the weight of the cup when you remove it from your body, especially if it contains fluid.

  5. Hi Cara! Here are some things to think about when hunting for a new cup: It might help you narrow down your search. There are so many cups on the market and if I just suggest cups that I like, it would be based on my experience and may not be what you want in a cup for YOUR needs. If you still need some suggestions after you watch the video, I’d be happy to help as long as you can answer some of the “guidelines” mentioned in it.

  6. Done! 😀 I’ll post this on my page as well. Good luck with your survey!

  7. I know this is old, but now carries these cups! If you can’t find a discount code for it, you can use code: RedHerringTV for 10% off your total order 🙂 Happy Shopping!

  8. I would wait for these to clear up before using a cup. I would also definitely ask your doctor for clearance before using a cup for these and your other (posted) health concerns.

  9. For safety and health reasons, I would definitely ask a physician before using a menstrual cup. Out of curiosity, has your doctor allowed you to use tampons or any other type of item that is to be inserted into the vagina?

  10. Hi Melissa! My periods used to be really terrible, too. Now I don’t dread them as much. I used to have very heavy clotting and would soak my tampon, doubled with a pad and straight through to my clothing within an hour or so. Sometimes even sooner 🙁 I honestly thought that a cup wasn’t going to last me any extra time but in my case, I was wrong. Even on my most heaviest days, I could get about four to six hours out of the large Super Jennie. That was including clotting. I’m not saying that it will be that long for you, but even an extra hour to be “free” for me compared to how it used to be with tampons and pads, was a blessing! You’ll probably want to look into a higher capacity cup like the Super Jennie large, LaliCup large, LuvUrBody large or Yuuki large. If you have a low cervix, a Super Jennie and LaliCup would be a better fit. Let me know if there’s anything else I might be able to help you with 🙂