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Astroglide is a favorite brand of personal lube that’s been around for a while. Basic Astroglide comes in a purple bottle and does contain glycerin.

What’s really awesome is they sell a Travel Set, $5.95, that is seriously amazing for women who need to change out their menstrual cup on the go. You can easily keep these little sample-sized packets of Astroglide lube in your purse or pocket.

Astroglide also has a natural version, Astroglide Natural, $11.58 for 2.5 ounces, which doesn’t contain glycerin or parabens. This lubricant has a lovely green label and contains aloe, chamomile and vitamins C & E. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any travel sets for the Astroglide Natural.

Customers rave about how this lube doesn’t get sticky with extended use. Stickiness isn’t really a concern if you’re only using lube for putting in a menstrual cup, but if you want a lube that you’ll also be happy with in the bedroom, Astroglide may be a good choice. Women reviewers say it feels very similar to their natural lubrication. Just keep in mind that the standard, purple-bottle Astroglide isn’t an organic or natural formulation.


The bottom line:

  • Very highly rated product
  • Doesn’t get sticky with use
  • Travel sets are excellent to keep in your purse
  • Standard Astroglide contains glycerin and parabens
  • Also available in a natural formulation


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