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Pretty to Look at, But Are They Any Good?

The Anigan StainFree Panty is designed to look and feel like your favorite panties, but they have extra padding to keep any stains from leaking through onto your clothes. They also have a snug fit to help hold your pad in place. The StainFree Panty comes in a range of colors and styles including lace, bikini, boy shorts and high-rise – aka the classic granny panty.According to Anigan, their panties will save you money because you’ll have fewer sheets and clothes ruined by accidents during your time of the month. They can also be used in place of panty liners and are suitable if you have light incontinence.


How Do They Work?

The StainFree Panty from Anigan has a water-resistant inner lining that’s strategically placed to cover the front, center and rear of the panty. This thin padding is made from a polymer-containing fabric that’s breathable but at the same time prevents liquid from leaking through; the padding also helps pads stay put. Anigan says that padding also helps keep menstrual cups and tampons in place, but I’m not sure how that would work. They do state you can get away with changing tampons and your menstrual cup out less often because you won’t be worried about leakage, which makes sense.



Special Features

Anigan period panties are just like everyday panties but have an inner lining made from water resistant polymer material. The outer layer is made from what Anigan describes as “high-quality fabric” and spandex.

The StainFree Panty is:

  • Made without a tag so it doesn’t scratch when worn.
  • Machine washable; however, it’s recommended that you let it air dry.
  • Made from breathable, water-resistant
  • Made from spandex that helps provide for a snug fit to keep pads in place.
  • Returnable for a full refund within 30 days but they have to be in the original, unopened packaging.


Current Collection




Customer Feedback

Many customers describe wearing Anigan menstrual panties as being similar to wearing a swimsuit. From everything I could find, these panties truly do prevent any leakage from occurring, whether you’re concerned about it happening during the night or when you’re exercising. The biggest complaint is the sizing: It seems very inconsistent. Some women say they fit just fine, others say the panties were far too big, and still others say they were much too small. The general theme I’m finding is that they run small, so you should order a size bigger than your usual size. The general comments are:

  • Snug-fitting and leak proof, even on heaviest days
  • Lightweight and natural feeling to wear
  • Fit well and stretch to conceal pads
  • Good fabric quality
  • Fair price
  • Stains wash out easily
  • Can feel hot to wear due to water resistant fabric


About the Company

The Anigan company is based in California and specializes in feminine hygiene products, including the EvaCup menstrual cup. They also sell a reusable instant heat pack, an EvaCup Gift Set that includes two pairs of period underwear, and a First Period Kit Gift Set. It’s their goal to help women and girls to have happier and healthier periods.





The Bottom Line

Anigan StainFree Panties are reasonably priced and come in a lovely assortment of colors and styles. However, the size range is limited — maxing out at XL, and they tend to run small, so keep that in mind when ordering. These panties do what they’re supposed to do and are effective at preventing leaks. The inconsistent sizing is what makes these a 4.9 rather than a 5.







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  1. Overall Score

    Not impressed. They are too thin and flimsy.

    + PROS: Comfortable
    - CONS: Thin Flimsy Not much protection
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  2. Overall Score

    These are functional, comfortable, and cute waterproof underwear

    + PROS: Great for period days, light days, everyday, and sports too
    - CONS: The Waterproof layer makes them slightly less breathable, but they are not bulky and are comfortable to wear
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