AngelCup ® Review – How Does this Mexican’ Cup Rate?

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In many regions of the planet, menstrual cups are just making their introductions. But in the past few years, throughout foreign nations and countries menstrual cup manufacturers are taking the bull by the horns and developing their own versions which can be to the greater benefit of all who are locally exposed.

Although the menstrual cup is very common to familiar menstrual cup users, the Angel cup is a revolutionary breakthrough in menstrual care alternatives to others who have just discovered the great benefits of using a menstrual cup for feminine hygiene care during menstruation.




AngelCup, Menstrual Cup Specs & Sizes

The Mexican born and made menstrual cup, Angel cup is available in two sizes much like hundreds of other menstrual cups sold in the US and other countries. It is also only available in the single manufactured, translucent clear shade.


AngelCup Sizes


The Small/Chica size in the Angel cup is specifically designed for young women under the age of 30- who have not had a vaginal birth, and for those who experience a light to moderate menstrual flow regularly. Diameter- 40 mm, Cup Length- 50 mm, Total Length – 60 mm, Stem Length – 10 mm,  Capacity (Air-holes)- 15 ml.


The Grande/Large size in the AngelCup is specifically designed for women who are OVER the age of 30, and that have previously birthed a child vaginally. Diameter- 45 mm, Cup Length- 56 mm, Total Length – 70 mm, Stem Length – 14 mm, Capacity (Air-holes) – 25 ml.



Insertion Videos (Spanish):



AngelCup Specials Features and Attributes

The Angel cup Mexican menstrual cup has unique attributes and features that many women really like in comparison to other cups that are available to them.

  • Very like the Spain manufactured NaturCup– equal in design, features, and form- Just as good, if not better.
  • Stem is Egg-shaped, very unique from any other menstrual cup stems- very suave’ in light of it is not a ball- not a flat tag stem- Best of both worlds.
  • Dye-free, medical-grade, certified bio-compatible, gel silicone- hypo-allergenic.
  • Exceptional Mexican-based product, that meets International standards


Click on the images below for more features & instructions (in Spanish):



AngelCup Pros

The Angel cup, menstrual cup is just now making its way to new users who appreciate it for bringing a new light to the old- tainted burdens of being a female. Users report fond attributes and make positive comments in retrospect of using the AngelCup, menstrual cup.

Number one in its target market of menstrual cup brands – In Spain, Mexico, and Chile’ there have been new menstrual cups brands introduced. For the small amount of availability of menstrual cups in the market in some dated regions in the world, there are only a handful of menstrual cups available. The AngelCup menstrual cup, is a very highly recognized and popular brand in Mexico, this makes the demographics less saturated in lieu of the ready availability of over-hyped menstrual cup brands. The AngelCup is perfect and rated #1 for its target market, and leads among the other native Spanish manufactured and sold menstrual cup brands.
Guaranteed with 5 year durability and guarantee – The AngelCup is one of few menstrual cup brands that comes with a guarantee. The AngelCup is guaranteed with a 6 month warranty that covers manufactured-base damages and glitches, the wrong size (unused can be returned), or if the AngelCup cup was compromised or damaged in the time of ship-delivery (rarely happens.)
Egg-shaped stem, unique modern design touch – One of the most significant features of the Angelcup is that of its stem-shape. Customers acquainted with other stem styles (flat tab, pointy, solid ball)- report that the BEST unique feature of the Angelcup is its EGG-shaped stem. No circle, no elongated stem, and no stiff ball.


AngelCup Cons

New, unrecognized as a superior brand – The biggest downside that I discovered about the AngelCup is its limited reach across the main-stream, global marketplace. It has not yet been given the opportunity to spread its wings past its initial origin. However, through reviews such as this one- maybe the AngelCup, menstrual cup will breech through the language barriers, and overcome its very limited marketing exposure.



Customer Reviews and Ratings

The Angel cup, menstrual cup is just now making its way to new users who appreciate it for bringing a new light to the old- tainted burdens of being a female.

Online Review Videos (Spanish):

In Spanish:




AngelCup Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about the AngelCup, menstrual cup? We wanted to help you to the fullest extent, and have composed a little list of detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions about the AngelCup, menstrual cup.
Where is the Angel cup manufactured and distributed?

The AngelCup is manufactured, distributed and made in Mexico. But it is openly available to all regions of the world through online access.

Can I order the AngelCup if I am outside the Country of Mexico?

Yes, anyone can order the AngelCup from anywhere- just be certain to check out the vendors and retailers who you may be considering purchasing the AngelCup through in order to get the best deal for the fastest shipping time.

Is the AngelCup very soft or more firm in its original form?

The AngelCup is perfect in stiffness. It is not too soft, but not too firm. It’s the perfect combination of both degrees of texture and form so that it can serve every consumer with the best fit for the most optimal comfort level.

Can I trim the AngelCup stem to make it fit better and more comfortable to wear?

You cannot trim the AngelCup stem as it is not a flat tab type. The stem should not need to be trimmed since it is small in nature and circular shaped to provide a woman with an excellent ease of use and comfort level.

Can I use the AngelCup menstrual cup for contraception or to protect me from sexually transmitted diseases?

No. The AngelCup is not a method of contraception nor a protective device that prevents the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. DO NOT wear or use the AngelCup, menstrual cup as contraception, FOR STD protection, or while partaking in sexual activity.




AngelCup Company Profile

The AngelCup, menstrual cup company is strictly a niche-business aimed towards the manufacturing and retail sale of its menstrual cup brand. It is a credible company ran out of Mexico, that was first established in 2012. The AngelCup company uses and adheres to the highest standards in production of a medical-certified, silicone-based- menstrual cup. The AngelCup company also strives to deliver and manufacture the most safe, environmentally-friendly, feminine hygiene menstrual cup.



AngelCup Review- Bottom Line

The AngelCup menstrual cup is very much- a high-quality, and much favored menstrual cup in the nations and region where it is marketed and sold. Many countries have so many born and made menstrual cups, that it is very difficult to look outside the box to locate a rare breed of menstrual cups.

The AngelCup is too under-rated because of its limited exposure in the heavily saturated, menstrual cup market. However perhaps through bringing you a new awareness of menstrual cups of all types, origins, models, sizes, designs and brands- you will see that even the newest menstrual cups can provide you with the best menstrual care protection.




AngelCup- Where to Buy It

The AngelCup has limited availability, however today’s technology can beneficially provide you with an easy opportunity to try and buy the AngelCup, menstrual cup without hassle through methods like search and find, and reading, translating, and finding a secure and most official affiliate or seller.
Check out the links provided below to purchase your new AngelCup menstrual cup securely, confidently, and with your own best interest & benefit in mind.

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  1. Reply
    SB May 2, 2017 at 3:40 am
    Overall Score

    I ordered this when I was in Mexico directly from the manufacturer’s website, and the delivery went smoothly (Google Translate is helpful for navigating their website if you don’t read Spanish, or use the auto-translate feature in Chrome) |

    Anyhow, I absolutely LOVE this cup. The only other cup I’d tried previously was the Diva cup – but it was too stiff and made it difficult to pee (it put too much pressure on the urethra I guess… google it and you’ll see others have had issues like this with stiff cups too). Plus, the Diva cup leaked all the time, and made me sore inside after wearing it a while.

    Anyhow, the Angel cup is much softer than the Diva cup and – HOORAY! – I can pee like a normal person when wearing it which is a huge plus.

    As for my period… the whole reason why I bought this thing in the first place… I have zero leaking with the Angel cup (despite a heavy flow) – and it’s freaking fantastic to be able to forget about my period for the whole day. I wear a liner as a backup, but it stays clean so the cup is doing its job.

    Another plus – the little tab thing on the end doesn’t poke you the way the tab on the Diva cup does – I assumed I’d need to cut it off like with the Diva cup, but because the tab on the Angel cup is rounded, there is zero irritation from it.

    The Angel cup website also sells collapsible silicone containers that you can use to sterilize your cup in the microwave. I really like having a dedicated container to use for this purpose so I don’t have to weird out other people in the household by using a pot on the stove lol

    Because it’s a softer cup, it takes a bit more fiddling around to get it to open compared to the Diva cup (which was stiffer). But it’s well worth the extra (minor) effort because the softer construction of the Angel cup makes it far more comfortable to wear.

    + PROS: Softer, more comfortable cup.
    - CONS: Softness means you have to fiddle with a bit more to get it to open... but the comfort is worth it!
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  2. Reply
    Iris December 2, 2015 at 8:59 pm
    Overall Score

    It’s very good. It’s soft and the shape of the stem doesn’t bother at all.
    I think the small size is a little bit too small for me, but I think that’s just me.

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  3. Reply
    Zuri Polis October 20, 2015 at 7:04 pm
    Overall Score

    I love it because the cup is soft but the ring is strong so the cup can open properly, I don’t feel it at all

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  4. Reply
    TG June 24, 2015 at 5:55 am
    Overall Score

    It’s a very soft menstrual cup. It has a nice design

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