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Made to Order for Comfort and Protection

Adira Period Panties are made from high-quality fabrics like cotton and bamboo and have leak-proof linings built in. This period underwear also offers absorbency and can be worn on its own on light days of your menstrual cycle. It absorbs about three teaspoons worth of fluid. Adira period panties are made to order and ship worldwide from India. They accept returns on defective product within seven days of receipt, but otherwise they don’t permit returns or exchanges. Most styles are available in sizes XXS to XXXL; fitting waists sized 28 inches to 42 inches.


Triple Layer Protection

The gusset of these panties has three layers of fabric; the first layer is absorbent 100 percent cotton. The second layer is a leak-proof, breathable polymer, which is a type of plastic, and the third layer is 100 percent cotton or other fabric as specified. These layers allow for airflow, so you stay comfortable at the same time you get protection from leaks.


Adira Offers Two Fits

Adira leak-proof panties have two primary fits: boy short and brief. The boy short fit has a boxer-short like cut. The briefs have a hipster style. Both fits protect against leaks in the front and back. The boy short fit also protects against leaks at the inner thighs.

Style 1 – Boy Shorts

Adira advises that you wear boy short fit on heavy days of your period and on days when you’re active. The boy short panties have loops that hold your pad in place if you’re wearing one. You can also wear the boy short fit panties with winged pads.

Style 2 – Briefs

The brief or hipster style is suited for lighter flow days. It doesn’t have the loops that the boy shorts have for keeping pads in place, but it still provides protection against leaks.

Adira recommends you own two of the boy short fit panties and two of the brief fit panties for a complete wardrobe. Both styles are machine washable. Here’s a breakdown of the fits and styles offered by Adira for protection against leaks.



Briefs – For Light Flow Days

1. Lacy Lass Briefs

These briefs have a stretch lace trim at the waist, and a comfortable cotton blend body. They have triple layer protection that gives you peace of mind against leaks. They’re designed for the lighter flow days of your period. They sit at the mid waist and have high cut legs and full back coverage.

  • Material: 95% cotton & 5% spandex
  • Inner leak-proof lining: Breathable polymer
  • Colors: Black, fuchsia
  • Estimated Price: $22.95 each



2. Ultra Lacy Lass Briefs

Adira’s Ultra Lacy Lass Briefs have a lacy waistband and provide protection against leaks in the front, back and center. The legs are high cut, and the waist is medium. These provide full coverage in the back. It’s made from a soft, comfy cotton lycra blend that’s also hypoallergenic.

  • Material: Cotton Lycra
  • Inner leak-proof lining: Breathable polymer
  • Colors: Cute red
  • Estimated Price: $22.95 each



3. Period Briefs

These period panties provide triple layer protection against leaks during your time of the month. The waist and leg bands are elasticized for a snug fit and feature stretch lace trim. This period underwear has full coverage in the back and is designed to be worn on lighter flow days.

  • Material: 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  • Inner leak-proof lining: Breathable polymer
  • Colors: Blue violet, cyan, black, white and mélange
  • Estimated Price: $18.95 each



4. Ultra Briefs

The Ultra Brief is an eco-friendly garment that’s made from a bamboo fabric. Bamboo is fast growing and doesn’t require pesticides. These panties are stretchable and lightweight. There’s triple-protection coverage to give you peace of mind during your period. They have a mid-rise and high-cut legs with full coverage in the back.

  • Material: Bamboo lycra
  • Inner leak-proof lining: Breathable polymer
  • Colors: Black, navy blue and skin
  • Estimated Price: $22.95 each



Shorts – For Heavy Flow Days

1. Ultra Girl Shorts

The Ultra Girl Shorts style from Adira have a simple design that offers full coverage against leaks for your heavy flow days. They sit mid-waist and have boy cut legs. These are great basics for everyday wear. They feature the triple layer gusset for leak proofing and absorbency and loops to hold your menstrual pad in place.

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Inner leak-proof lining: Breathable polymer
  • Colors: Black, navy blue, purple, sea green, skin
  • Estimated Price: $20.95 each


2. Sports Girl Shorts

This menstrual underwear has a sporty design with fabric trim in a contrasting color on the sides. These are made from comfortable, stretchy cotton that allows freedom of movement when you’re exercising. These are designed for heavy flow days and have loops to hold a pad in place.

  • Material: 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  • Inner leak-proof lining: Breathable polymer
  • Colors: Black with raspberry trim
  • Estimated Price: $24.95 each


3. Ultra Lacy Lass Girl Shorts

These shorts prevent leaks in the front, back and inner thighs. They’re made from a smooth, lightweight cotton material. The waistband sits at mid waist and has a full back coverage. It has loops to help keep pads in place. They have a beautiful lace trim at the waistline.

  • Material: Cotton Lycra
  • Inner leak-proof lining: Breathable polymer
  • Colors: Black, green, dark green, skin
  • Estimated Price: $24.95 each


4. Period Shorts

Adira Period Shorts come in an attractive assortment of colors and sit at the mid waist. The legs are high-cut boy short style. Both the waistband and leg openings are elasticized. These period panty shorts have loops built in to hold pads in place. They are made to be worn on high flow days and on days when you’re active

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Inner leak-proof lining: Breathable polymer
  • Colors: Cyan, blue violet, mélange, white and black
  • Estimated Price: $20.95 each



Special Features of All Adira Period Panties

  • Three layers of leak protection
  • Made from breathable fabrics
  • Made to order in India
  • 100% cotton or cotton blend materials are used
  • Available in an attractive selection of colors
  • Boyshort style has loops to hold pads in place
  • Wear with pads or tampons on heavy days
  • Can be worn alone for spotting


Customer Feedback

There aren’t tons of reviews for these panties considering they’ve been around for several years. There are some gripes about the price of these panties and the cost of having them shipped from India. However, the women who tried these panties generally report that they work as expected and keep leaks from getting through to your clothing. They also recommend ordering a size bigger than your normal size because the waistband is snug.




About the Company

Adira is an underwear brand making products for girls, teenagers and women. They strive to be innovators in style and comfort. In addition to period panties, they make slimming shapewear, everyday wear panties and bras. Adira’s parent company is called Yashram Lifestyle, and they’re based out of India.





The Bottom Line

These panties appear to be high quality, and the protection they offer is unmistakable. The inner layer of the crotch has a layer that is made from a type of plastic; without a doubt, that will stop leaks from getting through onto your clothes or sheets. The only issue with these panties is that the price is rather high, and Adira only accept returns for defective products. If you order the wrong size, you’re out of luck.

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    I am not finding my LARGE size hipster. Can you deliver.

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    Adira period panties work. I have been using them for years, it’s the best product ever.

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