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Adira intimate wear is part of the Adira brand and a subsidiary of the Yashram Lifestyle brand. This company was founded by Deepa, an engineer who is passionate about issues surrounding women and girls. Deepa invented her own line of period panties to make that time of the month stain-proof!

About Adira

Adira’s founder, Deepa, is a mother of two, a triathlete, and an engineer who puts her all into creating innovative products designed to help women live their best lives. We’re focusing on Adira’s period panties here, but it’s well worth noting that the company offers leak-proof nursing bras, nursing kurtis, shapewear, and other innovative garments that make life more comfortable for the women and girls who wear them. Adira period panties are patented in the USA and India.

Deepa is joined by her Operations Director, Priya, along with her Customer Success Director, Jai. Together, the trio continues to design high-quality products.

Fun fact: In Hebrew, “Adira” describes someone who is noble, strong, and powerful.

What Makes these Period Panties Different?

Where many period panties contain quite a bit of synthetic material, Adira period proof panties are made with breathable cotton and a leakproof, breathable inner layer that catches leaks. These panties are value-priced, since they’re designed to be paired with traditional period products like pads, tampons, or a menstrual cup. The main feature is the leakproof layer, which acts as a backup for your main form of period protection. This layer prevents stains from reaching the outer layer and damaging your clothing and other items.

How Do They Work?

All Adira period panties offers a stain-proof crotch, and some styles provide added support in case pads are your period protection choice. Please note that these don’t hold fluid like other period panties do. Instead, they act as a backup and protect any spills or leaks from causing stains. If standard period-proof underwear seems strange to you, this brand offers a happy medium.

  • The inner layer is made with absorbent 100 percent cotton. It’s breathable so you feel fresh and clean.
  • The middle layer breathes, but it’s leakproof so any spills are kept in the inner layer, away from clothing, sheets, and upholstery.
  • Like the inner layer, the outer layer is made with breathable cotton to keep you feeling cool and fresh.
  • Some styles have added support for pads as well as a larger protected area so stains won’t be an issue even if you have a leak in front or back.

Adira period panties are designed to offer protection during your period, but they’re useful anytime you need a backup for a pad, i.e. if you have postpartum bleeding, or if you’re worried about mild incontinence that can happen when you laugh or sneeze. These panties are very affordable, making them a great choice for every day of the week in case you’d like a convenient way to stay protected and fresh no matter what.

When you’re done wearing Adira period underwear, simply launder them using your machine’s normal cycle.

Hipster Style:


Boxer Style:

What’s Available?

Adira period panties come in a few different styles and colors. These panties are unique since you choose the style based on the expected amount of flow and the level of stain protection you’d like. The lightest style is for uncertain days when you might have spotting. Other styles provide more protection for days when you expect heavier flow. These are suitable for postpartum use as well as for urinary incontinence.

Depending on the style you choose, you’ll find Adira period panties come in sizes from XXS to 3XL. There are several attractive color options available, and you can purchase multi-packs if you’d like to save a little money. Most of these period panties are 100 percent cotton but some have a small amount of Lycra or Spandex  added for a stretchy feel.

Adira period-proof underwear are designed to combine comfort with extra protection based on your needs for the day. The lightest style has a leak-proof crotch and a breathable design, while more robust styles incorporate additional leakproof material in front and back to keep you feeling dry and comfortable while protecting your clothing, upholstery, bedding, and privacy! The girl shorts style has added leak proof material along the inner thigh area, plus special attachment points to keep pads secure.

Hipster Styles (For medium flow days):

Boxer Styles (For high flow days):

Special Features:

  • 100 percent cotton inner and outer layers
  • Three practical, attractive styles to choose from
  • Breathable design
  • Easy to care for
  • Available in sizes XXS – 3X

Style 1 – Adira Leakproof Panty

Adira leakproof panties are designed for “unsure days.” The classic bikini brief style offers a good level of coverage, and the leak-proof crotch catches spills so nothing makes its way onto your clothing. These panties are a great choice for everyday, plus they’re a good backup for your pad, tampon, or menstrual cup, especially on lighter days.

Material:  100% Cotton

Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Magenta, Dark Pink, Grey, White & Blue Stripes

Estimated Price: $5.08

Customer Reviews:

“I was looking for something like this for my daughter and I ordered a pack of three. She says it’s an awesome product, no flow leaking out during heavy days, comfortable to wear, and very soft. Thank you Adira!”

Style 2 – Adira Period Hipster

The Adira Period Hipster is the perfect choice for anyone who prefers a lean, lightweight panty style. These period underwear feature a leak proof crotch that’s designed to provide extra backup for your tampon, menstrual cup, or pad. They’re best for medium flow days as well as lighter flow days. Like other period panties from Adira, this style is made with comfortable cotton. It is available in sized XXS – 3XL.

Material: 100% Cotton

Colors: Black, Magenta, Pink

Estimated Price: $5.93

Customer Reviews:

“They keep you stain-free day and night. I can sleep stress-free during periods because of Adira. Thanks for a good product!”

Style 3 – Adira Period Boxer

If you like the coverage, comfort, and casual look of boyshorts, then you’re probably going to like Adira’s period girl shorts, which offer high-waist protection. These panties are specially designed to provide full coverage while supporting pads with wings. The inner layer has a spot just for the wings to attach, so any leaks on the sides stay contained. Loops prevent pads from shifting or crumpling so you never have to wonder if you’re covered. The front and back areas have extra protection from leaks too, so anything that isn’t contained by your pad, tampon, or menstrual cup stays away from your clothing, sheets, and upholstery. This style is recommended for heavy flow days, overnight, and sports, since it provides 12 hours of protection from stains.

Material: 100% Cotton

Colors: Black, Magenta, Pink

Estimated Price$6.78 – $10.18

Customer Reviews:

“I am a heavy bleeder, need to change every four hours. For the first time I slept at night very comfortably without any stains though changing after 6 hours only. I recommend this product!”

Customer Feedback

So far, Adira period panties don’t have any customer feedback. We’ll be sure to update you if we learn more.


The Bottom Line: Who Will Appreciate Adira Period Panties?

Adira period panties aren’t designed to replace traditional period products like pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. Instead, they’re meant to provide you with reliable backup from leaks, so you never have to worry about stains. These panties are breathable, natural, and easy to care for. They’re very inexpensive, which is great news for anyone who is keeping a close eye on their budget.

These panties might not be right for everyone, but they’re ideal for pairing with menstrual cups that might spring an occasional leak and they’re perfect for pairing with pads and tampons. With lots of sizes, beautiful colors, and appealing styles from which to choose, they’re attractive as well as practical.


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  1. I have been using Adira period panties over a year. I travel 180 days a year and being in periods does make the situation a bit uncomfortable and I am also allergic to synthetic material. adira period panties are really helpful. I don’t get any rashes while traveling. They are leakproof so being a heavy bleeder I highly recommend those.

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